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Monday, July 5, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review, with pics and video!

Twilight Saga: Elipse

I have finally gone out and seen the third installment of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. I have to say that I am a fan of the series, but I'm far from a Twihard. Therefore, for this movie review, “I'm Switzerland” (You'll get the Bella reference once you see the movie). I have to say that I think this movie is the best of the three. It provided more - more action, more romance, more insight into the characters, and a better plot. I'm not saying that it's the best movie on Earth, as many Twihards believe, but it's better than before. Let' get into why.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Eclipse,Dakota Fanning,new enemies,Victoria,Cullens
An army of newborn vampires led by the evil, and hard to kill Victoria threaten the lives of the Cullen's, Bella, the wolves, and the innocent people of Forks. This also leads to a visit from an old threat – the Volturi. Just a typical day at Forks.

Why it's better than the other movies in the series
It's not just about Edward's love for Bella, Jacob's love for Bella, and the obsessive nature that Bella has for both of them. I mean, it's still a cornerstone of the plot, but you get to see into the lives of the other characters, giving them some of the much needed lime light.

The flashbacks of the past lives of both Rosalie and Jasper were perfect because they weren't those long, drawn-out, and seemingly boring tirades of useless character history. It was a brief glimpse of the past, and of why each character acts the way they do in the present. Rosalie is envious of Bella because of the opportunity that she has to lead a normal life. You get to see Rosalie as a human. Adored by many, innocent and filled with aspirations, until the night it was all taken away. You get to see the reason behind her bitchiness and it makes you warm up to her character. Jasper is leading the training of the wolves and the Cullen clan against the newbie vampire army. With his flashback, you get to see that he was once a second in command to a newbie vamp army and that is why he is so knowledgeable of the ways of war when it comes to this new threat Victoria has brought upon them. You also get to see the history of the wolves and how vamps nearly extinguished them. They were able to prevail with the help of a mortal woman who stabbed herself in order to distract the vamp, and have the wolf take the blood sucker out. All of these flashbacks were vital to the present, brief, entertaining and gave insight into the lives of the supporting characters.

Key Characters
Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Eclipse,Edward vs Jacob
Along with the break from the lovey, dovey “I'll die for you” plot, the acting is just plain better. The chemistry between Jacob, Bella, and Edward went through the roof. I felt the love that Bella has for the two guys, and the love they have for her. I felt the jealousy, the envy, the passion, and the pain. This was something that was missing before. They were hit or miss on some scenes from past movies, but they were right on target in this installment.

Supporting Cast
Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Eclipse,Cullens fight newbies
As mentioned before, I was also glad that they gave the others a chance to shine. Ashley Greene, always a favorite of mine, was perfect as Alice. She's sweet, lovable, and a warrior, as you can see from the training scene with Jasper. Oh, Jasper. I would like to thank the powers that be for finally taking that “I smell garbage” look off of his face, and finally breathing some character into him. Jasper, played by Jackson Rathbone, was actually likable in this movie, something I couldn't say before. Again, Thank you! Emmet, played by Kellan Lutz, was as cute and funny as ever, though he only had about three line. Common on – Give the guy a few lines! I'd love to see more of him, and I'm sure a lot of fans would agree. We also got to see some more of Rosalie, played by Nikki Reed , who I've come to like. I can't help it – I love the bitches. Carlyle and Esme weren't given that much play, but actors Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser nailed the parts of doting vampire parents, as always. I especially loved when they tried to save the new vamp. The human clan was in top form also. I adored Jessica's speech, and she was less annoying then usual. The others were in the movie for about 10 seconds, but they did look pretty – lol. I also heart Bella's dad Charlie played by Billy Burke. He is a great actor and a key player in my opinion. He is funny, witty, strong, sarcastic, and just plain lovable. Did I mention he is super cute? The wolves were cool and half naked. They too were only in the movie a hand full of times and most of the time they were in wolf form, so good job – I guess.

I also loved the introduction of new blood (I crack myself up).
Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Eclipse
The character of Riley was dangerous, innocent and delectably bad. I thought Xavier Samuel did a great job in this role. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this actor. The other characters were briefly introduced and had only minor roles in this movie, but each character was played well, and these actors have true potential. The character of Seth was cute and cuddly, though deadly as a wolf. Good job Mr. Stewart. Leah Clearwater's character played by Julia Jones was okay. She was on screen for a total of 1 whole minute, so I guess we will see what she's made of in the next movie. The new Victoria played by Bryce Howard was okay as well. The last actress played her with a touch more evil, and I miss that extra umph.
The character of Bree played by Jodelle Ferland had us all rooting for her survival. She gets a special mention cause she is too darn cute.

