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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Blood Recap, Season 3, Episode 3 “It Hurts Me Too”

Let me just start out by saying…OMG! I had to let that out before I get into the recap. For those of you out there that saw the show, you'll know exactly why I'm screaming right now. The ending was crazy, which leaves us all crying "Why do we have to wait two weeks for the next episode!!" Well, now that I finished pouting, let's take a part the episode.

Eric (ft Sookie & Lafayette)
True Blood Season 3
The show picks up where we left off. Eric is about to square off with a werewolf, just as Sookie pulls out a gun and shoots. Eric jumps in front of the bullet to prevent it from hitting the Were - WTF? He later explains that he wants info from the wolf, which is why he protected him from the bullet. The wolf gives no information, but Sookie hears the name of the town he's from - Clue 1. Eric spots the tattoo and bites his throat right off, then tells Sookie that he messed up her rug - how cute is that?! Sookie is jumping at the thought of going to Mississippi in search of Bill, but Eric lets her know that: a) He can't go and b) she shouldn't leave right away since werewolves are after her and it will be daylight when she gets to Mississippi (not good for a vamp rescue). She thanks him for his help and lets him know that she's going the next day to find Bill with or without him. When she asks if he can feel when she's in danger, he says yes, but that he wouldn't make it in time to save her. She tells him that for love, she'll take her chances and she doesn't expect him to understand. He says that she'd be surprised and vanishes. He reappears later when he hands over a brand new convertible to Lafayette in order to keep him happy and selling V.

Sookie (ft Eric & Alcide)
True Blood Season 3
The next day she tells Sam that she's going to find Bill. He knows better than to try and stop her, so he just asks how long she'll be and if she needs anything. Her one request is to check on Jessica - not sure if that's a good move. Anyway, she goes home to clean the mess on her rug when she hears a guy wondering if she is the pretty blonde causing all the trouble. She screams and runs, with him right on her heels. He reaches her and tells her that Eric sent him to help her. Over tea, she tells the hottie werewolf Alcide that she is going to stop at nothing to save Bill, unfortunately for him. He's stuck protecting her since his father owes Eric, and he knows the wolves in question since his ex-girl is doing their leader - Ouch! They set off on a quest to save Bill, which starts at a famous wolf bar. They go in and part ways, with Sookie reading minds and Alcide watching from afar. She gets the wolves blood burning by mentioning that she's been to Fangtasia and dealt with the strongest creatures of all - Vamps. Weres have a competitive nature so one wolf in particular wanted to prove that he is the biggest baddest wolf/creature of all, so he takes her to the back. She goes along after seeing his visions of torturing Bill. She gets to the back, can't get any more info out of him, and screams. Alcide comes to save the day and ends up on his rear end. Bouncer man, (aka Alcides' friend) helps him up and tells him she's not worth it. Thinking the convo is about Sookie, he tells him that he doesn't know her that well, but oops - they were talking about two different people. His ex is the topic of convo and the bad news is that she's getting married to the enemy. Poor Alcide - I'm here to comfort you, don't worry :-)

Jessica (ft Franklin and Pam)
true blood season 3
Jessica is going crazy after losing a body, so she calls the only Vamp she can think of…Pam. Pam takes a break from lunch, which consisted of what was in between Yvetta's legs, to tell her that losing the body means it is no longer in the house. Problem solved. She hangs up and goes back to eating her meal. Later that evening, Jessica gets a knock on the door. She answers it and tells Mr. Visitor she is not the girl to mess with and flashes her fangs. Unfortunately for her, her visitor is Franklin and he flashes his even bigger fangs right back at her and walks into the house. He lets her know an invitation is not needed since there are zero humans living in the house. Poor Jessica's life just keeps getting better. He asks her is anyone is missing, and she tells him Bill is missing, and leaves out her missing body. Too bad he already knows about the body, since he's the one who took it. He takes the guys head out of the bag and plays puppeteer with it, having the disgusting blow her kisses. Jessica, being the baby vamp that she is, freaks out. He tells her that he helped her so she's going to help him, and demands that she tell him everything she knows about Bill Compton. She obviously listened, since we later see him at Tara's house. Read Tara's summary for info on that little encounter.

