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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review of Urban Fantasy an Paranormal Romance book To The Cliffside by B. Jane Lawson

Title: To The Cliffside
Series: A Morganna Cork Novel, book 1
Author: B. Jane Lawson

Official Synopsis
Morganna Cork has lived twenty-four uneventful years in Los Angeles under the thumb of her overbearing mother. The only thing barring her from a totally average existence is that she’s got a secret, magical ability to heal herself and others. An encounter with her mother results in exile to the small coastal town of Puesta del Sol. There, she will be a guest and employee at the Cliffside Inn, owned by her estranged cousin Maeve. Morganna resigns herself to a winter of work and boredom in this one-horse town. Everything changes when she accidentally pulls into the driveway of the devastatingly sexy Callupo Stone. Instantly she is attracted to the infuriating man who makes no bones about his lack of interest, even if he seems to be right behind her at every turn. The sparks fly as she does her best to thwart his every attempt to corral her. She soon discovers that she’s not the only one with gifts. There is an entire community of people known as Magicks, each unique and powerful in their own right. As Morganna undertakes a journey of self-discovery and determination, she befriends Anya, the spunky, sassy, sometimes employee of the Cliffside and bearer of town gossip. Together, they begin to unearth the mysteries surrounding the strange reappearance of a vindictive villain, on a quest for power, in which Morganna finds herself directly in the middle. Simultaneously, they witness the succession struggles of a secret society, in which Callupo and many of their close friends are members, whose existence and purpose eludes them. Morganna undergoes a radical transformation of self as she becomes an unsuspecting participant in a Magickal war that has been thirty years in the making.

My Review
This book in 5 words: Amazing, Unputdownable, A Must-Read!

With such an ambiguous title and cover, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started to read this book. What I found was one of the best books that I have read this year. Suspenseful, action-packed, riddled with mystery and through the roof sexual tension that will have you yelling, "Come on and do it already!"..lol. This recipe leads to a book that you simply cannot put down and characters that will stay with you long after you gobble the book up. I still dream about Callupo aka Cal *sigh*.

Morganna has always been an odd ball out. This is mostly because she has a magical ability to heal herself. Cuts and bruises have nothing on her. Problem is, her mother seems to resent her for it and having this power keeps her from truly getting close to anyone. When her mother sends her to help her cousin Maeve run The Cliffside Inn, little did she know that her life was going to be turned upside down. The minute she gets there she has a felling this place is different and soon she finds out why. The citizens are mostly made up of Magicks, each with very different powers. With the help of her new friends, and the sexy yet irritating Callupo, she begins to find a place in the world of Magicks. But when she finds a mysterious pendent, she soon finds herself in the middle of a Magickal war, one that could mean the end for the ones that she loves, the new family she has found and possibly the world as we know it. What happens when an evil witch threatens everyone you love and the only thing standing in her way is you and what she is after? Will you be able to save the ones you love or will evil prevail?

This book, I reiterate, is amazing! Not only is the heroine everything that I love: Smart, Spunky, Funny, A Fighter and Perfectly Flawed, but the hero is also both swoon and smack worthy. Oh Cal: you love him, you hate him, you want to kiss him, then punch him. He is so complicated that you can't help but want him and that is the case with Morganna. There is also an array of side characters that you can't help but love and you will soon find yourself feeling like you made some new friends. They are all so different and special. Ralph is the goofy, yet surprisingly strong boy next door type that every person wishes they could have in their life. Maeve is the caring older cousin who is always proper...until you make her mad. Anya is the best friend that we all can relate to: she's honest, outgoing, and sweet. That is just a handful of the many people you will meet and love.

In case you can't tell, I loved this book and will recommend it to every paranormal romance and urban fantasy fan out there! READ IT, you will not be disappointed!

This book is rated 5 Fangs!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Q&A with Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Author of To The Cliffside, B. Jane Lawson


We are shining the spotlight on a brand new author that has quickly caught out attention with her unputdownable book To The Cliffside, B Jane Lawson! This book will grab you from the very first page and will not let you go. There is non-stop action, puzzling mysteries, a wonderful array of characters, and the sexual tension between Morganna and Cal is through the roof! This story follows Morganna who has always felt out of place, probably due to the fact that she is a healer. She thinks she is the only one in the world who has powers, but her little bubble is broken when her mother sends her to work for her cousin at The Cliffside Inn. Here nothing is what it seems and she soon finds herself in the middle of a war between an evil witch and those trying to stop her. As she is swept up into a world of Majicks, a group of people with varying supernatural powers from witches to werewolves, and she soon she has more to lose than just her life. The people she meets becomes like a family, even the frustrating yet incredibly handsome Cal. When the weight of the war is placed on her shoulders, it is up to Morganna to save those she loves most. Will she be able to stop the witch from gaining power or will she lose everything in the fight between good and evil? This book is in one word: AMAZING!! Check out my full review tomorrow.

B Jane was kind enough to stop by Paromantasy where we discuss her books, her career and out mutual love of bad boys!

Lets hear it for B Jane!

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a Chicago- native living in Los Angeles. I try to divide my time between necessity and interest. I love to be challenged physically and mentally - biking, hiking and walking are some of my favorite outdoor activities. I’m not sure anything will compete with a hot soy chai latte and a good book on a Saturday morning or a rough day. I’m both an audacious extrovert as well as an extreme introvert. Those two sides of my personality tend to always be at war with one another.

How did you start your career as a writer?
I began my ‘career’ as a writer in college. I was a history major at UCLA and this involved heavy writing. I started to get the inclination that I could make a career of it and began exploring by writing freelance articles for websites and magazines.

To the Cliffside is such a page-turner, filled with action, romance and mystery. Where did you get the idea for this story from?
It honestly developed in mind like a dream. I got this idea for the story in my head and I’d find my mind wandering to it day in and out and little things would inspire story lines. I architected the plot lines but the details were definitely a by the seat of the pants creation.

To The Cliffside is filled with such an array of characters. It has the strong-willed Morganna, the dangerously delicious yet completely complicated Cal, sweet Anya, and boy next door hottie Ralph.:

Which character is your favorite and why?
Callupo Stone is my favorite. He’s just so sexy and mysterious. I’m constantly surprised and enthralled by what my fingers type about him.

Which character are you most like?
I’d say I’m a cross between Maeve and Morganna.

Morganna had always felt out of place because of her magic until she started living in the Cliffside Inn. Have you ever felt like the odd one out?
Absolutely, yes. I think we go through phases in our lives where we feel like the odd one out. I wish I could tell everyone that it’d be weird not to ever feel that way.

