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Monday, March 7, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers and Videos!

If you are like me and and are currently suffering from True Blood withdrawal symptoms, then you are going to love this...Spoilers! The cast and producer Alan Ball sat down in LA at the Paley Center to talk about the upcoming season of True Blood! Click here for the video of  the discussion:
Here's a few key spoilers to get you going:
  • Eric has amnesia, as those of us who read Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris already could have guesses, and he becomes very un-Eric like. What does that mean? Well, picture an innocent Eric who is sweet, child-like and dependent on the people around him, especially Pam and Sookie. Yup - that's what un-Eric like means. He messes with the wrong people and his memory is wiped clean, leaving him wandering aimlessly around until a certain person rescues him. Hmm - wonder who that is?
  • Tara undergoes a transformation after her little vaca from Bon Temps. See the video below!
  • Andy becomes a V addict. Another one bites the dust. First Jason, then Jesus and now Andy.
  • Sam finds love.
  • Arlene's pregnancy gets a little...weird. Can you say demon child?
  • Russell will be back with a vengeance - look out Bon Temps
  • Sookie leaves the land of the Fae to return home, but is now aware of her new powers. She says goodbye to Bill and hello to Eric and Alcide.
  • Bill's battle with Sophie Anne continues, but he gets a little "help" from a mystery person.
  • That's Police Officer Jason to you!
  • Godric returns, but don't get too excited - he is still dead after all.
Here is a clip of Eric's amnesia scene that HBO posted recently...Enjoy!


Megan Marie said...

EXCITEMENT!! I'm so glad they are sticking this is the show. I was afraid they were going to skip Eric's amnesia. I cannot wait for the new season to start. Dead to the World is probably my second favorite book from this series.

Thanks for the info!!
Megan Marie

Brad Jaeger said...

Much happiness!

Paromantasy said...

Hi Megan! I was worried about that too! I'm so excited for this season cause Dead to the World was my favorite book in the series! Which was your favorite Megan?

Brad - I, and all us Truebies/True Blooders, agree :-)

Sakura Sandra said...

I can't wait for True Blood either, I never knew I would like this show so much, but by the second episode I found I couldn't stop watching. I ended up watching all the shows to date in just a matter of days after that!

Paromantasy said...

Hi Sakura! That is exactly what happened to me! I started watching the first few episodes of Season 2 because my friend had it on and the minute I got home I ran a True Blood marathon. I saw all of season 1 back to back in one day..lol. Talk about hooked :-)

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