Jason (ft Hoyt)
true blood season 3
After busting that drug dealer, Jason thinks he has found his calling in life - to be a police officer. Really Jason?! He gets Hoyt to recite the practice test and gets every single question wrong. Hoyt decides to use this time to ask Jason's advice about Jessica. He tells Hoyt she can't handle his heat, and to find someone who can. He leaves and ends up dreaming in his truck about taking the police officer's exam. Well, let's call it a nightmare since his test is in some unreadable language, he tries to get help from Bud, but realizes he is butt naked and gets laughed at by the whole class who has bullet holes through their heads - yup, definitely a nightmare. He wakes up to Lafayette asking him to sign a paper and Hoyt screaming for help. They run over to Hoyt and guess what they find. A headless body! Who does it belong to? Hmmm, it's drained, cut up and headless? You guessed it, Jessica's missing man! That's when Sheriff Dearborne snaps. He quits on the spot, cursing along the way. I wonder if that makes Andy the new Sheriff in town.
Obviously needing a drink, he heads to the bar where he lets Tara know he's there for her, then freaks after she says she wishes he was there that night. Hello, he was, but she doesn't know that and he doesn't want her to, which is why he practically runs away from her. He goes home and seems to lose all hope in the whole police officer Stackhouse dream, since he burns his application.

Sam (ft: his crazy family)
True Blood Season 3,true blood season 3
Sam goes back to his family's home to thank his little brother for trying to get him killed. He then leaves and tells them that they should take a little time to absorb this family overload. Too bad his family isn't the brightest because they show up at his bar the next day. He buys them lunch, and they jump for joy, obviously never having eaten lunch before. They go to the table with what appears to be dollar signs in their eyes since they now have a son that isn't a complete loser hiding from the debt collectors. Too bad that when Sam offered lunch, his father must have thought he said liquid lunch. There is a full tray of shots and his father is handing some off to his little brother! Sam intercedes and tells them that underage drinking is both wrong and could cost him his liquor license. He gets into a heated argument with good ole pops, but the mother puts an end to it, and they leave. Later that night, the alarm in the bar goes off and Sam finds a bird flying away from the scene. Too bad shifters can't take their clothes, because the culprit leaves the office a mess and their clothes on the floor. Wonder if it was the mom or the brother? Sam should have left well enough alone! Will this guy ever get a break?!

Terry and Arlene
True Blood Season 3

Arlene's pregnant and decides to confirm it by going to a super weird doctor. He tells her that she is two months pregnant - uh oh! True Blood timeline is hard to keep up with, but guessing from the look on Arlene's face, I'm guessing it's not Terry's baby. Whose baby is it? Hello, the crazy psycho killer Renee's. She goes back to work where Terry assumes that Arlene is going to break up with him since she's been giving him the third degree. She tells him that she's not breaking up with him, but that she's pregnant. He jumps for joy thinking it's his, and Arlene tells him that it is his. That little liar! Someone needs to call Maury or Jerry Springer and get have them take a paternity test pronto!

Tara (ft/ Franklin and Sookie)
True Blood Season 3

Tara has mind blowing sex with vampire Franklin. Hey Tara - I thought you detested vampires. He tries to make pillow talk and asks her if she has a BF - Uh Oh! We all know that Tara is still loca about Eggs, so she gets up and makes for the exit. He tells her his name, but she doesn't want to give up any info about herself. She pretty much tells him this was just a hit and run - then she ran. She heads to work later where she gets a phone call telling her that Eggs funeral was going to take place that day. She rushes to the graveyard and sees that only a police officer and funeral attendant. When she asks them who paid since obviously he had no family, Sookie comes out and tells Tara that she paid for the service. Tara hugs her and they bid farewell to Eggs. Tara also agrees to move back in with Sookie. That night, Tara gets an unexpected visitor. Can you guess who it is? It's none other than Franklin. He knows her name, where she lives and that her bff is dating Bill Compton. Tara pretty much tells him to go to hell and that she will not invite him into the house, but Franklin hypnotized her and he walks right in.

Bill (ft King Russell, Lorena, and the rest of the kingdom)
True Blood Season 3
I saved the best and juiciest for last. Lorena is burned after Bill's welcome home party for her. Franklin decides to have a little talk with Bill and suggests that he turn Sookie so that she can defend herself from the forces of evil that can threaten her, including Franklin himself. He then tells Bill to think about his earlier Sheriff / informant proposition. If he accepts, Sookie is free and clear (from him at least), even though he promised Lorena that he would let her kill the waitress. Bill sleeps on it, all the while dreaming of the time he went to see his wife after being turned. He had returned home and found that his son had died. The wife explains that he got the pox and passed away, but that she was so happy her hubby was back. That was before he turned around and saw that he was crying blood! She freaks and shoots him in the arm. He instantly heals and she runs out the house and right into Lorena. She begs for death since she knows her soul will be saved. Instead, Lorena tells him to scrub out her memories of them and he does. Bill then buries his son and learns the lesson the Lorena has been trying to teach him... If you really love humans, you stay away from them. He wakes from his dream/memory and heads to Russell. He pledges his loyalty to him, in return Russell stops the hit on Sookie. Lorena is pissed off and the King could give a crap. He tells her he is keeping is promise to Bill. She follows Bill into his bedroom, where Bill begins a hate fest. He tells her that she has one. He's lost everything. She kisses him and begs him to make love to her. He screams Never, then begins to pull down his pants and giver her a pounding, while turning her head 180 degrees (exorcist style - yuck!). She screams she loves him, and he suddenly realizes what he's just done. He cheated on Sookie!

