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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recap: True Blood Season 3 Finale "Evil Is Going On", and Season 4 scoop

The much anticipated finale of True Blood Season 3 has come and gone, and I must say that I was very disappointed. After an action packed season filled with questions, cliff-hangers, and a serious game of "WTF", I thought that the season finale was going to be the ultimate stand to end the season. An episode of TB that would be like no other, instead I was left disappointed. Hey, it was not all bad but it definitely was not season finale worthy. Let's take a look at what happened on episode 12, and what we can expect from season 4.

Jessica and Hoyt

Jessica and Hoyt are back on, and Hoyt has the fang marks to prove it. He leaves her house to go to work when he is forced into a vampire intervention by his mom, Summer, and his old drunk high school guidance counselor. They begin to read letter that they wrote to Hoyt, which consisted of all the reasons why he should dump Jessica. Hoyt's not having any of it and tells them all that he loves Jessica and he's not leaving her. Later, you see Hoyt surprise Jessica with a house. Seems like these two lovebirds are moving in together. We also see Mrs.Fortenberry buying a gun. If she is planning on using that on Jessica, then I hope she has wooden bullets because Jessica will be very quick to take her down and I must admit that I would love to see that happen!

Jason and Crystal
Jason loves Crystal so he agrees to help stop the raid on Hotshots. Problem is that when he gets to the station the DEA is already there and are planning to raid the town that day. Jason and Crystal run to Hotshots to warn them. Jason gets into an altercation with Calvin, since he pretty much tells him that it does not mean that he likes Jason or accepts him. That whole argument is cut short after Calvin orders the removal and destruction of all their V supplies and Felton (Crystal's ex and newly revealed V addict) puts a stop to it by shooting Calvin dead. He then kidnaps Crystal, while Jason promises to not only take care of the people of Hotshots, but also that he will rescue Crystal. Jason - our hero!

Tara is spending the morning with Sam after a night between the sheets. He makes her breakfast, while she tells him that she usually never stays because of his barking in his sleep. He reveals that the reason he barks is because he is a shape shifter. She freaks since the last thing she wants is a relationship with a supernatural being. She leaves, but not before he tells her that she can get past all the bad stuff that's happened to her. She just has to start new, and try to never look back at the person she once was, just concentrate on the new Tara. She must take this to heart because after seeking out her mom and finding her with the married pastor, she goes home, chops off her hair, says bye to Sookie, and takes off. I hope she never comes back, but you know that's not happening :-(

Sam is over his drunken fit and feels bad for all the things he said to Terry. He apologizes to a very happy and very emotional Terry who is happy that Arlene's baby is alive and kicking. Sam goes to apologize to Tommy, but finds his place trashed and Tommy nowhere to be found. When he gets to work he finds that his money is gone and he knows that Tommy took it. He tracks down Tommy who refuses to give him back his money after Sam came into his life, turned it upside down and left him. He turns around sure that Sam would never shoot him. Sam picks up his gun, points it at Tommy and shoots. My bet is that he did not kill Tommy and these two will be close again in no time. What do you think?

Ever since taking that v with Jesus and seeing those visions filled with magic and mayhem, Lafayette begins to hear voices and experience visions which seems to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of the people closest to him. He sees Sam with blood on his hands, and Renee next to Arlene, telling him that she is pregnant with his child. He starts to freak out and calls Jesus. Jesus meets him and reveals that he is a witch. Lafayette seems very happy to have a witch nurse as a bf. I have a feeling Lafayette has more powers than he is aware of.


The last time we saw Eric, he was baking in the sun while handcuffed to Russell. As Eric is dying, he sees a vision of Godric who says that everyone experiences peace when they die (evil or not), and Eric must learn to leave the hate and forgive. Eric is stubborn and doesn't want to. He is then rescued by Sookie and dragged into the safety of his bar. After healing (see what Sookie does to help him below), he asks Sookie to bring Russell inside, and explains his vision to Pam, Bill, and Sookie. The vamps goes to sleep while Sookie keeps watch of Russell. When they awaken, Alcide takes him Bill and Russell to a construction site where Eric and Bill push Russell into a hole and proceed to pour concrete on him. After Eric talked to Godric, he realized that he does not want Russell to experience peace, so he'll keep him alive but encased in a cement grave to suffer until he finally withers away.Godric appears to him and begs Eric to forgive and let it go, but Eric ignores him. A very sad Godric disappears into the night. After Russell is encased in cement Eric is taken by surprise by Bill who throws Eric into a pit of his own and buries him in concrete. This is not the last of Eric. See below to find out what happens.