What would you rather be: a Witch or a Werewolf?

When is book 2 of the series being released?
I am aiming to release in March 2012 the second book – Over the Cliff’s Edge.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
For paranormal / romance I love Karen Marie Moning. I also really love Amy Tan and all of her books. Pat Conroy has a command of language that is unparalleled.

What books are you reading now?
I’m currently reading “We” by Yevggeny Zamyatin but the last great paranormal series I finished was Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane. I like very emotionally complex characters.

Are you working on any other projects we should watch out for?
Nothing at this time.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
Sometimes I was faced with the decision to reveal a particular fact or not. I had to remain true to the constraints of first person story telling and that sometimes limited me in what I could reveal.

What do you do when you are not writing?
I love to ride my bike, I love trying new restaurants (on the weekends I play the aspiring foodie), I love to shop and I have a handful of very close friends I enjoy spending time with in the evenings.

Random Question: Do you prefer bad boys or nice guys?
I prefer bad boys that hide their nice guy self until they find their special lady.

Tell the readers what to expect when reading one of your books.
I hope you will be exhilarated, entertained and a not just a little bit obsessed by Callupo Stone. Warning, you may also find yourself wishing the Cliffside Inn was a real place you could visit.


B Jane Lawson is a talented writer and uber-nice person who has made me a fan with this incredible, action-packed, sexually-charged thriller of a read that will make you laugh, keep your heart racing and your mind guessing til the very end. I cannot wait for the release of Over the Cliff's Edge!

Check back tomorrow for my full review of To The Cliffside!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review of Paranormal Romance Mystery: The Botticelli Affair by Traci Slatton

Title: The Botticelli Affair
Series: The Cambridge Chronicles
Author: Traci Slatton

Official Synopsis
Luscious art forger Laila Cambridge has a little vampire problem…. She’s a high-spirited woman with a sordid past, trying to go straight. Enter gorgeous John Bolingbroke, a half-vampire with news of her missing father. From New York through Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, while fleeing ruthless vampires, Laila searches desperately for her father and a lost painting that holds a coveted secret.

My Review
Are you an art enthusiast as well as a paranormal romance lover? Do you love the Da Vinci code? Is mystery thrillers with a budding romance you thing? If you answered yes to these questions, then you will love The Botticelli Affair.

We follow Laila, an ex-art forger who has decided to turn her life around. She lives life to the fullest, but hides her secret pain of her father's disappearance and the results of her skewed past. When John, a mysterious stranger enters her life she is thrown for a loop. He seems interested in her, yet pulls away, and he seems to know things about her that no stranger should know. She discovers that he knows her father and she is soon in the middle of a war between dangerous vampires and an elite group of humans that will do anything to stop them.What she didn't expect is for him to be a vampire, and worse - that she would fall in love with him. What happens when the man your life and that of humanity depends on keeping you safe is one of the enemy?

With not only her life, but that of her father's on the line, it is up to Laila and John to stop the vampires from getting information that can put the world in their hands or lose everything they hold dear- including their lives!

This book is full of mystery, danger, and budding romance. What was strange is that I actually finding my favorite character to be not Laila or John, but Laila's best friend Fern. The relationship they share is so sweet and everything you would want in a best friend. Laila is tons of fun, but troubled and flawed which makes her seem "real". John seems so wise and is the quintessential hero: noble, handsome, and strong. What sets this book apart is the references to art and art history that made me feel like my guilty pleasure is actually teaching me something - score for me! The one issue I had is that it took some time to really get going, but once it did I could not put it down. This book is Interview of the Vampire meets The Da Vinci code. It was full of fun, nail-biting action!

This book is rated 3.5 fangs

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review of Dystopian Romance Book Fallen by Traci Slatton

Title: Fallen
Series:  After Trilogy, book 1
Author: Traci Slatton

Official Synopsis:
As chaos descends on a crippled Earth, survivors are tormented by strange psychic gifts. In this time of apocalyptic despair, love is put to the test. One woman with mysterious healing power guides seven children to safety. Charismatic Arthur offers her a haven. Slowly Emma falls for him. But at the moment of their sweetest love, his devastating secret is revealed, and they are lost to each other.

My Review
This book in three words: Amazing, Haunting, Suspenseful

Fallen is a book about survival, betrayal, love, secrets, danger and hope. It will instantly transport you to a post-apocalyptic world that is being terrorized by deadly mists and is filled with danger at every turn.

What would you do to save your family and ensure survival following the nearly complete annihilation of the world as you know it? Emma is faced with that question when she finds herself in charge of not only her daughter, but a number of abandoned children who have lost their families to the mists. When they are saved from near death by a mysterious stranger, Arthur  and a few of his friends, Emma offers her body to him in exchange for protection and a place in his safe house. He agrees, but neither of them realized that this one exchange will cost them the one thing they cannot protect, the one thing they cannot hide from..their heart.

They soon find themselves growing closer to each other but each is harboring a major secret. One that can threaten not only their relationship, but change their lives forever.

This book took me on an emotional roller coaster. I laughed, I cried, I was frightened and empowered...I was completely transported into their world. The characters become your friends and you soon feel like part of the gang. Arthur is male personified. He is strong, charismatic, loyal, yet has this mean streak that makes you love him even more. He is perfectly flawed and you can't help loving him for it. Emma is the perfect example of what it means to be a woman. She is  determined, reasonable, intelligent, caring, incredibly strong and will do anything to protect the people she loves, including giving herself to a complete stranger. She is also confused about life, about this new found love for Arthur and what it all means. You empathize with her and root for her, hoping that she'll see the way to what is right. Together, these two shine! The sexual energy around them is through the roof and you have to laugh when these two bull headed people banter. You fall in love with both the individual characters and the couple. The other characters, including Emma's adopted children and the people of Aurthur's camp are all so different that you feel like you are making new friends. Along with the trial of facing a world destroyed by mists, we also see their struggle as many of them are left with magical powers that they try to harness in an effort to survive and beat the mists. The entire cast and the story is simply amazing!

The ending will leave your head spinning and Fallen will haunt you long after you finish it. I still find myself wondering about the characters and what is going to happen in the next installment of the After series.

Fallen is one of the best books I have read this year and encourage everyone to read it! You will not be disappointed - I promise!

This book is 5 Fangs, a MUST-READ!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Follow Friday Time!! Plus The Latest Giveaways and Interviews on Paromantasy

Happy Friday All! Before we get into the Friday fun, let me tell you about some of my current giveaways.