My fave's of the show:
Funniest Moment: This goes to both Jason and Sheriff Dearborne.
1) Jason: Hoyt is helping him practice for the police officer exam and Jason's answers (or should I say lack of answers) are priceless. Hoyt asks if he knows the legal limit for blood alcohol levels, Jason's answer is, Um, when you're drunk? He also skips the questions: Murder is illegal - true or false? and Your name and date of birth? Only Jason Stackhouse! This is the male equivalent of the dumb, hot blonde!
2) Sheriff Dearborne: His reasoning for quitting had me dying! He says he's quitting because all he's got to show for the many years on the force is: Caps in my brain and polyps in my ass. Nicely put Sheriff!

Shocking Scenes: This goes to Bill's hate sex scene with Lorena. Words are so not needed for this, but pictures are worth a thousand words, so here you go:

Best quote: This goes to Pam, with her line: This better be good. I'm in the middle of eating.

What was your favorite scene? Did you think the Bill/Lorena sex scene was to over the top or the right amount of gore and passion?

Let me know in the comments below. Remember to take this week's True Blood poll: Who should Sookie pick?Take the poll and let's see what the fans think!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap: True Blood Season 3, Episode 2 "Beautifully Broken" and Snoop Dogg video

If picked up right where we left off, with werewolves about to attack Bill. Here we go!

True Blood Season 3
Bill shows them who's boss by taking them down and ripping the ear off one of the werewolves. That Were changes back to a human and holds his bloody earless head in his hands. Oh, the gore! Don't you love it? The only thing that saves him from Bill's finishing move is an interruption by the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington... He is all decked out in uniform and rides in on horse back, but don't confuse him for a knight in shining armor. He reveals that he is the one who ordered the capture of Bill, though he never told the Were's to attack him and drink his blood. Don't worry, the King shoots one of the wolves in the head to teach them a lesson. He orders Bill to join him for dinner at his home. When they get there, Talbot (Russell's lover) escorts Bill to his room, which consists of a door made of silver - Houston, we have a problem. Bill does not take kindly to being a prisoner, but Russell puts his fears to "rest". He is not a prisoner, but a guest - just one that cannot leave until the King is done talking (or should I say convincing him) about his master plan. Bill really has no choice to listen, so he dresses up in his finest suit and goes to dinner, where blood is served as a three course meal. The King propositions Bill. Bill can be the Sheriff of Area 2 if he helps him get "secrets" on the Queen that will force her to marry him and consolidate their power. The King then threatens to capture Sookie, after Bill tells him he does not hang with the Queen, and knows none of her secrets. At this point Bill get all mad, but what can he do - right? This guy is a King. Bill's already on edge when Lorena walks in!! I told you she was coming back. Bill gets all psycho and pretty much sets her on fire - Ouch!

Sam and Family
True Blood Season 3
Sam is greeted to a rifle in the face when he gets up in the morning. Tommy takes him into the family house where Sam finally meets his birth parents. This is news to Tommy, who storms out f the house after hearing the news that he has a bro. Sam and his younger brother later catch up, shapeshift and go for a run together, where his brother runs into the middle of the street with Sam following close behind. It seems that Tommy boy has set his older brother up, because the next second Tommy shifts into a bird and flies away just as a car's about to hit Sam. Luckily Sam is fast and gets out of the way just in the nick of time. Can you feel the brotherly love?

True Blood Season 3
Lafayette makes Tara vomit the pills and races her out of the house after putting Lettie Mae in her place. When Tara tells him she's fine, he takes her to the nut house instead of the hospital. Don't worry - he's not admitting her. He's taking her to visit his loca mommy. They walk in to his mother insulting the hot orderly, Jesus. She then goes on to criticize Lafayette and question Tara. Tara leaves the nutty barn telling Lafayette that she has learned her lesson and she back to the land of the living with Lafayette as her partner in crime. Boo, I really wanted her to die. They go to Merlotte's to put in a day's work. Tara is greeted by a new vamp named Franklin. She tells him she's waiting to die, he says he's already dead, and here we have the makings of a new couple. At the end of the night, Tara is sitting outside when two drunk guys leave the bar and piss on the spot where Eggs died. Tara goes nuts and starts punching them out, but when one of them goes after her, creepy vamp saves the day. Franklin holds them back while Tara goes Mayweather on them. How romantic!

