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Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap: True Blood Season 3, Episode 2 "Beautifully Broken" and Snoop Dogg video

If picked up right where we left off, with werewolves about to attack Bill. Here we go!

True Blood Season 3
Bill shows them who's boss by taking them down and ripping the ear off one of the werewolves. That Were changes back to a human and holds his bloody earless head in his hands. Oh, the gore! Don't you love it? The only thing that saves him from Bill's finishing move is an interruption by the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington... He is all decked out in uniform and rides in on horse back, but don't confuse him for a knight in shining armor. He reveals that he is the one who ordered the capture of Bill, though he never told the Were's to attack him and drink his blood. Don't worry, the King shoots one of the wolves in the head to teach them a lesson. He orders Bill to join him for dinner at his home. When they get there, Talbot (Russell's lover) escorts Bill to his room, which consists of a door made of silver - Houston, we have a problem. Bill does not take kindly to being a prisoner, but Russell puts his fears to "rest". He is not a prisoner, but a guest - just one that cannot leave until the King is done talking (or should I say convincing him) about his master plan. Bill really has no choice to listen, so he dresses up in his finest suit and goes to dinner, where blood is served as a three course meal. The King propositions Bill. Bill can be the Sheriff of Area 2 if he helps him get "secrets" on the Queen that will force her to marry him and consolidate their power. The King then threatens to capture Sookie, after Bill tells him he does not hang with the Queen, and knows none of her secrets. At this point Bill get all mad, but what can he do - right? This guy is a King. Bill's already on edge when Lorena walks in!! I told you she was coming back. Bill gets all psycho and pretty much sets her on fire - Ouch!

Sam and Family
True Blood Season 3
Sam is greeted to a rifle in the face when he gets up in the morning. Tommy takes him into the family house where Sam finally meets his birth parents. This is news to Tommy, who storms out f the house after hearing the news that he has a bro. Sam and his younger brother later catch up, shapeshift and go for a run together, where his brother runs into the middle of the street with Sam following close behind. It seems that Tommy boy has set his older brother up, because the next second Tommy shifts into a bird and flies away just as a car's about to hit Sam. Luckily Sam is fast and gets out of the way just in the nick of time. Can you feel the brotherly love?

True Blood Season 3
Lafayette makes Tara vomit the pills and races her out of the house after putting Lettie Mae in her place. When Tara tells him she's fine, he takes her to the nut house instead of the hospital. Don't worry - he's not admitting her. He's taking her to visit his loca mommy. They walk in to his mother insulting the hot orderly, Jesus. She then goes on to criticize Lafayette and question Tara. Tara leaves the nutty barn telling Lafayette that she has learned her lesson and she back to the land of the living with Lafayette as her partner in crime. Boo, I really wanted her to die. They go to Merlotte's to put in a day's work. Tara is greeted by a new vamp named Franklin. She tells him she's waiting to die, he says he's already dead, and here we have the makings of a new couple. At the end of the night, Tara is sitting outside when two drunk guys leave the bar and piss on the spot where Eggs died. Tara goes nuts and starts punching them out, but when one of them goes after her, creepy vamp saves the day. Franklin holds them back while Tara goes Mayweather on them. How romantic!

Jason and Andy
True Blood Season 3,Andy and Jason
Andy gets praise for killing a psycho, while Jason begins to go a little psycho. Jason pleads with Andy to make the situation better for Sookie and Tara. Andy says he'll try. They go to the bar, get drunk and proclaim their friendship to one another. Isn't that bromantic! Andy hears that help is needed over his radio. He heads off with Jason in tow since Jason is pretty plastered. When they get there, Andy goes in to investigate, but Jason spots someone running and goes after them, tackling the person down. What do you know - he finds drugs on the guy. Go Jason! He is excited by his aiding in the criminals capture, when he spots Crystal (a new hottie for Jason.) He goes after her.

Jessica and Hoyt
True Blood Season 3
Vamps don’t always have it easy. Just ask Jessica. She is still trying to figure out how to get rid of the body without anybody noticing. Who better to turn to then Pam. While waiting for Sookie to finish talking to Eric, Jessica questions Pam about how to know when to stop feeding from a human before they die, and how to get rid of the body if “someone” accidently kills the human. Pam explains that when the heart slows, it’s time to give it up by thinking of the nastiest thing you can think of. I would be screwed since drinking someone’s blood IS one of the nastiest things I can think of. After her little one-on-one with Pam, Sookie takes Jessica home. Hoyt is waiting for her with a pack of True Blood on the porch when she arrives - how sweet! Jessica pretty much tells him she is too much of a monster for him and slams the door in Hoyt’s face. Love is never easy. She later rents a chain saw and goes to get the body that’s left in her “bed,” but guess what – It’s gone!

