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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paranormal Romance Review: The Vampire's Image by B.V Larson

The Vampire's Image

Title: The Vampire Image
Series: Nope, a short story
Author: B.V Larson

Official Synopsis
Grace is an artist who can’t show anyone her work. Her art depicts things that have been forgotten, lost, or which have yet to come. The images are always beautiful—but they also drive people mad. She creates her wondrous images in secret, but one day a stranger comes... a stranger who is just as mysterious as Grace herself.

The Vampire’s Image is a story of paranormal romance, 6500 words long.

My Review
How can someone make such a gripping, romantic, mysterious, page-turner in just a few pages? Just ask B.V Larson. This story grabbed me and pulled me into the mysterious world surrounding Grace, a psychic painter who was once rich, but gave up the riches to be a recluse focusing on her hidden paintings that can depict both the past and the future. She lives in an abandoned building with her paintings, blending into the background of the world around her, until the day a stranger follows her home. She discovers that she is not the only one with a secret, and Lazarus is not just your ordinary man. Her encounter with this stranger turns her life upside down and she soon finds herself making a decision that changes her life forever!

This book is short, but definitely packs a punch. With work and school taking much of our time, this short story is just the thing to drag us out of our boring reality for a while, and whisk us away to a paromantasy like no other. B.V Larson is an incredible writer and The Vampire's Image proves it! B.V stopped by paromantasy. Click here to read our Q&A!

This book is rated: 4.5 Fangs:


Have you read The Vampire's Image? What did you think?


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