First up we have Paromantasy pal and uber-talented author Felicity Heaton's Seventh Circle Giveaway! This giveaway is international. What's up for grabs? Some serious swag including signed book cover postcards, bookmarks, trading cards from so of Felicity's amazing books! Click here to enter and to read Felicity's Guest Post and excerpt on her hot new PNR book, Heart of Darkness!

We have the Rachel Wells Enchanted Giveaway! She is giving away a copy of her book Enchanted! If you like fun, mystery, action and romance, then you will love Enchanted! Get ready to go through an emotional roller coaster as we take this magical ride with Mandy as the pilot. You will laugh, cry, and cheer for Mandy as you race through the pages. Click here to enter!

We also have our Q&A with Traci Slatton! Her dystopian romance has made me an instant fan! Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride of lsurvival, betrayal, danger and love! Click here to read all about one of my new favorite authors.

Lastly, we have my new Thursday "Paromantasy's Take on" specials. Read about my obsession with Bad Boys and Underdogs in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy here. Also read why I love Bad-Ass Heroines here. Let me know your thoughts and be sure to cast your vote on the side to let me know what you love a heroine and male lead!

Now it's Follow Friday Time! Want to join in the fun? To join the fun and make new friends, stop by; Parajunkee  and Greads to enter!

Q:Keeping with the Spirit of Giving this season, what book do you think EVERYONE should read and if you could, you would buy it for all of your family and friends?
I don't know if my family would be into it but Vampire Academy is one of the best series I have read. Now, if I were to give a book to my family I just might give them Fallen by Traci Slatton. It is a dystopian paranormal romance that follows Emma, a woman who survived the Apocalypse and now fights to keep herself and her family alive when mists from the Earth come out and kills anyone in its path. On her journey she meets Arthur, the leader of a safe camp. She exchanges her body for er families safety. Little did she know she would soon giveaway her heart. This book is haunting and will stay with you long after you finish it!

Book to Movie: Which book turn movie do you feel did the best adaptation? What about the worst?I loved all movies based on Nicholas Sparks, but I do not like his books. The books just seem impersonal and distant, but the movies are amazing.

 The worst is He's Just Not That Into You! The book is amazing, real, funny and like a mini-bible to livve by..lol. The movie was none of those things and since it was an all star cast it made the movie that much more disappointing.

That's it for now! Have a great weekend!

Q&A with Paramormal and Dystopian Romance Author of Fallen and The Botticelli Affair, Traci Slatton


Today we are shining the spotlight on an author Traci Slatton who's dystopian romance book Fallen made me an instant fan! Fallen is a story filled with love, betrayal, mystery, romance, hope, and survival - which is the perfect recipe for a dynamically entertaining whirl-wind of a book that sent me spiraling on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I could not pull myself away. We follow Emma on her mission both herself and her family after surviving the Apocalypse. Now she is left alone to care for her daughter and a few abandoned children while trying to keep safe from deadly mists that surface from the earth, killing everyone in its path. When she meets Arthur, a man with a safe camp, she offers herself in order to secure the safety of her family. Little did she know that he would soon capture her heart. When the world ends, will you be able to rebuild, to love again, to be the person you once were? Or will you lose all hope and yourself in order to survive? This book will have you laughing, crying, your heart-pumping and will leave you wanting more. Traci's other book, The Botticelli Affair, will capture the hearts of paranormal romance lovers and art enthusiasts. Here we have a mix of Interview with the Vampire meets The Da Vinci code. It has action, murder, mystery, and romance that will have you racing through the pages.

Traci is here to talk about her books, her life and her life with an "Obsessed Classical Artist!"

Let's give a warm welcome to Traci Slatton!

Tell us about yourself.
I have a yoga practice that gives me both anxiety and peace. I love to travel and to ride horses and I live with stories roiling around in my brain. When I stand in line at the supermarket, I either read tabloids, to catch up on the gossip, or I daydream in character. I have four daughters, three and a step, who range in age from 21 to 6; when people ask me if I am Mormon or traditionalist, I say, “No, I’m just an idiot who doesn’t understand birth control.” I love writing fiction but my most recent book is a non-fiction coffee table art book written with my husband classical figurative sculptor Sabin Howard, THE ART OF LIFE. It tells the story of figurative sculpture from the earliest times to now, and shows Sabin’s philosophy and process as the finest living figurative sculptor.

Did you always know that you wanted to become a writer?
Yes. When I was six years old, I read my first “big book,” a novel. It was about a child who had died and was watching his family from heaven. I was very moved. I was struck as if with lightning—the best thing in the whole world had to be telling stories that moved people! In my mind, writing and publishing novels is the home run.

Where do you get your amazing ideas from?
I wish I knew! Thank you, by the way. Ideas just show up, like apples and pecans rolling along the floor into a room. I guess I’m always people watching, and especially people listening. I respectfully eavesdrop on everyone because I am eternally on the quest for good dialogue. I get fascinated, with conversations and with images, and then a context of obstacle and conflict occurs to me, and then I’m off….

Fallen is one of my favorite books of the year. I was instantly drawn into the post-apocalyptic world and love all the characters: Arthur’s hope, Emma’s strength, the kids’ ability to still have fun. Which character is your absolute favorite and why?
Ooo, good question. I guess I really enjoy Alexei, the leader of the Russian camp and former drug/guns runner and human trafficker, because he’s a sociopath, and it’s fun to write someone like that. You just don’t know what he’s going to do next. Even I don’t. He’s capable of kindness, but there’s always a tint of pure evil in him. I am fascinated by him. He will be in all 3 books of the AFTER Trilogy.

Art seems to be a connecting factor in both The Botticelli Affair and Fallen. How did you learn so much about art and art history?
I have a PhD in “Living with An Obsessed Classical Artist.” It’s from the School of Daily Marriage. Seriously, Sabin my husband is obsessed with the Renaissance and with art. I always joke that some people pick up smoking because their mate smokes, but I picked up the Renaissance because that’s Sabin’s addiction. You can see what I mean if you look at his website, www.sabinhoward.com And he lives it, too. Michelangelo and Bernini are topics of conversation at our dinner table every day. I’m really glad we wrote the book because he has an opportunity to publicly rant about the devolution of art and how art can be so much more—how it can uplift and inspire people. I think we, as a culture, have forgotten how art is a doorway into a magical realm.