Jason and Andy
True Blood Season 3,Andy and Jason
Andy gets praise for killing a psycho, while Jason begins to go a little psycho. Jason pleads with Andy to make the situation better for Sookie and Tara. Andy says he'll try. They go to the bar, get drunk and proclaim their friendship to one another. Isn't that bromantic! Andy hears that help is needed over his radio. He heads off with Jason in tow since Jason is pretty plastered. When they get there, Andy goes in to investigate, but Jason spots someone running and goes after them, tackling the person down. What do you know - he finds drugs on the guy. Go Jason! He is excited by his aiding in the criminals capture, when he spots Crystal (a new hottie for Jason.) He goes after her.

Jessica and Hoyt
True Blood Season 3
Vamps don’t always have it easy. Just ask Jessica. She is still trying to figure out how to get rid of the body without anybody noticing. Who better to turn to then Pam. While waiting for Sookie to finish talking to Eric, Jessica questions Pam about how to know when to stop feeding from a human before they die, and how to get rid of the body if “someone” accidently kills the human. Pam explains that when the heart slows, it’s time to give it up by thinking of the nastiest thing you can think of. I would be screwed since drinking someone’s blood IS one of the nastiest things I can think of. After her little one-on-one with Pam, Sookie takes Jessica home. Hoyt is waiting for her with a pack of True Blood on the porch when she arrives - how sweet! Jessica pretty much tells him she is too much of a monster for him and slams the door in Hoyt’s face. Love is never easy. She later rents a chain saw and goes to get the body that’s left in her “bed,” but guess what – It’s gone!

Mystery Scene
Someone walks through a house, steps into an office and pulls out a file that is all about Sookie. Newspaper clippings, family history (is that her dad's name circled?), pics...the works! Who is it? We shall see or maybe we already have :-)

Sookie and Eric
True Blood Season 3
Sookie is distraught and will not give up looking for Bill. Jessica and Sookie go to Eric for help about the whole "Operation Werewolf" tattoo they spotted on one of Bill's dead capturers. Eric says he doesn’t know anything, but we know that's a lie. Why? Because Eric has a flashback of a time where he and Godric encounter one of these Weres' with the tattoo. Eric exchanges his blood for information regarding her boss. The Were reveals that her boss is actually a vamp, and then attacks Eric. Luckily, Godric is there to snap her neck and save the day. Go Godric! Sookie has no clue what Eric is thinking (she can't read vamp minds - remember!) cries and pretty much begs him to help. He tells her not to cry because it makes him feel "human" - hilarious! She leaves to take Jessica home before dawn. When Sookie gets home, she attacks her brother, thinking he's an intruder. She then tells Jason about the whole Bill and Tara situation. When she goes to work the next day she "hears" the thoughts of someone who wants to attack her. She looks into the woods and there is a big motorcycle Were in human form, staring at her. Terry picks the perfect time to show up and goes into the woods with Sookie to see who it is. All they find are his boots, a footprint and a paw print --ohhhhhh! Later that evening, Sookie is graced with Eric's presence. He tells her that he lied to her and wanted to tell her the truth. He is there to protect her and hopefully have sex, but she quickly puts a damper on that last notion - stupid girl! He nicely tells her to invite him, but suddenly throws her against the wall and demands that she invite him in ASAP. She does, and who does he find rummaging around in there - a wolf. They don't seem to be besties cause they are about to engage in combat when the episode ends! I love happy endings :-)

Here are my faves from the show:
Hottest Line: Who delivered it? Did you really have to guess?! Eric. Of course. It is just too hot when he tells Sookie”

Funniest Scene: It has to go to Sookie with her impersonation of Bill. Sookie tells Jason that she keeps expecting Bill to walk through the does and say, "Sookie." She has it down pact and I was cracking up!

Cutest Scene: This one comes from Terry when he tells Sookie: “I’ve always liked you. And I’d miss you if you get killed.” How adorable!

At the end of the episode, HBO played Snoop Dogg's Sookie loving song from The Blood Pound called "Oh, Sookie"

In case you missed it, here it is:

What did you think of this episode? Who do you think is gathering all the info on Sookie? Can Franklin be trusted?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Friday, June 18, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Spoilers! Godric Returns, Bill/Sookie Turmoil, and more!


Can't wait to find out what will happen next on True Blood. Don't worry! Here are a few spoilers to get you through the days until the next episode.

Sookie and Bill’s happy relationship's going to get rather shaky when one of them has sex with someone else (I wonder if this is going to go according to the novels?). Word on the street is that this cheating scene will be the most explosive scene ever played on True Blood so far, and that's saying something!

Is it an Eric vs Alcide vs Bill season? Lucky Sookie! So many men, so little time, and none of them human!
True Blood Season 3

A certain someone is going to lose their head.

