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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blood of Silver Book Review

Blood of Silver (Seeker Series)

Title: Blood of Silver
Series: Seeker Series (Book #2)
Author: B.V. Larson

Official Synopsis
Book #2 of the Seeker series starts a year after the first story ended. Haley and Seth are still together, but his visits have grown infrequent. Can she keep the relationship alive?

Haley’s story takes on new turns in the second novel of paranormal romance and suspense. Two new strangers enter her life from unexpected directions. Ariene seeks to teach her new magic. Andre, handsome and rich, seeks to capture her heart. He is there when she needs help, while Seth is out on a distant, unknowable mission. Is it wrong for her to go out with him? Can't they just be friends? What will happen when Seth comes back into her life, as she knows he will?
My Review
B.V. Larson has done it again with Blood of Silver! I loved this book even more than the first of the Seeker series. The introduction of two highly mysterious and complex characters, Andre and Ariene, has taken this series to a whole new level of awesomeness. It has everything the Blood of Gold had:  mystery, suspense, romance, but multiplies it by 10.
It is set 1 year after the last book, and Hayley's living her life with her bff Brooke by her side. Seth only stops by once in a while, and while he's away life must go on. At a bar, Hayley and Brooke meets a suave, handsome, rich older man Andre. After saving them from a drunk guy, they both start to feel an attraction to their savior. After a few meetings with her new hot friend, Hayley has to decide if Seth, the one who visits only a few times a year but owns her heart, is the man for her; or is Andre, who is loyal and there for her, a better choice. If her love life wasn't complicated enough, an old family friend is living in her house and cozying up to her dad. She would love to hate her, but the fact that she has powers like Hayley and is able to teach her how to own her abilities makes her useful. But can she trust her? On that note, can she trust Andre who is getting more possessive then ever? Is love enough or is the lack of being together going to tear Seth and Hayley apart? And the biggest question of all is: what happened to the drunk guy that came after Brooke and Hayley? He has suddenly disappeared and Hayley, Brooke and Andre were the last ones to see him alive, leaving them as the key suspects. This book is a YA book that even adults will enjoy. The twist,  turns, romance and mystery will have you racing through the pages.
This book is rated 41/2 fangs:

Did you read Blood of Silver? What were your thoughts? Are you adding The Seeker series to your TBR list? Let me hear your thoughts!


Tina said...

I am getting this book. I loved Twilight and this sounds even better. Thanks for the great review

PinkStuff28 said...

Sounds pretty interesting !!

Paromantasy said...

It is a great YA PNR series. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed :-)

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