The Botticelli Affair was a paranormal romance while Fallen is a dystopian romance. Which did you have more fun writing?
Another good question. They were both fun in different ways. Laila came to me as a voice: snappy, feisty, funny, irreverent, frisky. It was so compelling for me. I had that voice in my head and I wrote and then rewrote the novel a few times to find the best way to showcase it. Originally, I wanted to do a vampire-time-travel book with her, but people told me that it was mixing mythologies and wouldn’t work. I pictured her as a tall blond, but the brilliant freelance editor Lori Handelman who edits my writing said to me, “I keep picturing LailaLaila could only be a red-head.

FALLEN was fun to write because I was consumed by Emma and Arthur’s relationship, its tenderness and fierceness, their struggle with it and with the devastated world they live in. In fact, that novel first came to me as the relationship, which is frankly sexual but also loving and despairing, in a world that requires all their strength to survive. The butterflies—you know what I mean—were an image of love and loss and hope that came out of my unconscious creativity as I wrote the story. I am very intent right now on COLD LIGHT, the sequel. There is a process of discovery, in writing a novel, that is fascinating and raptly absorbing for me.

I love the relationship between best friends Laila and Fern in The Botticelli Affair. Do you have a friend you can always count on?
I have many acquaintances, but just a few close, dear friends whom I love. My friend Gerda is very special to me. She has a free-pass for life from me. She thinks the best of me, but she will also look me in the eye and tell me something about myself that I don’t really want to hear. She’s so loving and honest and non-judgmental that I sigh and take it in and try to be a better person. My friend Debra Jaliman is someone I’ve known for twenty years and I’ve gotten close to her over the last few; she’s amazing, warm-hearted and interesting, inspirational. She has a book coming out in the spring, SKIN RULES: TRADE SECRETS FROM A TOP NEW YORK DERMATOLOGIST. Her book is fantastic, useful for a skin-care-junkie like me. I’ve been doing what she tells me to for 20 years and people often compliment me on my complexion. Then there’s Geoffrey and Paul and Stu and Rachel. Of late, I’ve become closer to Lane, who is the film producer for my historical novel IMMORTAL. Also Sarah, a young actress who is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Richard Powell, Daniel Silva, Sue Grafton whose prose is ravishing, EF Benson whose Lucia is mesmerizing, sometimes Richard North Patterson, always Elaine Pagels, Brian Weiss, Rumi.

What books are you currently reading?
I just finished Grisham’s THE LITIGATORS, which I enjoyed. Grisham can tell a rousing, juicy story! I’m reading a non-fiction book about reincarnation right now. I’m about to start UNBREAKABLE.

Was writing and publishing your book how you imagined?
Every book is a journey. In writing a novel, there’s the constant interplay between creative inspiration and structure. Every page is agony. The publishing part has a lot of details and is business-oriented, and there’s the inevitable trek into PR. People can’t buy your books if they don’t know the books exist.

Are you working on any other projects we should watch out for?
Yes, I am working on COLD LIGHT, the sequel to FALLEN. It’s the pivotal book in the After Trilogy. I am also working on the sequel to IMMORTAL, the historical novel set in Renaissance Florence. There’s also a sequel to THE BOTTICELLI AFFAIR called THE CODEX CAPER. And I’ve been taking notes on a novel set during WW2. It’s working title is RECLAMATION, and it will probably take me another few years to write. I have to know the history inside my gut almost perfectly in set a story organically within a particular epoch, and living with Dachau in my gut is almost impossible.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books or publishing experience?
If I were to do it all over again, I would write my books better! The prose would be cleaner, the story sharper and more intense. I am on a journey of self-improvement. My friend Lynn tells me that I am an exacting and critical person, even with my generosity, but I am far more exacting than generous toward my own work.

What was the hardest part of writing your books?
Middles are hard for me. There’s a burst of creative inspiration at both beginning and end, and then the middle is much trickier for me, and I need a lot more discipline and structure. I am constantly asking myself: What are the stakes? How can I tweak the dramatic intensity? What conflicts and obstacles would organically arise now? Right now, my working definition of story is: how the protagonist does NOT get what she or he wants.

What do you do when you are not writing?
I am raising children, taking care of our home, doing research, reading, walking the dogs, going to yoga, grocery shopping.

What can readers expect when picking up a Traci Slatton book to read?
They can expect to be entertained, delighted, spellbound, and intrigued. It is my ardent desire as a novelist to give readers a story which will stay with them and uplift and enrich them long after they have put down my book.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Thank you for reading my books! Email me with questions and observations. And much joy and many blessings to you and yours.




Traci is an amazing author and her books will stay with you long after you finish them. I actually had to reread Fallen because I missed the characters! If you love romance, mystery, danger, action, and a book that will take you on an emotional whirlwind, then Fallen and The Botticelli Affair is for you!

Come back tomorrow for my review of Fallen!

Guest Post and International Giveaway with Paranormal Romance Writer, Felicity Heaton.


Happy Friday. Today we want to welcome back incredibly talented paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton as she talks about her latests book Seventh Circle! Remember to enter the giveaway for your chance to win some serious swag!

It’s great to be here again at Paromantasy! Today I’m here as part of the final leg of my Paranormal Pandemonium 2011 Blog Tour which is all about my amazing Winter Warmers book deals and will feature the books in the offer.

My Winter Warmers deals run until January 15th 2012 and there are plenty of fantastic reads to choose from, all priced between $0.99 and $2.99 and in a range of lengths between novella and long novels, and a variety of paranormal romance sub-genres including sinful angels, sexy vampires, seductive werewolves, and even a super-hot demon and sassy witch pairing. What better way to pass a chilly winter or relax in the sunshine if you're down under, than curled up in the arms of some paranormal heroes, letting yourself be swept along in their romance and adventures?

Today I’ll be introducing Seventh Circle, a vampire romance novel in my popular Vampires Realm series that I write as F E Heaton, and sharing an excerpt from the book.

Seventh Circle is a story of discovery for the heroine Lilith, a vampire hunter, and a fight for survival for the hero, Lincoln.

Lincoln is a vampire who has it all. He’s achieved the role of Chosen Son in his bloodline, the Vehemens, which is like being second in command, and has lived a life of luxury for the past few hundred years. All good things come to an end though, and when Lincoln discovers that the only reason his lord turned him was because of a contract between him and the Devil that states Lincoln must die at a certain time, he does what all sane men would do given the situation. He runs. Having fled across Europe, Lincoln is told by three powerful witches that the one who will save him resides in Oxford, England. It all sounds too good to be true, and it is. His saviour is the last kind of person he wants to turn to for help—a vampire hunter!