There's going to be a one night stand and it’ll be the last person we'd ever expect

Sibling rivalry is going to be taken to the extreme when someone tries to kill their sibling and Sam’s life gets threatened numerous times, starting with being held at gun point in episode 2 (some things never change)
True Blood Season 3

Tara befriends a shady vampire by the name of Franklin (I personally hope he kills her - I'm sick of Tara!)
True Blood Season 3

A certain orderly by the name of Jesus may just heat up Lafayette's love life.
True Blood Season 3

A hot guy couple is introduced: King Russell and Talbot True Blood Season 3

Who knew psychos can be so pretty. Watch out for Debbie Pelt, Alcide's ex-girlfriend
True Blood Season 3

Speaking of psychos - Lorena is back.True Blood Season 3

Jason finds himself with a mysterious new girl by the name of Crystal
True Blood Season 3

We will see alot more scenes with Eric's clothes off! That's enough of a reason for me to stay tuned :-)
true blood season 3,eric and sookie,basement scene

Godric will make an appearance this season! How? I'm hearing that Eric is going to have a few flashbacks starring the now torched vampire. Reports also say that he is going to be apart of the season finale. Don't believe me...take a look at the picture below. It's Godric on the set of TB season 3!!

Hope you enjoyed the new spoilers. I'll keep them coming as the season progresses.

Who do you think is going to cheat: Bill or Sookie? Will we finally see an Eric/Sookie hook-up?

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Blood is back with Bad Blood! Season 3 premiere highlights (pic heavy)

true blood season 3

Waiting sucked, but wasn't it worth the wait?! After much anticipation, True Blood is back and it's better than ever! The show picked up where we left off last season with the murder of Eggs and the abduction of Bill. It takes off from there with multiple story lines all going on at once, taking us on a rollercoaster of suspense, sex, drugs and violence that us fangs have come to love. We witnessed the new addition of werewolves (take that Twilight - lol). We have this new character Yvetta, the Fangtasia dancer that the vamps can’t get enough of. We also saw the return of the creepy Majester, who’s pretty upset about the increased sales of V (vamp blood).

Here are my favorite highlights (warning: spoilers and loads of pics!)

Steamiest Scene: Eric's sex scene
true blood season 3,eric and sookie,basement scene
Did you have to ask? Eric in all his rear and nearly frontal glory had women every where screaming with delight! Sookie goes to see Eric in search of Bill, and Eric is her number one suspect. When she gets to Fangtasia she is greeted by Pam who informs her that Eric is indisposed. Thinking Eric is holding Bill hostage, Sookie runs downstairs by "overpowering" Pam. To our delight, and Sookie's surprise, she finds Eric sexing up the new Fangtasia dancer. She goes on to question Eric (while he is in the nude) and he tells Sookie that he did not take Bill because he's been down in the basement with the dancer for six hours! Her response leads me to my favorite line of this scene:
Sookie responds: "Doin' this? For the last six hours?!"
Eric: "You seem surprised. Is Bill's stamina not up to snuff?"
Wow - does it get any hotter than that? Don't worry fellas, you are not left out. Throughout this whole scene there is a naked beautiful dancer chained down and waiting for Eric to return to business. Wonder how much longer that went on?!

WTF moment: Bill and Sam's near kiss!
True Blood Season 3,Bill and Sam
For those that have yet to see this episode - I did say Bill and Sam. it's not a typo. Talk about shocking!! Sam hits the road to find his real family, Bill finds him at a motel, and things get hot and heavy pretty fast. Bill invites Sam into the shower with him, while Sam removes his shirt. They draw closer to each other with lips nearly touching when the phone rings and...Sam wakes up. It was just a dream, but something tells me these erotic fantasies won't end here.
Favorite line is from Bill, after Sam agrees to take a shower with him: “I hear the water in Arkansas is very ... hard")

Goriest Scene: Bill's abduction.
True Blood Season 3,Bill's attack
Bill has been taken and held hostage as his attackers take him to destination unknown. As they are driving, his attackers begin to bite into him and enjoy V blood straight from the tap. At one point they even share blood by spitting it into each others mouths. Yuck!
The nastiest and funniest line in this scene comes from his abductors:
Abductor #1: "Pull over, Jimmy. I've gotta get me a drag off this f**k." A
bductor#2: "Nope, we ain't stoppin'." Abductor#1: "I'm dyin' over here."
Abductor#2: "Spit some in his mouth." A
bductor# 3"That's gay."
Abductor#1 "And playin' with your own tit in a car full of dudes ain't?"

