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Friday, November 5, 2010

Forsaken by Shadow Book Review

Forsaken By Shadow (A Paranormal Romance of the Mirus) 

Title: Forsaken By Shadow
Series: A Paranormal Romance of the Mirus
Author: Kait Nolan

Official Synopsis:
Embry’s father has been kidnapped by military scientists. The only one she can turn to for help is Gage, the great love from her past. Banished from her world years ago, his memory wiped, he’s got a new name and new life as Cade Shepherd, and no knowledge her kind exist. Can he relearn the Shadow Walker skills he learned from her father? If they survive, will Embry be able to walk away again?

My Review
This book is an instant attention grabber that pulls you in from the very first page and never lets you go. It has mystery, suspense, danger, violence, romance, and fun all wrapped in an action packed little package.

Gage aka Cade is a human turned Shadow Walker, the only problem is that he can't remember who he once was or who he once loved. He starts a new life as a UFC fighter, but he is left with a gaping hole that he wants filled - who is he and where did he come from? More importantly, who is she? The faceless girl in his mind that makes his heart ache.

In walks Embry, the one who holds the key to Gage's past and his heart.  Instantly drawn to her as she sits in the crowd, he seeks her out, but what she has planned for him isn't what he expected. Her father has been taken and she needs Gage's help to get him back. He is finally given back is past,  while heading toward a new and dangerous future.

Will there love for each other surpass the danger they are in or will it tear them apart? Can he remember his training as a Shadow Walker in time to save her father, or are they walking into a suicide mission?

Once I started, I could not put this book down. Forsaken by Shadow is fresh, well-written and an absolute must read. You will be on the edge of your seat trying to keep up with this fast paced paranormal romance that will leave you breathless!

This book is rated 4 1/2 fangs:

Did you read Forsaken by Shadow? What did you think? Are you racing to put this in your TBR pile?

Let's hear your thoughts!


Tina said...

Wow...sounds cool. I'm going to read it. Love the review and appreciate you bringing talented indie authors to the spotlight. Kudos.

Raven Corinn Carluk said...

I read it. Most certainly worth picking up. I quite liked it.

Paromantasy said...

Hi Tina and Raven. Thanks for the comments.
Tina: The book is great and thanks for the compliment. I love reading self-published works. SOme of my fave books are from indie authors. I'm glad you liked them.

Raven: Wasn't it fun? I love the action, danger, and romance. I also love that it is so well written and original. Kait did a great job. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Kait Nolan said...

Thanks Evie! I'm buried in finishing the next story in the series this morning, so hopefully, you'll have something new to read soon!

Raven Corinn Carluk said...

It was very good. The action scenes were quite well-written. With that perfect balance of speed, and brutality. I loved that just enough move names (like knife-hand strike) were in there, but not so many that you had no idea what it was.

I in particular want more about the Drakyn. Or how one breeds with an elemental. Or, well, just anything in the world.

Meghan said...

This is a bargain at Amazon and it seems worthy for my TBR pile. Looks like it has all the right elements and I like a good flowing paranormal romance with edge of the sit action, great review.

By the way I've awarded you with the LIFE IS GOOD AWARD:


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