Lilith has just watched her best friend die at the hands of a merciless Vehemens vampire, so when she comes home to the Oxford branch of Section Seven, the hunter organisation bent on eradicating all vampires from Europe, and discovers she has a paying client waiting to meet her, she wants nothing more than to skip the meeting. Her boss has other ideas and insists that she meets the high roller who is paying a fortune for her services and within seconds of walking into the room she realises that the handsome dark man who makes her heart skip a beat is nothing more than a vampire, and a Vehemens. Lincoln challenges Lilith in every way, slowly deconstructing everything she knew about vampires and reconstructing it in his image, but she won’t let him win and she refuses to fall for him. As they work together to unravel the mysterious contract between his lord and the Devil, Lincoln begins to unravel the mysteries of Lilith’s powers and when the truth comes out about both, neither are prepared for the truth or gravity of it all.

Here’s an excerpt from the book to give you a taste for it...


Lincoln stared at the ceiling. Sleep evaded him, chased away by the thousand screaming heartbeats in his head. He clapped a hand over his eyes, wishing to shut the world out. The blood of every human in the building still called to him.

None more than Lilith’s.

He focused on it as it beckoned him, a strong steady melody in his ears, a siren song. His eyes slipped shut behind his hand and a smile teased his lips as he reached out with sharpened senses and listened to her moving around the small apartment. She was muttering to herself about the heat. It was hot in the building. Everyone’s blood was rushing close to the surface, their hearts working overtime to cool their bodies down. It only made them more alluring.

Shifting his focus, he listened to the clanging of metal on metal far below him. Someone was trying to fix the boiler. Its malfunction was obviously the cause of the temporary heat wave.

Lilith cursed again from the other room, loud enough this time that he would’ve heard it if he’d been human.

Her heart thumped rhythmically, pounding in his blood and telling him to go to her. Neither of them could sleep. Perhaps they could begin researching, although it would probably be unwise to disturb her now. When her superior had told her to share her apartment with him, and that his safety was maximum priority, she’d looked as though she’d been chewing a wasp. Her superior had been right. She did despise his kind, as did everyone here. Common sense told him to leave before someone got it into their head to attempt to kill him, and not just make idle threats. His heart said that he had to stay. He had to know if she really was the one.

Sitting up, Lincoln stared at the closed door of his room. On the other side was Lilith. She was moving around the kitchen of the small two bedroom apartment. The modernity of this area of the mansion was a strange contrast to the more in-keeping look of the area he’d first arrived in, with its large rooms filled with antique furniture and old paintings. This wing seemed to act like a dormitory for the hunters. Were all the apartments like Lilith’s or was hers special? Perhaps hunters shared them. Had she shared this apartment with her dead friend or her sister? His focus shifted back to Lilith as she moved again. He could sense her fatigue. It gave out a call to his instincts, telling him she’d be easy prey in her current state. It was hard to ignore such instincts even when he had to.

It had been near impossible to stop himself from killing those hunters this morning.

Lincoln frowned when Lilith stopped dead and sniffed. Her change in emotions was abrupt and would’ve been unreadable had he not known her recent history. The death of her friend was upsetting her—a death that he was responsible for. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t have bothered him. His kind had to feed, and had to protect themselves. A vampire hunter was the perfect target for sport and a good meal, and it meant there was one less in the world when you were done. Yet it bothered him now. He didn’t want to consider the reason why.

Getting up, he walked to the door and opened it. Lilith was in the kitchen side of the living room now, busying herself in some vain attempt to pretend he wasn’t here, that he hadn’t heard her crying, and by the looks of things making tea. He studied her, amused by the way the oversized grey t-shirt swamped her and the loose black jogging bottoms trailed on the floor. She’d tied her golden hair back into a high ponytail. The tips of it brushed her neck. He dragged his eyes away from it and raised them to her face. She looked tired, her face drawn and pale.

He glanced at the coffee table and saw it spread with books. She must have gone out to get them during the short hours of sleep that he’d snatched. Now the sun was growing close to setting and its sway over him was less. Soon night would fall and it would be almost impossible to ignore the lure of the cacophony of heartbeats.

Aware that he was dressed only in his black jeans, he walked with head held high into the kitchen area and leaned against the counter near her.

Her eyes darted to him and then away again. They didn’t make it as far as his face. They’d only reached his chest. He smiled internally at this small victory over her. Since their meeting this morning, she’d been a hellion, refusing to work with him and making sure that he knew how much she hated him. She wanted to make things difficult for him and he was more than willing to show her what a pain in the backside he could be to her. Besides, it was interesting to see a human’s, a hunter’s no less, reaction to a vampire, especially when they couldn’t kill them. The temptation to push her to breaking point just to see what she’d do was overwhelming and a wonderful way of alleviating his boredom.

“You can’t walk around my place like that or I will lock that door just like I threatened.” She frowned at him, her eyes managing to make it to his this time.

“Why not?” He challenged her, leaning back a little and planting his palms against the counter so his muscles tensed. She did a good job of resisting a look. He could see that she was curious.

“It’s...” She swallowed, pensive and still frowning beautifully.

“Distracting?” he suggested with a smirk.

“Off putting,” she said, deadpan and glaring.

She moved to the sink and filled the kettle before putting it on. Lincoln watched her, silent and motionless. The way she moved around was entrancing. Strength laced her natural grace. It spoke of it to him, telling him that she believed herself a force to be reckoned with. Maybe she was in human terms.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” she said.

“I could not sleep.” He moved closer to her, leaning against the tall cupboard next to where she now stood waiting for the kettle to boil.

“Vampires have sleepless days?” There was a playful note in her voice that he hadn’t expected. She seemed surprisingly relaxed around him now. The trace of fear he’d detected in her this morning was gone.

“More often than you think when we are hungry,” he whispered, his eyes caressing her throat.

“Never going to happen,” she said without even looking at him.

Her senses were acute if she’d detected his intent without having to see it with her own two eyes. There was something different about her. Perhaps she’d been modified like some of the other hunters he’d encountered recently. Since the Law Keepers’ report that humans had been playing god, they’d met more genetically altered hunters. They’d killed every one.

She filled her mug, removed the tea bag and went to move past him towards the lounge area. Her eyes strayed to his torso again.