Funniest moment: This comes from the dynamic duo that is Jason and Andy and also from a scene with Jason and two grads from NYU.
True Blood Season 3,Andy and Jason
Jason is feeling guilty because he killed Eggs. Meanwhile, Andy just put his rear on the line and lied to the Sheriff and pretended that he killed Eggs in self defense. After Andy gives his false statement he goes to Jason’s and tells him to snap out of his guilt trip or they could both face serious jail time. So, to get Jason out of his rut, Andy has him repeat the mantra: "Conscience off, d*ck on, and everything's gonna be all right."

After the funniest pep talk ever given, Jason goes off and meets two NYU students on their way to California while at the bar with Hoyt. Jason attempts to put the murder behind him and get on with business as usual, except that his junk has other plans. That’s right – Jason Stackhouse can’t perform! IT could be due to the fact that every time he looks at the girls, they have huge bullet holes on their foreheads. Not much of a turn on.

Life stinks: Jessica and her dead friend.
True Blood Season 3,Jessica
At the end of season 2, we saw Jessica digging into a guy in a truck. After she feeds on him, Jessica drags him to the house and tries to save him. He dies, so she hides him underground and tries to resuscitate him with no luck. Sookie keeps popping up and the smell is getting real bad. Jessica starts to freak out. Life stinks (literally) for this newbie vamp.

The “what a bitch” award: It’s a tie between the Tara and Sookie girl fight, and the Queen and Eric junk grabbing scene.

Tara/Sookie Girl Fight:
true blood season 3,sookie
Tara attacks Sookie after she reveals that she helped Eggs remember what he did while possessed. Tara turns into a UFC fighter and tackles Sookie to the floor. Luckily for Sookie Lafayette is there to pry them apart. This leads to the smartest thing Sookie has ever done when she tells Tara to “Get the f**k out of my house.” Hopefully she’ll stay out. I am sick of Tara.

Eric/the Queen confrontation:
True Blood Season 3,Eric and the Queen
After the Majester tells Eric and the Queen to get some answers in regards to the increase of V blood sales, Eric begins to worry. He should since it is him and the Queen selling the V. Eric tries to reason with the Queen, but she’s not having it and jumps on him, while she simultaneously grabs his crotch. This leads me to my favorite line in this scene by the Queen: "Hell hath no fury like a vampire queen broke". She tells Eric to sell as much of the product as he can within 24 hours. With a vampire grip like the Queen’s on your manhood, all you can do is agree with her and move on. This leads to the next highlight.

Glad I’m not you award: Lafayette and Pam.
True Blood Season 3,Pam
After the Queen goes completely crazy on Eric and demands that all the V be sold ASAP, Pam goes to her designated seller Lafayette to get the entire product sold by tomorrow night! Lafayette must have selected amnesia because he momentarily forgot he was talking to a vamp when he called Pam "hookah", but she reminds him that she is danger in a dress. This leads to another favorite scene of mine, when Pam tells Lafayette she’s not a hooker (anymore at least):
Pam: "I don't know what it is about me that make people think I want to hear their problems. Maybe I smile too much. Maybe I wear too much pink. But please remember, I can rip your throat out if I need to, and also know that I am not a hooker. That was a long, long time ago ... you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?"
Lafayette: "I is."

Get over: Tara's Breakdown.
True Blood Season 3,Lafayette and Tara
Tara is devastated over the loss of Eggs, and to make matters worse, her mother arrives with her reverend to bring salvation to Tara. At first, Lettie Mae appears to care about her daughter's welfare, but the only welfare she really cares about as that of the reverend. Does that woman have no shame?! Tara tells her mom that she's going to take a shower, shuts the door, and downs a bunch of pills. Unfortunately for me and the many Tara haters, Lafayette shows up and will most likely save her since she is in a bunch of previews. Too bad! I am sick of Tara and her dramatics.

Jerry Springer Moment: This goes to Arlene
True Blood Season 3,Arlene and Terry

Arlene is pregnant! No, she didn’t need to take a pregnancy test to know this. She smelled a pinch of cinnamon that is usually undetectable…lol. Now the question is: Terry, are you the father of the baby?

What did you think about True Blood's season 3 premiere? What were your key highlights?!Leave me a comment and/or take the poll on the left to let me know!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Twilight Fangs Rejoice - More Twilight is coming your way! Breaking Dawn to be split into two movies!

Twilight,Breaking Dawn,New Moon,Eclipse

Twilighters - get your party hats on! Summit Entertainment officially announced its decision to split Breaking Dawn into two separate films! The scheduled release date for the first half of Breaking Dawn is set for November 18, 2011. The second film's release date has yet to be announced, but is planned for 2012. The films will shoot back-to-back in the fall, with Bill Condon directing. All of the major stars are set to reprise their roles. However, supporting stars Dakota Fanning (as Jane) and Michael Sheen (as Aro) are yet to be confirmed.