Bill revives a very pissed off Sookie, who goes to help Eric inside. After dragging Eric in, she tells a now pissed off Bill to bite her so that she can give Eric some of her blood to heal. He obeys and bites her. After Sookie helps Eric, brings in Russell and agrees to go to sleep while she watches Russell, he awakens to find Alcide and Sookie looking very cozy. He eyeballs Alcide, who does the same in return. Sookie storms out, and the boys head off to the construction site. After they bury Russell in cement, Bill pretends to shake Eric's hand, but quickly pushes him into a hole and buries him in cement too. He then makes a call on Eric's phone, pretending to be Eric and orders Pam's death. He then rushes to Sookie's house and confesses that he killed Russell, but also killed Eric. He tells her that they both knew what she was and he will kill anyone that is a threat to Sookie. He then tells her that "I have never loved, not will I ever love, as I have loved you." She is just about to forgive him when Eric shows up covered in cement and delivers some very startling news. See below to find out what it is. Later, the Queen shows up at Bill's house and is eager to get her hands on Sookie only to find out it's a set-up. She reminds Bill that she is twice his age, and Bill let's her know that it doesn't matter since he has nothing left to lose. They do this matrix move in the air, and the fight is on!

Sookie is revived by Bill and she is one pissed off little half fairy. She is going off when she realizes Eric is gone and learns that he is burning outside. She rescues him, then orders Bill to bite her so she can give him her blood. After she helps him, she goes out and brings a crispy and silver chain bound Russell into the club and binds him to a pole. She watches him as she tells the vamp to "Go crawl back into your holes, you creepy cold freaks." She is watching Russell who tries to bribe her to releasing him. She refuses and he threatens her. She sprays him with silver that she got from Pam, then finds the mushy Talbot remains that he carries around, takes it to the garbage disposal, and pours it down the drain while she gives Russell an evil laugh. Maybe the evil part of her fairy blood is getting to her. Alcide shows up later and the sexual tension is thick and very welcomed - where has he been? He tells her he agreed to do Eric a favor in exchange for Eric forgiving his dad's debts. He then tells her that he missed her, and has even been dreaming about her. Wow!! The moment is ruined by the wakening of the vamps. She pretty much shows Alcide that she's not with Bill by telling him she is out of there, without him. Alcide seems pleased at this turn of events. She runs into Tara who is sporting a new hairdo and spends some quality time with her. Tara leaves, but Bill is soon at her door. He reveals all he's done that night, but then proclaims his undying love to her. She is about to take him back when Eric shows up covered in cement and very unhappy. He tells Sookie that Bill was sent by the Queen to procure her and that Bill went as far as letting the Rattrays nearly beat her to death so that she would be forced to drink his blood. All this was apart of an agreement between Bill and the Queen. She asks Bill if this is true and he admits that it is. She rescinds both of their invitations and Bill goes flying out of the house. Eric tells her that he is sorry she is suffering, but he wanted her to know the truth. She later rushes to her grandma's grave and tells her that she feels all alone. That's when a Claudine and a bunch of fairies show up. Sookie takes Claudine's hand and they disappear.

Here are my favorite lines
I was laughing when Sookie said these two lines to Russell
“You watch your f**king language."
“Your word is worth about as much as tits on a turtle.”

After awaking to a cozy Sookie and Alcide, Bill stares down the wolf who quickly returns the favor. Eric tells them:“I hope you two have finished eye-f*cking each other. Can we go?” Love it!

We know HotShots is weird, but I couldn't believe when one of the young men tells calvin: "Here you go, uncle-daddy Calvin!" Too funny, and very messed up!

Alan Ball did a post-mortem where we learned (what I already told you) that the witches are taking over in Season 4. Click here for the season 4 spoilers I posted!

Overall, it was a great, if not the best, season of True Blood so far. I think that for such a great season it truly lacked an exciting finale.

In the end it was the greatest overall season, with the worst season finale. Do you agree with me? What did you like or dislike about the finale and/or the season?


Nicole MacDonald said...

OMG that was the finale?? I watched it last night thinking it was the second to last one... hmmmm..

not impressed. Okay so even the books go downhill a bit as they go on but the series seems to be hurtling downhill at the moment. Throwing in more crazy when you're stuck isn't always a good idea!


Paromantasy said...

I totally agree with you Nicole. Book 4 is a fan fave of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and I hope they they bring everything to the next level in Season 4. I loved the season, but the finale was a real let down. Let's hope it is worth the nearly year long wait for season 4. Damn, How I miss the crazy cliffhangers TB the season finales usually leaves us with :-(

Melissa said...

I just saw this last night. Too many questions, but I haven't seen ep 10+ yet. I don't get HBO (except for the free weekend this week), so I ...uh... watch it another way... :D

iamjenai said...

i love season 3 but yeah the finale was not that good.

my favorite is book 3 club dead maybe that's because i cried when sookie broke up with bill. but for eric - sookie, yes definitely book 4. i like eric in book 4 sooo sweet.

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