He tensed his muscles for her and she quickly looked away. Either she was a prude, or it was because he was a vampire that she didn’t want to look at him. He hoped it was the latter. It would be fun to prove to her just how curious she was about his kind. Her eyes strayed again and he waited to see what she’d do this time. She stood there, gaze furtively taking in his body. A dull ache settled in his chest, followed by another in his gut. Temptation whispered to push her now while he had the chance.

“Have you ever been curious? Come now, you must have been curious to know sometimes.” Lincoln held her gaze when it darted to meet his. She looked wonderfully innocent and clueless. It didn’t fool him. She understood what he was saying. He stepped away from the cupboard and towards her. “What we feel like, what it feels like.”

“Never!” There was such defiance in her voice, such vehement denial. He might have believed it if she’d managed to keep better control of herself. Her eyes betrayed her. They strayed to his chest for a split second.

He grinned, enjoying this game. It was time to up the ante.

He trailed his fingers across his bare chest.

“I know you want to feel it.” His senses locked onto her heart, revelling in the staccato rhythm it had adopted. A rush of adrenaline entered her blood, sending the scent of it into the air through her overheating flesh. She was either embarrassed, or his words held some truth and she wanted to touch him. Another push. “Just reach out and touch. I can see the questions in your eyes, Lilith. Is it cool, hard? Would you feel a heartbeat? Would I feel your touch, feel pain if you scraped your nails down it... feel pleasure?”

Her cheeks blazed and her eyes widened. She went to turn away. He was beside her before she could move, his hand tight around her wrist. He couldn’t let her get away when it was just getting interesting.

Taking the mug from her other hand, he placed it down on the counter away from them, his movements slow so he didn’t draw her attention away from his eyes. He drew her towards him. Her fingers shook in his. Her breath trembled uneasily, quivering with her racing heart. Her dark eyes fell to his chest and she slowly wet her lips with the bare tip of her soft pink tongue. He stared at her mouth, mesmerised by the motion of her tongue against her lips, and then snapped himself out of it.

This game was turning dangerous for them both. It didn’t matter. He couldn’t stop now.

He had to see what would happen.

“Surrender to it,” he whispered, voice smooth and convincing.

Her fingertips barely grazed his skin and he was on fire. His eyes half closed as he absorbed the sensation of her warm caress heating his body. He hadn’t expected this. He clawed back a modicum of control, telling himself this was just a game to annoy her, to make her feel weak. It shouldn’t make him feel this way.

Her eyes were wide, her pupils dilated as she stared at her fingers where they traced patterns on his chest. She was lost. He could smell the hint of arousal, the alluring pheromones coming off her.

He breathed in a voice of temptation, “Imagine what it is like to kiss me.”

Her gaze burned him, trailing fire over his body as it rose to his mouth. He stared at hers, imagining the silky glide of her lips against his and the brush of her tongue, the warmth of her.

“Imagine what it is like to be kissed by me.” He smiled to reveal his extended fangs.

She jerked her hand away and then shoved him hard in the chest. He laughed. She stormed off into her room. A small cream table lamp took the brunt of her anger. It hit the wall not five feet from him and smashed into pieces, raining down on the kitchen counter. He’d expected her aim to be more accurate.

Lincoln forced his teeth to recede and listened to her tramping around her room. What was she doing? Was she looking for something else to throw at him? He didn’t know why she was angry with him. All he’d done was play a vicious game as she had been. Only his game was different. Instead of being designed to show her how much he hated her kind as hers was, it was designed to show her how curious she was about them and how tempting they were to her.

She walked back out of the bedroom.

He froze and stared at her.

The only trouble was she was becoming tempting herself.

The rose-coloured camisole hugged her upper body to the point where imagination wasn’t necessary. It emphasised her breasts. They swayed as she moved towards him, free of a bra to restrain them. Dark blue jeans were moulded to her legs, revealing their slender shapely form. Her small feet were bare, her toes painted a sultry black.

She neared him and he raked his eyes back up her. They didn’t make it to her face. She made sure of that. Her fingers skimmed across her chest, gathering the sheen of sweat there until it beaded against her skin. He swallowed. She stopped close to him, not three feet away. He couldn’t take his eyes off what she was doing. The sensuality of it only heightened his desire for her, his want to take her and her blood for his own. He curled his hands into tight fists of restraint. It didn’t stop his desire from rising. It was no use. He was captivated. She had turned his game against him and triggered thoughts that he shouldn’t be entertaining. What they spoke of was forbidden. It was a sin to want a human.

He licked his lips and stepped towards her, still mesmerised by the motion of her fingers on her chest. A single drop of moisture slid down over the arc of her breast and into her cleavage. His lips parted in fascination and he looked at her. She smiled, all innocence laced with seduction. This was a cruel game to play with a man.

Another step.

She moved before he had time to react, reaching into her back pocket and pulling something out.

His eyes flicked to it.

A stake.

He leapt backwards.

She didn’t attack.

His own weakness hit him with tremendous force. She’d lured him in and had drawn her stake before he’d even known what was happening. If she’d been serious about staking him, there was no telling what might have happened, but there was every possibility she would have hit her mark.

“Next time you try something, I will be armed, and I will kill you,” she said, voice dark and lethal.

He raised his hands, in control again. “Touché.”

She slipped the stake into her back pocket and walked towards him. His eyes followed her and he turned as she passed him, unwilling to show her his back. She grabbed the waste bin and pushed all the pieces of the lamp into it.

“And you owe me a new lamp.”

Lincoln stared at Lilith’s back, cocking his head to one side. Just below her neck and between her shoulder blades was a black tattoo. He stepped closer to see it better as she picked up her mug of tea. It was a sun surrounded by pointed rays and inside the circle of it was a crescent moon.

She turned to face him and sipped her drink. It had to be cold by now.

His little game would have seen to that.

In the end, he wasn’t sure who the victor had been. She’d touched him and he’d seen in her eyes that she was curious. It didn’t seem to go beyond that. Her scent had only shown a tiny sign of desire. If she’d been a vampire, she would have easily noticed the change in his own scent. He’d wanted her. Looking at her now, he still wanted her. The moment he’d laid eyes on her, he’d admitted to himself that she was attractive for a human. She called to him on some base level where he wasn’t master.

There was no way he could act on the attraction he felt though. The law was there to prevent such trysts between vampires and humans, unless he intended to kill or turn her. He had to uphold the law regardless of his situation. If he survived this, he would face trial for conspiracy against his bloodline. He didn’t need to add any more sins to his list or he would lessen his chances of making the Law Keepers release him rather than execute him.

“Are you even listening to me?” she said with such an air of irritation that he realised their game still had her flustered.