This is great news for Twilighters out there. That means more Twilight and possibly more (but not too much) skin. That's right people - it won't get too steamy. Here comes the bad news: Despite talk that the film might be rated R (and a "Make Breaking Dawn Rated R" petition), it will not be so. Sorry to disappoint, but the film will be PG -13, according to People magazine. Remember, many of Twilight's fan base are teeny boppers.

For those that have been living under a rock (or in a coffin), Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final installment of the Twilight series, and includes the very first and much anticipated love scene between Edward and Bella.

The third film of the series, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," comes out June 30th.

What do you think of the decision to make Breakiing Dawn two rated PG-13 movies?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

True Blood vs. Twilight: June Releases


Two of the biggest and most anticipated paromantasy series are making their debut this month. True blood hits the small screen on June 13th with its season 3 premiere, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits the big screen on June 30th. My question to you is:

Which are you most excited to see: True Blood or Eclipse?

The battle of the Twilighters and True Blooders has been raging on, both with huge followings. This doesn't mean that the Twilighters aren't fans of True blood, or vice-verse - it’s just the debate of which one is the better of the two series, both in literature and on-screen.

Twilighters are fierce in their support, as seen by Twilight’s complete take over at the MTV Movie Awards this past Sunday. True Blood is not slacking in the awards arena, with both an Emmy and a Golden Globe under its belt.

It is also clear that neither phenomenon is going anywhere. Alan Ball confirmed in January that True Blood will be back for a fourth season and Wyck told the Times earlier this year that Breaking Dawn is going forward (still not sure if it will be one movie or two), and shooting will begin this Fall.

So, what's the verdict? If you ask me: True Blood wins - Hands Down!

Wait! Before you hit send on the hate email you just put together, hear me out.

Don't get me wrong - I love the Twilight Saga and consider myself a Superfang, but True Blood has it all: Action, Romance, Mystery, Horror, plus it is just plain steamy. Vamps and Werewolves are scary, sinister and sexy - which is pretty much why we love them. True Blood brings this to the forefront making you love them and fear them at the same time. Key Examples: Remember when sensitive and tranquil vampire Bill went a little loco and killed Sookie's molesting uncle - wasn't that the sweetest and scariest thing you ever saw?! How about Eric Northman? Do I even have to give you an example? That vamp is walking danger and sex on very long legs (sorry, you can clearly tell who my paromantasy vamp is).

Twilight can be the complete opposite. It does have moments of action, but it is essentially a love story, without the added bonus of gore and suspense. We can pretty much predict what is going to happen from beginning to end. Even the fans out there have to admit that it can also get down right depressing at times! Remember the scene where Bella sat at the window for months after Edward left - ugh. I was screaming at her to get up and get over it already. Sorry, that part just ticked me off. That leads me to the next bit; True blood characters are just more entertaining. Let's take a look:

Bella vs. Sookie

Sookie can be ditzy and downright annoying at times, but she doesn't take crap from anyone (or anything!). She sticks up for what she believes in and isn't afraid to take the bull by the horns, or should I say the vamps by their fangs. This lady is fierce when she wants to be. Plus, she can read minds and that's hot.

Bella is the complete opposite. She's smart and shy, but she is too dependent on others. Come on - Admit it! When she lost Edward, her world turned upside down. She was pretty much the walking dead, which is funny cause isn't that Edward's job :)

She stood in that crazy zombie state until she started hanging out with Jacob. When Jacob wanted to ditch her, Bella nearly went insane again - she begged him not to leave her. Not cool! Like I said before, Bella and Sookie are complete opposites. Bella's power: The vamps can't read her mind.

Winner is: Sookie

Leading Men

Do you prefer a vamp that sparkles or is completely dead in the sunlight?

Do you prefer a vamp who will recite poetry to you or a vamp that will make you scream poetry in the bedroom (if you catch my drift)?

When you look at the leading male characters of Bill and Edward, determining a clear winner is pretty hard. These two are particularly similar. Two vamps that want to go against the grain and lead "normal" lives. They want to better themselves instead of becoming the monsters that you hear about in scary stories. They are both intelligent, old fashioned and are very protective of their ladies. Both are melancholy and a little to blah for my taste. That is why I am team Eric and team Jacob!

Winner is: Tie. They are too much alike to call a clear winner

Lady Stealer

You can't have a paromantasy without throwing in a love triangle. Not to worry: Eric and Jacob are here to give us the drama we want.

