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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

True Blood Recap, Season 3, Episode 10: "I Smell A Rat"

Is it me or is this season the best ever of True Blood? Every week I'm left counting down the days until the next episode! We finally find out what Sookie is, we finally see a were panther, and I finally see a voluntary kiss from Sookie to Eric! Well, let's get into the recap!

Lafayette, Jesus f/Crystal

Lafayette, Jesus and Crystal rush her daddy off to the hospital. Realizing that he will die long before they get there, Lafayette detours to his house and give him some V. Abra Cadabra, her daddy is back and he is not grateful. He storms out of the house and Crystal runs after him. He is pissed that she let them give him V and is even more upset that she doesn't want to go back home and marry the dumb hillbilly he assigned her. She says she is staying with Jason, and he tells her to leave and go to the human, but he wont want her when he finds out the truth. Back at Lafayette's, Jesus is examining the bottle of V and wants to try it with Lafayette. He says they are both spiritual beings and it will heighten their senses. Lafayette eventually gives in and we are taken on a ride of crazy images consisting of old ancestors from both their families. They all happen to be magic wielders of some kind. When they get off their trip after seeing a scary image of Jesus's granddad, Lafayette looks freaked out, while Jesus thinks its awesome. Do I smell an addiction coming on?


Sam lost his temper on the last episode and he hasn't been the same since. The sudden burst of anger has conjured up some unhappy memories of his time as a thief and a girl that he supposedly loved, and who betrayed him. He has become best friends with his bottle of liquor and we see that he is thinking of 2003 and coming home with jewels. A blonde girl is waiting for him and they are about to get hot and heavy when, as usual, a guy puts a gun to Sam's head and takes the bag of jewels. What's worse is that it was his girl who set him up! Will Sam ever catch a break! We later see Sam back at the bar. Everyone is scared of him so he tells all that Calvin is not dead and that all is back to normal. Tommy thinks he shouldn't have mentioned that Calvin isn't dead to the others since he thinks fear is respect, Sam calls him an idiot and keeps it moving. He leaves and goes straight to his two best friends for comfort: liquor and the woods. His memories return with Sam remembering when he found the guy and his girl camped out after they stole from him. He shifts from a dog back into a person, takes the guys own gun and demands his stuff back. He keeps the gun pointed at the guy while lady love gathers the belongings in the truck. She is taking too long, and the guy begins to agitate Sam on purpose. The girl takes out a gun on him, he shots the guy and accidentally shots the girl as well. He is saddened by her death so he puts a few more holes in the guy, since he was unfortunate enough not to die right away. Sam was a little bad ass, but still fell in love with women that just didn't want him. Some men never learn.


Arlene is tired of lying so she finally tells Terry the truth. She follows him to the back of Merlotte's and tells him that it's Renee's baby, it's going to be evil, and she doesn't want it. The most surprising and sweetest thing happens, he tells her he wants the baby, he loves her, wants to marry her, and they are going to surround the baby with so much love that she has nothing to worry about. Is she not the luckiest girl in the world?! Too bad for Terry that when she said she didn't want the baby, she meant it. She goes to Holly to inquire about the alternative ways to "lose" the baby. Holly already admitted to Sam earlier that she is a Wiccan, so we know magic is afoot here!


Jessica is in a weird place right now, and she is not in the mood for Arlene's bs. After hearing Arlene talk crap about vampires, she zooms to Arlene and puts her up against the wall to tell her to quit it. She doesn't like her, but she is not going around talking crap about her, so she wants the same respect. Arlene runs away from the evil one as fast as she could. Jessica starts to feel bad about scaring Arlene, but Tommy is there to back her up. He thinks it was hot and you can tell that he definitely wants things to heat up between them. When she tells him Hoyt is too good for her, he says: "I'm not." Unfortunately for him, Jessica is not ready for all that. Later, we see Jessica waking up to a burning cross and graffiti on the house. Bill stops her from going after the intruders. When she goes back to work, Hoyt decides that he doesn't want to spend another day without Jessica. He tells her he loves her and wants to make it work. When she shakes her head, he tells her to tell him that she doesn't love him. If he can do that, then he will leave her alone. She can't, since she loves him to pieces. He leaves, but Tommy taunts him on the way out. Hoyt had enough of Tommy and shoves him out of his way. Tommy gets pissed and chases him, shifting in the process. Tommy dog attacks Hoyt! Jessica hears the commotion and runs to Hoyt's rescue. She throws the "dog" off of Hoyt and cuts herself since Hoyt is injured. She tells him that she loves him, and to drink her blood. How romantic?!

Tara and Jason

Tara and Jason take off after killing Franklin, not before Tara spits on Franklin's gooey remains and splits the goo in half: half in the truck, half dug up in a whole. They get to Jason's house only to find Bill and Sookie there. Tara stays away from Bill, while Jason goes to talk to him. Tara then tells Sookie that she doesn't care if Bill is her man or not. She doesn't trust him or like him. She then tells Sookie all the things Franklin did to her, and reminds Sook that Bill did nothing to stop it! So true, that was mean of Bill! Meanwhile, Jason is getting lectured by Bill on how he has to protect Sookie, just a usual day in the neighborhood. Bill takes off , leaving security up to Jason. When Jason walks in, he tells Sookie that he killed Eggs. She thinks he should tell the truth, but he is not sure if that is a good idea being that she has been through so much. He goes in to check on Tara and she can't thank him enough for helping her. She tells him that he is one of the few people she can trust and then she kisses him. She breaks it up and gets up mortified. That's when Jason blurts out that he killed Eggs. She runs out of the house and he gets up to go after her. That's when he realizes that Sookie has left. She leaves a note for him not to worry - yeah right. Bill shows up that night completely pissed that Jason let Sookie go. He reminds Bill that when Sookie wants to do something, she does it. He keeps going on and on, so Jason revokes Bill's invitation and kicks him the hell out of his house. That's when he hears crashing in the room. He runs over and there is a panther sitting on the floor. The panther changes into Crystal, and her secret is revealed!