He wondered if she felt as flustered as he did. Did the hunters have laws to prevent such relationships too? He doubted it. Humans seemed a lawless race.

“From the look on your face, I’m guessing no.” She placed her mug down on the counter and glared at him. “I think we need a few ground rules, or I’m going to end up killing you before this assignment is complete.”

He denied his urge to laugh at what she’d said. Laughing at her when she was already angry with him was going to get him nowhere, no matter how ridiculous her idea of being able to kill him was.

“What like?”

“First, no walking around my apartment naked.”

Lincoln looked down at himself. “I fail to see that I am nude. Half nude perhaps, but not nude.”

Lilith frowned and narrowed her eyes into a look that might have killed him if he’d been close enough. “Second, I need a reason not to lock you in your room during the day.”

“Other than the fact I could just pull the door off the hinges or kick it down?” Another sour look met his question. “Are you afraid I am going to attempt to kill you?”

“I’m afraid you’re getting ideas above your station, demon.”

He raised an eyebrow at her tone. Snide and derisive. It sounded familiar. She sounded like he used to.

“Speak to me in that way again, and I will show you who is inferior.” His eyes switched to red for a moment, enough to give her a reminder of just what she was dealing with. There was only one reason he hadn’t killed her yet, and that was because she might be key to his own survival. If she hadn’t been, he would’ve turned her into a delicious meal the first time she’d insulted him by grabbing him in her superior’s office.

She walked past him, evidently choosing to ignore his warning.

“I mean it. You’re surrounded by humans and they’re unlikely to ignore you. It’s our calling to kill creatures like you. The treatment the men gave you this morning was just a taster. What’s to stop you from killing them next time?”

The only thing stopping him from killing them was himself. He realised any other demands she might have were just padding to draw his attention away from how important this one was to her. She was worried about her friends and with good reason. He wouldn’t think twice about killing any of them, anyone but her, unless it meant that she would take her services away and leave him vulnerable.

Could he honestly say what she wanted him to say? If pushed, he would push back. Instinct and years of training made him see her kind as below him, as nothing more than fodder for his species. She was asking something of him that he didn’t know if he could do. He could only try.

He swallowed his pride and the bitter taste of his thoughts. To promise her this would be to lower himself, and that was something he wasn’t used to. His heart rebelled against the idea.

“I will make a pact with you,” he said in a clear voice full of conviction even as his instinct told him to kill them all, to revel in their deaths and force her to help him.

“Your terms?” She seemed so confident and calm. There was a sparkle of victory in her eyes.

She had taken him down, kicked out his legs, bound his hands and forced him to submit to her, and all it had taken was the idea that she would turn her back on him and leave him to face his terrible fate alone.

“You will protect me... and in exchange, I will give you my word not to kill any member of this compound.” Those words were easier to say than he’d thought they would be.

A smile bowed her dusky lips. “Agreed.”

He frowned and watched her moving around the apartment, gathering a black shirt from where it lay draped over the back of the dark brown couch and then checking a crossbow that sat on the coffee table beside the books.

She’d agreed incredibly quickly. He’d thought she’d protest to the idea of having to protect him. She’d accepted his terms without a moment’s pause. He only wished he could accept hers so easily. This feeling of weakness and his reliance on a human sickened him. He needed to feel strong again.

“Where are you going?” he said when she put the crossbow down, checked her stake was in her back pocket and then started putting her boots on.

She looked over at him, dark eyes still sparkling with diamonds and her smile.

“To hunt,” she said.

No wonder she sounded so happy. He stared into the distance as he remembered what it felt like to hunt—the rush, the thrill, and the beauty of violence. He’d always been happy when he’d been going out to hunt. A vampire hunter had to feel something similar.

“I would be interested to see you hunt.” He moved to block her path to the door.

Her wide eyes spoke of shock. It soon gave way to something else. She held her head high and looked him over, assessing him. What was going through her mind?

“Get dressed then,” she said with a half smile. “And I’ll show you just what hunters are made of.”

* * * *

Lilith’s muscles screamed in protest as she tried to push herself that bit harder. It was too much to ask of her tiring body. There was no way she could keep running at this pace. It was too fast.

Lincoln was edging away from her, taking the lead now.

She’d valiantly kept up with him, wanting to catch the demon before he did for the sake of her pride as a hunter. It was impossible. He was relentless and showed no sign of stopping or slowing.

The dark clouds above surrendered to the pressure of their load and heavy rain fell, drenching the pavement and road, and turning the grass embankment slippery in an instant. She ran onto the path and pushed on, not wanting to admit that she was beginning to slow down. She could continue. She could keep up with him. It wasn’t about the demon anymore. It was about Lincoln being better than her.

She hated that.

Even with her gift and her natural strength, even though she could outrun any hunter in Section Seven, she couldn’t beat him.

He had to be tiring now, surely? They’d chased the demon across the city and no one, not even a vampire, could keep running forever.

Stopping dead, she keeled over and grasped her knees.

A vampire hunter definitely couldn’t.

She breathed hard through burning lungs as her body shut down, shrieking with pain. It was useless. She couldn’t go on.

He’d won.

Closing her eyes, she fought to level out her breathing. Her throat was sore and tight, her chest wheezing with each lungful of air she dragged in and exhaled.

“The demon is getting away.” Lincoln didn’t sound as though he was mocking her. Her heart said that he was. The matter of fact tone he’d adopted didn’t hide his underlying thoughts behind those words. He knew he’d won. He’d bested her when she’d brought him out on a hunt with her to prove her strength and superior skills.

“Let it,” she rasped through a sticky throat and dry mouth, dying a little more.

It took all the energy she had left just to raise her head and look at him.

He towered above her, black hair slicked by the rain and forming spikes against his forehead. Droplets raced down his cheeks to his chin and fell to his chest. His clothes were soaked, sticking the black t-shirt to his chest and making her think of this evening.

She couldn’t believe that she’d touched him. Worse than that, she’d wanted to. His words had been so convincing, making the temptation rise in her until she’d no longer wanted to resist it. She’d wanted to feel him and know all those things he’d whispered.

“I could go on alone,” he said and again there wasn’t a trace of malice in his voice.

He seemed to be enjoying the hunt, and it didn’t seem to bother him what he was hunting. She’d dispatched a weakling vampire with all the grace, speed and skill she’d wanted to show him. The fight had been short, but not as short as his one against another weakling.

He’d killed it with one blow.

It had taken seconds.

Then the demon had shown up and she’d seen her chance to show him that she was better than him.

