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Monday, November 29, 2010

NO REST FOR THE WICCA Book Review and Giveaway details


Series: No Rest For the Wicca (Book 1 of this series)
Author: Toni LoTempio

Official Summary:
Communing with the dead is an everyday occurrence for PI Morgan Hawkes. A half-Wiccan witch who can commune with spirits of those caught between worlds, Morgan uses her talents to exorcise the trapped ghost or demon as part of the Paranormal Investigation Squad – until a string of murders with a voodoo slant prompts the Special Forces Agency to ask for her assistance. Someone’s killing pureblood witches- and the SFA’s convinced Morgan’s heritage (her father was a voodoo priest) could be instrumental in solving the mystery. Teamed with dashing SF agent Cole St. John – an Inheritor Vampire that sets her blood racing – the two of them fight their attraction for each other as they race to stop a madman from unleashing a demonic force upon the world.

My Review:
This book is a fast-paced, action packed, suspenseful book filled with romance and mystery! Morgan is a kick-ass heroine that is running from her past, while protecting her future and the one person she has left, her witch cousin . When a string of witch slayings involving voodoo lands at her door, it is up to her, a half-wiccan with a voodoo past,  to find the killer and protect her cousin. In protecting herself and her family she must come face-to-face with a past that has haunted her for years. Her past is the least of her problems when she is partnered up with agent Cole St.John. An equally hard headed bad-ass who is not only a gorgeous Inheritor Vampire, but an equally crazy past that rivals Morgan's. She has met her match in Cole - in more ways than one, but will romance put both their lives in jeopardy? Will she be able to find the killer before the killer finds her? And with mystery surrounding the entire investigation, who can she really trust?
This whirlwind of a book will keep you on your toes, racing through the pages, and completely breathless in the end. The world of Morgan Hawkes is filled with an array of creatures for the many supernatural lovers out there. From ghosts to witches; vampires to weres; and trolls to daemons..just to name a few. What makes this book even greater is that it is witty and blends humor and sexual tension into the mystery, murder and suspense that surrounds this story.

This book has it all! Read it and you will not be disappointed. I said this in my Q&A with Toni - Toni LoTempio is one of the greats and I can guarantee we will be hearing alot more from this great author!!

This book is rated 5 fangs!

Now for the giveaway details! We are giving away 3 e-copies of NO REST FOR THE WICCA!! To enter the giveaway and rad our Q&A with author Toni LoTempio, click here Good Luck everyone!!
Have you read NO REST FOR THE WICCA? Are you running to enter our giveaway? Let's hear your thoughts!


Theresa @ TheCreativeWell said...

Happy Saturday! I have an award for you :)

Tina said...

I already entered and I have added it to my reading list!

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