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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Author Highlight: Richelle Mead! Mead Mania begins today!

Being relatively new, I have yet to review a book or highlight some of my favorite authors. It ends today. I figured what better way to kick off my author highlight reel, than with an honorary spotlight on one of my all-time favorite authors, Richelle Mead.

If you are looking for a book that is exciting, romantic, edgy, and is an absolute page turner - than look no further than Richelle Mead. She currently has three series - Georgina Kincaid, Vampire Academy, and Dark Swan. Each one is better than the last. Pick any series from this author, and you will not be disappointed. She takes you on an urban fantasy ride through the world of a soul sucking Succubus with a conscious, to a war between the gentle Moroi vamps, half vamp dhamphirs, and evil Strigoi, and finally to a Shaman’s battle between good and evil. Each series has vastly different worlds, but each will have you screaming for more. What could be better than bad ass protagonists that are fearless, daring, and are always finding themselves in crazy romances and near death experiences?!

As a tribute to one of my favorite authors, starting Saturday I will be reviewing each and every book of hers, starting with her very first series: "Georgina Kincaid." If you have never heard of the "Mighty Mead", as I like to refer to her, than I urge you to run out and buy a book of hers, any book, and I swear you will become an instant fan!

Check in Saturday for the beginning of Mead Mania, and my review of Succubus Blues: Georgina Kincaid Series, book 1

Check out all of her books here: Richelle Mead Books

Also check out the Hot Spot section of my blog for links to her website.

What do you think of Richelle Mead? Who is your favorite character from her novels? Let me know what you think and remember to take the poll: What is your favorite Richelle Mead series?


iamjenai said...

right now, as of this writing (haha) it's richelle mead but sometimes it's JRR tolkien. LOL its hard to decide actually it's always a tie. I love Tolkien for LOTR and Mead for VA and Succubus Series (did not like Eugenie Markham series).

So back to RM - My favorite character is definitely Rose from VA. And favorite love triangle (maybe in all books Ive read) is Dimitri - Rose - Adrian.

if you have time, come visit me at

www.bookinglyyours.blogspot.com, and there's a poll for the best series.

have a fun blogging day!

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