Only he’d beaten her that time too.

He’d outrun her and he didn’t even look as though he’d broken a sweat. Did vampires sweat? They probably didn’t.

Straightening, she peered into his dark eyes. The light was bad, sickly yellow sodium that did nothing to illuminate his face. She didn’t see any sign of fatigue though.

“Aren’t you tired?” she said and then wondered when she’d fallen onto such easy terms with him. A part of her said to rebel and treat him as she had when she’d first met him. She was too tired to go through with it. Maybe tomorrow she’d give him hell again.

She hadn’t realised how close he was to her until he shifted slightly. He was barely three feet away. It compounded the strange notion she’d come up with earlier in the night. He was always close to her. Was it his need for protection driving him to stay so near, or something else? His desire for her blood? He hadn’t hidden that back at her apartment. He’d bite her if she let him, of that she was sure. This was different though. It was as though he couldn’t leave her side, as though they were one and the same. She didn’t like that thought. It made her stomach turn and made conflict ring in her head.

Her gaze fell to his hand. The angle of their bodies made it close to hers. There was strength in those large hands and long fingers. She’d felt it when he’d held her wrist and seen it when he’d killed the weakling.

Her hand shifted to her pocket where she kept her stake, and she went rigid and alert as a noise broke the silence. Down the road, a man crossed over to the other side. She slumped back into a more relaxed position and lowered her hand. Lincoln moved a step closer and her attention was with him again. He looked thoughtful and then shrugged.

“I am certain that I will need a good stretch come tomorrow night.” He laughed and she noticed his extended fangs. They glistened in the streetlight, capturing her attention until she was staring at his mouth. Would it hurt?

That thought shocked her and she backed away a step, distancing herself from him as though that would rid her of the things going around her head.

“I know what you are thinking,” he said.

Her heart hammered at the idea he might, that any cocky comment he was about to make might actually be true.

“You do?” Her voice shook.

“They take a while to get used to when talking,” he said and relief filled her, swift and calming. “There is a lot of bloodied tongue at first... not that that is a bad thing.”

The idea of that should have repulsed her. She knew that. For some reason it didn’t sicken her to the extent she’d thought it would. She frowned and rubbed her temples. This was all getting horribly complicated and she was beginning to lose perspective.

He was a vampire.

She killed vampires.

That’s all there was to it.

She hated his kind. He used hers as food or for amusement and then food.

Her heart whispered a reminder that he wasn’t just a demon now, not to her. He’d somehow made himself almost human. She was beginning to forget what he truly was. He was starting to become something other than an enemy.

Her eyes fell to his mouth again and the sight of it stirred thoughts she’d been trying to repress all night—his teeth, his lips, his kiss.

His fangs receded, shifting back into normal teeth, and he flashed a winsome smile.

“The demon?” he said in a voice that sounded distant to her ears.

“Let it go.”

What was happening to her?

She was still staring at his mouth when her senses screamed of danger. Her instinct kicked in, her training taking over. Her hand shot to her stake. She turned to face their attacker.

The man that had crossed the road changed in front of her eyes. In the space of a heartbeat, he’d sprouted a curling pair of horns and tattered leathery wings that beat the air. Razor-sharp teeth cut across his widening mouth and scales erupted over his body. The demon unleashed an ear-splitting shriek that had her desperate to cover her ears.

Another heartbeat and it flew upwards, out of her reach, heading into the darkness.

It had taken Lincoln with it.

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Lincoln is a powerful pureblood with a problem. He’s caught up in a prophecy and has little time left to unravel the mystery of the contract between his lord and the Devil before he dies. When witches foretell that a vampire hunter will save his life, he’s prepared to work with his most hated enemy, but he isn’t prepared for the forbidden desire he feels when he meets her.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Paromantasy's Take on: My Love of Strong Bad-Ass Heroines in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy


Last week I told you all about my obsession with the Bad Boys and Underdogs of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy - if you didn’t check it out click here to read it. My love for Eric from True Blood, Damon from Vampire Diaries, Adrian in Vampire Academy, Jacob from Twilight (and the list goes on) shows a continuous pattern that has made me realize that I’m in for a lifetime of reading disappointment when the heroine ultimately chooses the “good guy” or supposed hero, as is the case in nearly every book except one. According to the quiz, you seem to agree with me. Big thanks to Ninja Girl for pointing out the Suzanne Collins went against the grain in Hunger Games. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who have not read the series , and to those people I scream “What are you waiting for?!, but she really surprised me that she did the unthinkable and went with the not-so-obvious choice. Kudos to you Mrs. Collins!

As a side note, if you have not checked out Ninja Girls blog, do so immediately (http://ninjagirlreads.blogspot.com/). She is the baddest and most entertaining ninja you’ll meet and her reviews are amazing!

Another “obsession” that I have is also with the heroines of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. When I read a book, I always find myself hoping for the bad-ass, sarcastic, perfectly flawed heroine who does not depend on a man to save her. Instead she is the hero’s equal. She will fight physically, mentally, and emotionally for her beliefs and those that she cares for. She is dangerous, fierce, loyal, and loves to break rules, make rules, and live life to the fullest. This is why I love Rose from Vampire Academy, Sookie from the Sookie Stackhouse Novel/True Blood, Nexi from The Magical Sword (to be re-released as Werewolves be Damned in 2012), Claire from Morganville Vampires, Jolie from the Jolie Wilkins series , Mercy from the Mercy Thompson series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (flashback!)…you get the point. I want a heroine I can root for, one that makes me proud to be a woman because let’s face it – we are the fiercest thing in the world! That’s right guys, I said it. Women make the world go round!
I am tired of having the damsel in distress role given to heroines who have potential to be so much more. I want to engross myself in a book where I actually want to trade places with the heroine, where I would want to be her or be like her. I don’t want to be a Bella from Twilight where my world begins and ends with the hero. I want the heroine to be able to stand on her own two feet with her man beside her, not in front of her. I want a heroine that, especially in YA books, would be an example for young girls everywhere, showing them that women can be strong, independent, smart, and savvy.

I want a heroine that I am proud of, even if they are only a character in a book. For a few hours I enter the book's Paromantasy world, and I want to enjoy my time with her, not wish that I could wring her neck.

So let's give a blogaratory (vs celebratory..get it) toast to heroines that are a lot more spice than sugar. This one's you!

Do you prefer a bad-ass heroine or a damsel in distress?

Along with your comments, take the quiz on the side and cast your vote :-)
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