Key characters and why they went up a notch in my book:
Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Eclipse,Edward vs Jacob
Kristen Stewart as Bella
Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Bella
She was less annoying and had more back bone then ever before. She actually defied Edward, punched Jacob, and knifed herself to help out in the war – Go Bella. Finally, she has awoken from that crazy, love obsessed zombie land she was in and was portrayed as a self-respecting lady with a life consisting of people other than her boyfriend. Good job – for now.


Robert Pattinson as Edward
Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Eclipse Edward and Bella
He is still Bella obsessed and overbearing, but he turned a corner for me in this movie. Why? What made me like him more is the few humorous moments that he brought to Edward. Some include the shirtless reference to Jacob, the bromantic moment in the tent with Jacob (it was actually a serious moment, but I found it funny!), and the way he wanted everything to be about him in the end when it came to Bella's decision of why she's going to turn. Edward/Rob, you get a wink from me ;-) Aren't you special?!

Taylor Lautner as Jacob
Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Eclipse,Jacob and Bella
Sorry Rob/Edward and Bella/Kristen fans, but he is the better actor of the three. I love the way Taylor portrays Jacob. He is funny, self-conflicted, and brings life to the movie. He is a teenager, but a man. A wolf, but a human. A love of Bella's, but not the one. He is filled with energy, emotion, innocence, and danger, and I personally think he makes the movie. He was able to play this role wonderfully, which is a huge improvement from the prior movies where his emotions looked a little forced. Go Jacob/Taylor!

Favorite Scenes and Quotes

Favorite Scene: I loved the training scene and the tent scene.
Training Scene: Jasper is teaching the wolves and the Cullen clan to fight newbie vamps. He proceeds to kick everyones ass, until Alice comes and takes him by surprise numerous times before ending his misery with a kiss. I love Alice!

Tent Scene: Jacob is keeping Bella warm, while Edward watches. There is a convo of who hates who and why, but Edward admits that if Jacob wasn't trying to take his reason for living (aka Bella), and if he wasn't a wolf, he might actually like him. Jacob was about to agree, then changes his mind. He would never like Edward..lol
This scene also brings my favorite quote. Jacob offers his services to make Bella warm with the remark, “we both know that I'm hotter than you.” haha...another point for Jacob

Other Cool Scene: Jessica's Speech. I thought it was clever and witty. Plus, she only got around 5 minutes of air time, so here's a little spotlight action for the humans :-)

All in all, it is the better of the three installments of the Twilight Saga. I was disappointed by the action scenes. This was the most exciting action scene for me:
Twilight Saga: Eclipse,Eclipse,Victoria and Bradley try to kill Edward

The action scenes were hyped up to such a degree that when I saw the movie, I was thoroughly disappointed. After all, it is a vamp/werewolf movie, albeit a romance supernatural movie, but I still would have liked a little more blood and gore.

Now, will it convert non-Twihards to fans – No way! Sorry, it's better, but not enough to make a fan out of none twilight lovers. I think the “powers that be” know this since they provided absolutely no background info on what happened in the prior two movies. How are you going to make someone who has never seen the other two movies truly appreciate this one, and the characters, if you don't provide background info? Not happening. Still, with all its trepidations, I did enjoy this movie and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

This movie is rated 4 fangs:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

One more thing I want to mention is the music. I personally enjoyed the music. Check out the video by Muse titled Neuron Star Collision (Love Is Forever). It has some great scenes from the movie in the music video - Enjoy!

What did you think of Eclipse? Who would you choose: Edward or Jacob? What rating would you give it? Let me know what you think!


Juici said...

I saw this movie a few days ago and I agree that it's the best of the 3...I was not at all into the first movie. There seemed to be too much "cheese", however, and not enough vampire action. But what can you expect from a teenybopper movie?!

I am "Team Jacob" though, even though I'd normally go for a Vampire character. I will admit, I'm excited to see what the next one's like. <3

Paromantasy said...

Hey Juici, I am also excited about the next movie. I want to see how they are going to play out the whole Bella & Edward love scene, and what they are going to do with Jacob. It is, like you said, a teeny bopper movie, and it will be rated PG-13, but the director said that this particular scene is going to be hot - we'll see. I am also Team Jacob. Edward gets a little too overbearing and creepy, but so does Bella..lol

Maidenveil said...

Hi! I have an award for you HERE

Musings of a Reader Happy

CupCake said...

Havent seen it yet..
Read the books.. Film one and two was really letdowns to the books though so Im not having too high hopes for this one.. but 4 fangs, well.. that aint too bad.. I'll give it a chanse if I only find someone to see it with.. :) x

Paromantasy said...

Hey CupCake! I was being very generous. It is rated Four Fangs cause of its progress. It is way better than the last two, but when compared to True Blood - Twilight is left in the dirt! I can't wait to see what "the powers that be" do with the next movie. Sex, pregnancy, war and a gruesome delivery. Add the whole Jacob scenario, and you'll have the makings of a really good movie. Let' just hope they don't over tweeny bop it, and give it Nyquil to dull all the awesome craziness down..lol

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