Russell has completely lost his marbles, especially after Talbot as killed. His way of coping with his lover's death is quite unique. He finds a prostitute that looks like his dead lover, he has sex with him, then he stakes him so that he can feel like he was there with Talbot in the end, and he can say a proper goodbye. Hey, it just might work. Maybe therapists everywhere will start recommending that people do this to heal and tie up loose ends..lol


Bill know what Sookie is and he runs to tell her. She starts to question is love for her and he tells her since her blood is like an aphrodisiac for vamps, but he tells her that he loves her for her, and that he'll stop drinking her blood to prove it. Later, Eric shows up at Jason's while Sookie is sleeping. He tells Bill that he knows what Sookie is and what her blood can do. Bill lets him know that Sookie is his and he will protect her. Sookie wakes up, get in the middle of it and Eric takes off. When Jason gets home, Bill tells Jason that he has to protect Sookie and Jason agrees. He takes off and later awakens to a a burning cross, graffiti on his house, and Jessica really pissed off. After calming Jessica down, he goes to Jason's to check on Sookie. Too bad that Sookie is not there. He starts yelling at Jason, so Jason kinks him out. He starts to wonder where Sookie is when you can see that he can sense Sookie's fear. He takes off to rescue her.


Eric knows that he may not make it out of this whole Russell thing alive, so he is making a will. He is leaving everything to Pam, and she is not happy because she feel that this act is him giving up. The lawyer needs a witness to finalize the docs, so he call Yvetta. She signs then get pissed off since Eric is leaving everything to Pam. She yells that he promised to take care of her and he tells her all he promised was "a job and good sex." Eric, that is why I love you!! She storms off and the documents are final. He later turns up at Jason's door. He tells Bill that he knows what Sookie is, that her blood can protect vamps from sunlight, and wants to know how it worked with Bill. Bill tells Eric that a vamp will still burn since her blood only lasts a little while. He says Sophie Anne wanted her for that reason. He also tells Bill that Bill should tell Sookie the truth: hmmm, I smell a rat! Sookie comes out and pretty much tells Eric that she knows why he wants her and it's never going to happen. He hints to them that he won't be around much longer and he will no longer be a problem. He then wishes her the best and leaves. She returns to Jason's and falls asleep. Later, we see Eric get a visit from Sookie. Pam gets mad at Eric since he doesn't want to use Sookie to get Russell. She wants to save him and when he gets upset with her for her sentimentality, she reminds him that he would have done anything to save Godric. Find out what happens below!


Sookie is a fairy. Finally, she knows and she is super disappointed. Once Bill tells her that fairy blood is intoxicating to vampires, she wonders if Bill really loves her. He tell her that he loves her, not because of her blood, but because of who she is. She take a nap and awakens to Eric and Bill going at it outside. She tells Eric off and he impies that he won't be around much longer and he wishes her the best. This leave her wondering what he meant. Tara and Jason walk in later and she learns what happened to Tara and why her bff will ever be friends with Bill again. Can you blame her? Later, she falls asleep and dreams of Eric. They get hot and heavy when she tells Eric that she knows she's dreaming. He tells her then she should enjoy it, then warns her not to trust Bill. He says its not him talking, but her instincts. She wakes up and sneaks out of the house while Jason talked to Tara. She goes to Fangtasia to speak with Eric. She wants to know why she can;t trust Bill. They get some kissing out of the way since he can't meet his final death without having kissed her. She kisses him then wants to know what's going on and what he meant by his cryptic message that implied who wouldn't be around much longer. Pam then interrupts them. Eric leaves Sookie waiting  for a long while. When Eric returns he takes Sookie prisoner in the basement and puts a chain around her neck. Eric has screwed her again, and I love it!

Here's my favorite lines and scenes from the show!
Funniest lines:
  • When Sookie finds out she's a fairy, her response is: "“I’m a fairy? How f-ing lame!”
  • Pam interrupts Sookie and Eric because of: “Blah blah vampire emergency blah.” You gotta love her!
  • After giving Pam everything, Yvetta freaks. Eric's response is to reminder her that he only promised the following: "I promised you a job and good sex.” He then calls her a gold digging whore. How sweet is he?!
  • Bill actually makes a funny and I liked it (gasp!). When talking about Russell, he tells Eric: “You should know, you’re his butt boy.”
  • Jessica  is sick of hearing Arlene talk crap about vampires, so she tells her: “We get it! You don’t like vampires. Well I don’t like narrow minded skinny bitches with bad dye jobs!’
  • Jessica feels bad after telling Arlene off, but Tommy loves it. He tells her: “Oh, ya kiddin, you gave me total wood!”
Sweetest Moment
This goes to Terry, who sticks by Arlene after finding out she is prego with another man's baby

WTF Scene
I give this to Eric. He was unusually sweet throughout the whole episode right until the end where he takes Sookie prisoner and chains her in the basement. WTF! I thought you were going to keep me with you..lol. A girl can dream :-)

What did you think of the episode? Any thoughts on what you think will happen with the many story lines on TB? I can tell you what I think. I think Sookie's fairy blood is going to help Eric beat Russell. Maybe he can use it to go out in the day and kill Russell while he sleeps. Hmmm, maybe that's too easy. What do you think?


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I love Pam's comment too! She is so funny. Love the review and pics.

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