Mystery Scene
Someone walks through a house, steps into an office and pulls out a file that is all about Sookie. Newspaper clippings, family history (is that her dad's name circled?), pics...the works! Who is it? We shall see or maybe we already have :-)

Sookie and Eric
True Blood Season 3
Sookie is distraught and will not give up looking for Bill. Jessica and Sookie go to Eric for help about the whole "Operation Werewolf" tattoo they spotted on one of Bill's dead capturers. Eric says he doesn’t know anything, but we know that's a lie. Why? Because Eric has a flashback of a time where he and Godric encounter one of these Weres' with the tattoo. Eric exchanges his blood for information regarding her boss. The Were reveals that her boss is actually a vamp, and then attacks Eric. Luckily, Godric is there to snap her neck and save the day. Go Godric! Sookie has no clue what Eric is thinking (she can't read vamp minds - remember!) cries and pretty much begs him to help. He tells her not to cry because it makes him feel "human" - hilarious! She leaves to take Jessica home before dawn. When Sookie gets home, she attacks her brother, thinking he's an intruder. She then tells Jason about the whole Bill and Tara situation. When she goes to work the next day she "hears" the thoughts of someone who wants to attack her. She looks into the woods and there is a big motorcycle Were in human form, staring at her. Terry picks the perfect time to show up and goes into the woods with Sookie to see who it is. All they find are his boots, a footprint and a paw print --ohhhhhh! Later that evening, Sookie is graced with Eric's presence. He tells her that he lied to her and wanted to tell her the truth. He is there to protect her and hopefully have sex, but she quickly puts a damper on that last notion - stupid girl! He nicely tells her to invite him, but suddenly throws her against the wall and demands that she invite him in ASAP. She does, and who does he find rummaging around in there - a wolf. They don't seem to be besties cause they are about to engage in combat when the episode ends! I love happy endings :-)

Here are my faves from the show:
Hottest Line: Who delivered it? Did you really have to guess?! Eric. Of course. It is just too hot when he tells Sookie”

Funniest Scene: It has to go to Sookie with her impersonation of Bill. Sookie tells Jason that she keeps expecting Bill to walk through the does and say, "Sookie." She has it down pact and I was cracking up!

Cutest Scene: This one comes from Terry when he tells Sookie: “I’ve always liked you. And I’d miss you if you get killed.” How adorable!

At the end of the episode, HBO played Snoop Dogg's Sookie loving song from The Blood Pound called "Oh, Sookie"

In case you missed it, here it is:

What did you think of this episode? Who do you think is gathering all the info on Sookie? Can Franklin be trusted?

Let me know in the comments section below!


CupCake said...

I LOVED this episode.
First of all because I got to see Godric again and I have missed him so much. Eric is sweet and sensitive and then very powerfull and masculin so loving that too :)

I also thought a funny/sweet moment was when Terry is going on about his list, informing how he has never killed anything by accident <3 bless! But Sookie's impression of Bill had me laughing so hard I was crying :p

I also espes liked the scene with Jason and Sookie when he tell her that its them two, that is until she marries - then it will be them two and bill :p

And the 'Mystery Scene' guy walking though the house - you see his shoes and then you see the vampire talking to Tara who holds that redneck so she can beat him up.. they have a close up of his shoes and pants when he is ordering that true blood drink.. isnt that him?

Btw - I am SO following you :)

Paromantasy said...

Thanks CupCake for following. I also love Godric - what's not to love! Eric's sweet side is definitly coming out to play and I like it! He's dangerous, sexy and is getting rather sweet!

Terry is adorable. I hope we see alot more of him this season.

haha..Jason is one of a kind! I also liked the part where he asked of Santa Claus is real. hehe

I'm noot sure if that is the mystery man. At first I thought so, then I thought they made it a little too obvious. We shall see!

CupCake said...

Godric is too awesome! I infact cried hard and for a long time last season when he stood on that rooftop *sigh*

And yeah, that was class :) Jason sometimes just makes you wanna cuddle him and ake care of him yeah :p and I agree with wanting to see more of Terry..

And maybe you are right - maybe its too easy, maybe they just want us thinking - BUT, the shoes did fit and maybe they want to give us a bone- get us thinking and ploting like we are :p lol

But we shall see :p

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