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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

True Blood Recap, Season 3, Episode 6: 'I Got a Right to Sing the Blues'

True Blood S3-06 proved to be one of my favorites. Picking up right where we left off, we see that Sookie has been taken by Russell, Sam demands that Tommy tell him what is up with their papa, Jason is being a naughty boy in the woods, Arlene's acting super bitchy, Lafayette's cozying up to Jesus, and Tara's trying to keep Russell from making her a vamp bride. All the while, poor Pam is still stuck with the Majister - please save her already!! I miss her sarcasm. Let's take a look!

Lafayette and Jesus
Jesus waited 9 hours for a chance to hang with Lafayette, and he waits a little more since there's a woman who decides she is hungry right before Merlotte’s is about to close. Not only is she hungry, but she is super nasty, and plans on taking her time. Lafayette gets to grilling with Jesus right by his side - How cute?! When they finally leave, we see them start to get hot and heavy in Lafayette's new car. Jesus has 1 rule though: "No sex on the first date." He quickly decides that he is more than willing to bend the rules for a taste of Lafayette. They go to Lafayette's house and are about to go at it, when the homophobe hillbillies show up and start trashing Lafayette's car, while ranting about homos. Lafayette goes to confront the a-holes and they are about to attack him when Jesus comes to his rescue with a bat. Jesus threatens a few of the assailants, then has to literally pull Lafayette back from killing one of them,, but not before finding out that his would-be lover is a drug dealer. Jesus is not into drug dealers, so he tells Lafayette to drive him back to his car - date over. You can see how much it hurts Lafayette to lose this seemingly nice guy, because he is a super bitch to everyone the next day at work. Don't worry Lafayette, you'll find Jesus soon enough...lol

Arlene & Jessica
She has been having a crappy day since she has had a bunch of customers who've been stiffing her for a tip (thanks to Jessica - that teaches you to mess with a vamp). If that isn't bad enough, she has a customer that is taking forever, and refuses to leave. She is complaining to Jessica when she accidently pricks her finger with a knife... Forgetting that Jess is a vamp, she shows Jessica her bloody finger, and out comes the fangs (not intentionally of course). How the hell did Arlene pick this one moment to play nice and forget that Jessica is a vamp?! I mean, the woman has been making a big deal out of it this whole time, and you choose to forget a vamps nature when you’re bleeding - dummy! Anyway, Arlene starts to freak and begs Jessica not to kill her, while admitting that she's pregnant. She thinks that admitting she's prego will make Jessica hungrier, and she starts to back away. Jessica tells her that her fangs pop out on their own accord, and she's not going to attack her - although Jessica is hungry. Jessica decides to help Arlene out by going to Mrs. Nasty Customer and hypnotizing her into leaving all her money on the table as a tip, and to going into the ladies room. Jessica is waiting for the customer in the ladies room, and decides to put Pam's theory of feeding without killing into action. Meanwhile, Arlene cleans up, collects her tip, and goes to check on the lady who is now in the restroom. She knocks on the door and hears a funny sound. She knocks again while asking if everything is alright, and out comes Mrs. Nasty suddenly acting very cheerful and thanking Arlene profusely. Did I mention her scarf was wrapped firmly around her neck?! Jessica emerges after the woman and tells Arlene to have a great night - she sure did :-) Do you think Arlene suspected anything?

Sam & his wacko family
Last week we all witnessed Sam's papa going insane because Tommy was staying over Sam's house. After Sam throws him out, he wants to know WTF is up with that man! Can you blame him? Tommy says that he's just lazy, but this is only a half truth. We find out that his parents have been entering Tommy into dog fights for money since his mom is too old to do it now. Sam put 2 and 2 together when Tommy fails to show up for work and Arlene complains about a pitbull in his parents’ apartment that is supposed to be animal free. He questions the new Sheriff about reported dog fights in the area and takes off to rescue his little bro.

Jason and Crystal
Jason and Crystal are about to get down and dirty when Crystal seemingly smells something in the air. She gets frightened and tells Jason that they can't be together because it’s "not safe". She takes off and he goes to her house the next day with flowers. Too bad she never mentioned that she's engaged! Her fiancé answers the door and Crystal pretends she has no idea who Jason is - poor Jason :-( He later drags his brother from another mother out of the back of a car where he was getting it on with his girlfriend. Jason threatens him since he is going to be a cop and they were engaging in lewd behavior.

Tara & Franklin
Franklin wants to make Tara his vampire bride, but she's not going down without a fight. Realizing she can never outrun him, or beat him, she uses her feminine powers to get to him. When he walks in, she turns the flirt-o-meter way up. She finds out that Russell has Sookie and her wheels start turning. She gets him to untie her, and promises kinky things when she tells him she wants his blood inside her. He tells her to bite him and get it, and boy does she listen - yucky! They later fall asleep - well Franklin falls out - and she sends Sookie a message that she is coming up with an escape plan. In the morning she gets up while Franklin sleeps, takes a heavy weapon off the wall, and bashes his head in numerous times. She then pretends to be a maid to get past the Were that is guarding Sookie's door. She walks up to him and tells wolfie that Talbot has sent her to feed the prisoner almonds, since her blood will be served tomorrow and Talbot has put Sookie on an all nut diet - that does sound like Talbot. The wolf starts to question her and Tara goes off, telling him that Talbot is going to be angry. Wolfie relents and lets her in, but Sookie seems to be missing. Wolfie goes in to check and Sookie is waiting to bash his head in. They kick his ass and run. Tara to get a car and Sookie to get Bill, although Tara thinks she is a dumb ass for even trying to save the undead man. She takes off and runs right into a werewolf. She starts to runaway, but it's only Alcide!! He has come to save the day, and he has a car - Woo Hoo! Did I mention that he was naked - wispy sigh!