Eric: Ah, Eric. What can I say about him? He is walking sex, danger and evil, with a hidden soft spot in that non-beating heart of his. Isn't that an oxy moron for you? He locks up and tortures Lafayette one minute, then saves Sookie and cries for Godric in the next. His character leaves you on your toes at all times. Do you trust him or not? Are his intentions pure or does he just want something from you? Is he hot or is he hot? Okay, that last one doesn't make sense. The point is: with Eric, nothing is predictable, nothing is straightforward and everything is erotic and sexy. This is why we love him. Men want to be him and ladies; well we want to do much, much more to him ;-)

Jacob: He is the lovable werewolf who will die defending the people he loves, especially Bella. He is both immature and mature for his age. This is confusing, but true. When it comes to Bella he is naive, but when it comes to life - he gets the big picture. This werewolf is cute with an edge.

Winner is: Eric. Did you even have to ask?! This one is no contest.

Supporting Cast

True Blood

This is where things get interesting. True Blood has a huge array of characters that are all interesting, entertaining and down right funny. Case in point: Lafayette. Who doesn't love the flamboyant gay guy who can be your makeup artists, stylist and your bodyguard all at the same time? He dances, wears makeup and can throw a killer punch. He is the manliest guy in a skirt and I love him.

Jason: He is the dumb, hot, athletic blonde brother of Sookie whose main goal is to get laid any chance he gets. He is funny and strong. A trouble seeker, but loyal to those he loves - sweet and incredibly stupid. He is the ladies man whose escapades leave us dying, figuratively and literally.

Tara: She is a complete aggressor. She will take on the world, but is also quite gullible. I must admit that she is not my favorite character and I prefer the books version of Tara to the TV version, but there is also never a dull moment in her life and that makes for great entertainment.

Pam: Eric's sidekick may not be a regular, but when she is on - she is memorable. She is classy, pretty, snarky, witty and sarcastic all wrapped up with a comically evil bow. This fashionista vamp can take a crowd down in seconds without wrinkling her outfits or messing up her shoes, except when she was looking for Maryanne - wasn't that part funny. She is also hot, but don't underestimate her. She'll eat your kids for dinner - literally.

Jessica: She is the newly made vamp that is driving Bill crazy. She came on the scene and was an instant fan favorite. Why? She is funny and sexy - innocent and wild. Plus, teens are crazy as it is - teen vamps are just insane. Hey, even Eric couldn’t deal with her, and that is saying something.

The Werewolves: They are coming to town this season and those familiar with the novels have already been introduced to them. They are strong, fierce and incredibly hot. For those who haven't been keeping up with TB news, the character of Alcide has this last requirement down pact. Take a look:
Alcide,True Blood


The supporting cast in Twilight is just that: a supporting cast - Alice aside. None of the Cullen clan is given the chance to really connect with the audience. Sure you catch a glimpse of them here and get a word from them there, but they are never given the opportunity to shine. They are potential that is completely stifled. Personalities are not really shown and other than Alice, none are really extraordinary. Just to be fair, I'll go over the Cullen's anyway.

Alice: She is lively and vivacious. Fierce and lovable (did you see her snap James' neck - so yes, I did mean fierce). She can also predict the future, which is just awesome. I love her character because she demands attention. She is the cutest, sweetest vamp you'll meet, plus she has a sense of style.

Carlisle: He is the caring "father" that is the head of the Cullen clan. He is devoted to his family and friends. He is like a doctor vamp angel and you just got to love that!

Esme: She is the "mom" of the Cullen clan and is pretty much the female version of Carlisle. She’s patient, loving and angelic (except for the fact that she hunts and drinks animal blood).

Jasper: He is the newly made vamp who is not as restrained in his desire for human blood. He constantly looks like he's in pain or smelled something really funky because of this desire to kill.

Emmett: He is the golden boy of the Cullen brood. He's athletic, modern, loves cars and is super hot. Too bad he only has two lines per movie. At least he is great to look at!

Rosalie: She is the designated bitch of the clan and I personally love her. She is straightforward and is very vocal in her dislike for Bella (although that does change later on). If you want an honest answer and/or opinion - this is the girl to go to!

Winner is: True Blood


True Blood addresses a number of underlying issues, while giving us the nail biting, hair pulling, adrenaline / heart pumping action that keeps us on our toes. They tackle racism, segregation, religion, and vamp rights in society.

Twilight gives us the typical forbidden romance with the normal background of vamps hiding amongst the humans and battling a few evil human blood spilling vamps that threaten society. The only twist is that they can come out during the day, but even that is not fun because they sparkle, which causes them to hide on sunny days.

Winner: True Blood

Final Verdict

True Blood and Twilight are like their respective vampire bites. True Blood vamp bites are erotic, dangerous and mind blowing, while a bite by a Twilight vamp pretty much leaves you lifeless or turns you into a cold one.

As for me: I prefer hot and dangerous. The Ultimate Winner Is: True Blood!

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below and remember to take the Twilight Vs True Blood poll on the left. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, June 14th!
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