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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

True Blood Recap, Season 3, Episode 7: 'Hitting The Ground'

True Blood hit the ground running with episode 7: "Hitting the Ground." It picked up right where we left off: with us wondering why True Blood can't be a 5 day a week show, and Sookie screaming as Lorena sinks her fangs into her neck. Let's take a look at what happens!


We last saw Sam running to track down his demented parents who have his little bro Tommy competing in dog fights. He tries to play knight in shining pickup truck, but there is a redneck with a gun that won't let him pass the road that leads to the dog fight. Sam pretends like someone told him about the dog fights, and that he is a gambler with money. Too bad the guy is not dumb, asks him if he's a cop, then wants to see Sam's gun. Did I mention that this is all going down while the guy is holding Sam at gun point? That seems to happen to him alot lately. Well, Sam shows the guy his gun (that sounds funny), and the guy takes his gun and tells Sam to take off or get shot. Sam leaves, but parks up once out of eyesight and changes into his bro's favorite pitbull form. He strolls over to the dog fighting pen where a handler puts him into a cage, after telling him that he will be on his back at the end of the fight. When the guy leaves, Sam switches back to human form, lets the trapped doggies out, while pulling the alarm to stop his bro from  fighting. He runs to the fighting rink and finds his bro shifted and a little scratched up. The dog Tommy was fighting acts dominant and after a stare down with Sam, he runs off with his tail between his legs. Sam then turns to his parents, who he says is worse than Tara's mama, and tells them off. He screams at them for taking advantage of Tommy and tells Tommy to go home with him. Tommy hesitates, but decides to go with Sam, who promises that he is better than his parents. I agree with that! Too bad I don't think that it's the last time we are going to see the Mickens.


Jason is depressed after finding out that Crystal is engaged and he doesn't know what to do. He can't stop thinking about her. For example: Jason wants to know why she is named Crystal. Hoyt think that her middle name is Meth since she is from drug dealing Hot Shots. Did Hoyt just make a funny?! After being scolded by Jason for that little comment, Hoyt redeems himself by coming up with a great plan to get more info on Crystal. He tells Jason to go question the drug dealer from Hot Shots that Jason got arrested. Jason loves the idea and gets to questioning. Once Jason get to the police station, he sneaks straight to Mr. Drug Dealer. He lets Jason know that Crystal is his cousin, but he'll only give Jason info if he gets him some Meth. Jason decides to go to the only person who can help him get the prisoner talking...Lafayette. He asks Lafayette to give him some meth, but Lafayette remembers the last time he helped Jason get drugs - remember Jason's boner that could? Jason tells him that it is for a guy in prison, and that he is in love. Lafayette's response: "With the dude in jail?" You wish! He tells him that it is with the guy's cousin. Before Lafayette could respond, Jason gets a phone call from Tara. Sookie is in the hospital and he needs to get there asap. When he gets there, the doctors want him to make a whole bunch of decisions regarding Sookie, but he tells them he is not responsible. Too bad he is the next of kin and has no choice but to take the responsibility. Lafayette bails him out and buys him some extra time by telling the docs to get lost. He begs Sookie to make it since she is all he has. They pray and hope for the best when Bill shows up. (See Bills section to find out what happens)


Hoyt went on a date with Sunny last week, and she sure liked him. After Hoyt is done talking with Jason, Sunny knocks on the door carrying a present for Hoyt. She waits at the door asking to be invited in, then laughs and says she's not a vamp like his last girlfriend - you aren't as interesting as she is either! She looks around and tells him the place needs sprucing, while telling him that she was waiting for him to call her after their date. He apologizes and she tells him that she wanted to come over to declare her feelings and not play games. She wants to be Hoyt's girlfriend and she wants him to taste her biscuits (so funny). Jason passes by and tells Hoyt that Sunny is a keeper after taking a bite of her famous biscuits. She has his vote, I hope she doesn't have Hoyt's.


When we last saw Eric, he renounced his loyalty to the Queen and joined team Russell. The Queen is now caged and he drags her favorite human Hadley to get answers from her. He asks her why she is so interested in Sookie - Mystery #1. When the Queen refuses to answer, Eric bites Hadley. The Queens keeps mum so Hadley decides to save herself by spilling the truth about the Queens intentions with Sookie. She tells Eric that she is Sookie's cousin then proceeds to whisper what Sookie really is. Speak up Hadley! We want to know too!! She doesn't listen and Eric is the only one enlightened to the truth about Ms. Stackhouse. Eric gives Hadley his blood since she cooperated. We later see Eric with the Queen and Russell going to confront the Magister. Read below to see what happens with this little encounter.

Pam, Magister, and her saviors (Eric, Queen, and Russell)

We finally see the return of Pam! We missed you! Too bad that she has been in the Majister's clutches this whole time. He decided he wants to give Pam a gift for being such a good sport. He takes out a Tiffany's box (yay), then we remember that Tiffany's is known for it's silver jewelry (boo). In the little blue Tiffany's box is a pair of (very cute) silver earring. Her response: "Great, they’ll go with my chains." This is why we love you Pam! You are sarcastic and fearless! The Majister wants to see what it'll look like in her eyelids , but he doesn't get a chance because Eric shows up and he has backup. He tells the Majister that he was right about the selling of V, but that the Queen put him up to it. She admits it, but the Majister says that Eric is still in the wrong for treason. Eric lets him know that he now works for King Russell, and not the Queen so the rule doesn't apply. The King walks in and puts the Majister in his place. He pretty much tells the Magister to eff off and to perform the ceremony making the Queen and him husband and wife. After a little torture, the Majister agrees to follow Russell and grants his wishes of marriage. Too bad he didn't keep his mouth shut, cause after the Majister gives him some back talk, Russell takes the Majister's head clean off (literally). yay, we got rid of one crazy vamp to have another power  hungry crazy vamp take his place!