Tara wasn't the only one getting their flirt on. Eric was on full sex mode, but it wasn't directed at Sookie or his new dancer. He only has eyes for Russell and Talbot - you read it correctly. It start with playing games with Talbot, while hinting at his potential interest in the man by telling him how lucky Russell is to have him. He continues his man-on-man charm by being Russell's right hand man when he goes to stake claim to Sophie Anne. Eric tackles the Queen down after she refuses the Kings proposal and admits that she framed Eric for the selling of V. He then pledges his loyalty to the King and tells him that he is there to "serve" Russell. What kind of serving did he mean?! Before the ladies start going crazy that Eric may be gay - let's not forget that he is after Russell for killing his family. What better way to get to a King then by breaking up his 700 year old relationship with Talbot, and maybe even catching the King with his pants down (literally)?!

Bill tried to save Sookie from Russell, but it's too late. They take Sookie and Bill to Russell's mansion and Eric and Lorena are pretty darned surprised. Bill is thrown in and the King orders Lorena to kill Bill. Bill is more focused on saving Sookie and stakes one of the bodyguard vamps, and tries to stake Russell. He throws Bill off of him like a bug, and reminds him that the King is way older and smarter than Mr. Compton. He begs Eric to save Sookie, but Eric says he is not loyal to a mere human and tells Russell that he'll take Sookie into the study to be questioned. Russell uses this time to soothe Talbot, who is throwing a hissy fit over the state of is home. Bill is taken to an outside shack where Lorena cuts him and makes sure she oozes some of her blood into his body so that he'll die with a peace of her in him - Sicko!! He tells her he wishes he could have seen her human, when she was not so evil. This plays on her unbeating heart strings, but it doesn't stop her from continuously cutting him. We later see him lying in a puddle of his own blood when Cooter and Debbie come in to get some V from the tap. Lorena doesn’t stop them as they begin draining him, but she silently cries in the corner - talk about crazy! Check out what happens to Bill when Sookie show up below!

Sookie has powers, but they didn't stop Russell from kidnapping her. She enters the mansion and can't believe that Eric is there, and appears to be on Russell's side. After Bill goes crazy, and is sentenced to meet his final death, she begs Eric to help her. Eric just laughs in her face and belittles the mere human. When Lorena is about to leave to fulfill Bill's death order, Sookie threatens her. It was the usual "if you kill Bill, I promise to kill you" type threat. Lorena begs her to try since she is dying to wear Sookie's ribcage as a hat - can this woman get any crazier? Eric takes her to the study with a hand over her mouth since Sookie won't shut up. Sookie questions him since she once thought he cared about her. He says she means nothing to him and her very witty reply is "I hate your guts Eric Northman!" She promises to make him pay and that he can go f-ck himself. Cue Russell - he comes in to question the witness and he is on his last bit of patience. Sookie agrees to answer his questions as long as he answers some of hers. They go back and forth with the now infamous "what are you?" questions from Russell, and the "Are you going to hurt ill?" questions from Sookie. In the end, Russell tired of answering questions, and got the rest of his answers by threatening her. He asks her why she is so loyal to him when he has been spying on her behind her back - Cue file. He takes out her file and shows it to her. She doesn't seem to upset, but I have a feeling the light will go off in her head soon or later. Once done with her, he had her sent to a room. She was trying to figure out how to escape when she "heard" Tara promising to come up with a plan to get out, and for her to be ready to run in the morning. Tara came through the next day, and Sookie was ready. When Tara led the bodyguard in the room, Sookie clocked him over the head and they ran. Tara wanted to head straight out of town, but Sookie wants to save Bill. Tara runs to get a car, and Sookie runs to the shed. She enters the shed and sees Bill lying in blood. She tries to wake him, but it seems he is gone. Just as she was about to put on the ugly cry face, Bill wakes up. She is super happy until Lorena comes out of the dark. Lorena throws Sookie up against the walk and bites her!!

Here are my faves of the episode

Goriest Scene: Tara kills Franklin
Tara first bites Franklin and drinks his gushing blood, and then she pulverized his head the next day. A pic is worth a thousand words so take a look:

Funniest Quotes: It’s a tie between Eric and Talbot

He is tired of hearing Sookie beg, rant, rave, question, etc... His solution is to tell her:
"Please don't take this wrong way Sookie, but shut up." He then puts his hand over her mouth and leads her out of the room.

Eric asks Talbot how long he has been with Russell. Talbot responds: "We've been together for 700 years. Sometimes it feels like 700 million."

Best "I can't stand you" Moments: Tie between Lorena and Sookie
Sookie can't believe that Eric has betrayed her, and says she means nothing to him. SO she tells him: "I hate your f---ing guts, Eric Northman! I promise I will pay you back for this.''

Without that sanctimonious little prick Godric to save you, I would just love to rip you open and wear your ribcage as a hat.
Best "Reality Check" moment: Tie between Russell and Lafayette
Sookie thinks she can demand things from Russell, like cooperation. He wants her to answer his questions, but she says she has questions for him too. Russell tells her: "Honey, there's a fine line between feisty and delusional"

After beating the homophobe's ass, he tells them: "Go tell your mama that two faggots whooped your ass!"


Smash Attack! said...

This was a fantastic, gory episode! I do hope the Lafayette/Jesus relationship isn't over!

Paromantasy said...

Hi! I believe we are going to see some more of Lafayette and Jesus. It was a fantastic episode: gory, funny, sad, and it had me at the edge of my seat the entire time!

Anonymous said...

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