Tara / Alcide

Tara bumped into Alcide while fleeing Russell's mansion. They get into the his truck and they head for the shack that Sookie is in. They find Sookie splattered in guts with Bill in her arms (see below for details). Tara and Alcide wants to get going, but Sookie is not leaving Bill there. They are wrapping Bill up in a rug when Debbie walks in with a gun. She likes the look of the vamp burrito, and the chance to get back at Sookie and Alcide. She gets into a few words with Sook when Alcide distracts her. She yells at him, and says that they broke up cause he refused to make a baby with her since it would turn out to be a were. They go back and forth with the who, what, why and how's of their relationship when Tara comes up with a plan. She is going to tackle Debbie cause there is no way she is dying there after all they've been through. After "telling" Sookie  this, she tells Sook to distract Debbie, so Sookie screams. Debbie is distracted and Tara tackles her. Alcide takes the gun and in walks Cooter. He goes to attack Alcide and Alcide shoots him in the head,. He apologizes to Debbie, but keeps it moving. He keeps the gun on her while they all leave the shed, and he locks her inside kicking and screaming. She vows to get him, and he knows she is telling the truth. Tara and Alcide get into the front of the truck, while Sookie stays with Bill in the back. They take off and Alcide runs over a wolf who is chasing them while getting away. On their way home, Alcide stops to take a leak and Tara decides to check on Sookie. When she bangs on the back door Sookie doesn't answer, so Alcide and Tara open the back of the truck even though it will risk Bill getting burned by the sun. When they lift the back door they are horrified to see Sookie all bloody and unmoving with her blood all over Bill's mouth. Tara kicks Bill out of the truck and rushes Sookie to the hospital where they tell Tara and Alcide that they don't think she is going to make it. Tara calls Jason to tell him the sad news and they all take their place at Sookie's bedside.


Bill sees that Sookie is in Lorena's clutches and he goes to  help. He works his way to Lorena and throws the silver chains around her, while pulling her to the floor with him. He then tells Sookie to stake her and the girl does not hesitate. Lorena's guts redecorates the shack! After this crazy killing, Bill goes unconscious. He seems to be out of it and doesn't come out of his trance until Tara opens the back door of the truck he is suddenly in. Bill doesn't know what happened (check below to see what really went down!), and only knows that he is above a bloody Sookie with her blood all over his mouth. Tara doesn't want to hear his excuses and literally kicks him out of the truck and into the sun. They take off with Sookie in the truck and leave him in the middle of the road on a very Sunday morning. Anybody see something wrong with a vamp out in the daylight?! Ding, Ding: Mystery #2. This is  not Twilight or Vampire Diaries, so this is not supposed to happen. Bill looks at his skin in shock that he is not burned to a crisp. He takes off and we see him later at the hospital. He wants to help Sookie, but Tara wants him no where near her. In the end, Jason decides to let him help her. Bill gives Sookie his blood and it works. She wakes up.


Sookie is being attacked by Lorena when Bill takes her down and Sookie stakes her. Bill goes unconscious and Alcide helps to contain Debbie while Tara helps Sookie take the Bill burrito to the truck. She jumps in the back with Bill and they take off. She tries to get Bill up, but he is down for the count. Drastic times calls for drastic measures, so she cuts herself and gets Bill to drink. She is happy he is up and drinking until he loses control and feeds from her full fledge! Tara and Alcide find her after their pit stop, but she is unconscious. They kick Bill out of the truck and rush her to the hospital. The doctors try giving her a transfusion, but she has a bad reaction. They discover that she does not have a blood type! Mystery numero 3! They tell Tara that she needs to call the family since Sookie is probably not going to make it. During this whole ordeal, Sookie is in a different state of mind - is it a dream? She is in a pretty dress, surrounded by happy people enjoying themselves near the water. Sookie is carrying her empty cup while examining them when Claudine walks up to her. People who have read the books are now doing a happy dance at the intro to this character! She tells Sookie that they need to fill her cup. They do and Sookie drinks it. They dance and have fun. Claudine informs Sookie that she has been to this place before. She also lets it slip that Sookie's parents did not die in a car accident (mystery #4). They are getting things out in the open when a black cloud descends over there pretty dream place. They start screaming that it's a vampire and everyone disappears into the water. Claudine wants Sookie to join her, but Sookie refuses. Claudine warns Sookie not to let the vamps steal her light and disappears into the water with the other. Sookie cries out for Claudine to help her get back home when she wakes up in the hospital. She sees Bill and screams!

What did you think of this episode? What is Eric really up to? What do you think will happen to Bill and Sookie? Let us hear your thoughts!


Juici said...

This episode left me with A LOT of questions!

It would be kind of nice if Bill would get out of the pictures for a while so we could see more Eric. :)

Paromantasy said...

Hi! I totally agree with you. I want to see Alcide and/or Eric get some play :-)

CupCake said...

Even though it wasnt a huge thing in this episode and she gets too lite screen time I just gotta say.. Pam is THE coolest woman EVER.. I loved how she took it, even with all the pain she just.. will not please him and beg.. she rock..
Eric as well rock, but we all knew that..

Bill bores me now, truly does and I hope Eric gets more time on screen, and Pam.. Alcide as well..

Sam also proved he was cool again this time..


Paromantasy said...

Hey Cupcake! I agree, Pam and Eric are awesome! They are sarcastic, tought, and are just too hot to handle!

Bill is a bore, but I'm not a huge Sookie fan either. At least Tara was a little less annoying in this episode. Sam is just plain cute! I'm also liking Tommy's character (I love the bad guys!)

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