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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Takeover! Giveaway Info and Review of An Everlasting Bite by Stacey Kennedy

An Everlasting Bite

Title: An Everlasting Bite
Series: The Blue Blood Series, Book One
Author: Stacey Kennedy

Official Synopsis
Love is born between strangers, yet built upon a bond soul deep―one Alpha's vow to protect his mate from looming danger, all the while, mending her soul and stirring her wolfish desires.

A vicious werewolf attack in Plymouth, Minnesota leaves a young woman violated, bitten and now, transformed into werewolf. But Rynn Murphy doesn't have to face this transformation alone--she has her mate by her side. And the charming Briggs--Beta to the Patriarch, Valor--is eager to ease her into this new life and mend her battered soul.

With only weeks to adjust to her new fur, Rynn, follows Briggs while he assists in locating the daughter of the Montana's Alpha, who was abducted from her home. But this journey is not without danger. And soon, they discover the ones who have taken this young wolf do not want her found and will stop at nothing to keep her hidden. Or so it may seem, as bodies begin to drop around them, the murderous attempts start to appear more as a hit than a smoke screen--leaving only one question, who is the intended target...
My Review
The Magical Swords series and Nexi Jones story my be complete, but the world they live in still has tons of action, especially amongst the werewolves! Get ready for another adventure that will leave your mind spinning, your blood boiling, and your finger turning until the very end!
Rynn has been sexually assaulted, battered, and bitten with nearly zero chance of living, except we are talking about the equally innocent, yet determined Rynn Murphy. Now that she has survived a werewolf attack, what she faces may be an even bigger feat - life as a werewolf. One thing she learns quickly is that werewolves are completely different from humans, especially when it comes to love. She is instantly connected to the super sexy and sweet Briggs, Beta to the Patriarch. Destined to be mates, they are united,, instantly connected in heart and soul. Suddenly the world seems to finally be looking up for her - that is until an attempted murder is made, an Alpha's daughter is kidnapped, and she must both help and defend herself against the other werewolves being the newbie and only non-born werewolf in existence. On top of that, she is Briggs mate, making her third in command and right in the center of danger...exactly where she doesn't want to be. The world is spinning around her, the mysteries are spiraling out of control and there is someone who may just want her dead. Will she be able to get control of her life and stop the threats around her, or will she lose it all - including her life?The race is on to uncover the truth, her powers and get control of her life before someone ends it all.
This book is everything we love when picking up a Stacey Kennedy book: tons of action, heat-inducing romance, spine-tingling danger, and mind-bending mysteries that will have you playing "Guess Who?" until the very end.
This book is rated 5 fangs:

Giveaway Time!
Stacey Kennedy is giving away one of her books in a "Reader's Choice" giveaway! One lucky winner will get to choose one of her mind-blowing, action-packed, romance-filled books! Click here to enter!

Have you read The Blue Bloods Series? Which is your fave: The Magical Sword series or The Blue Bloods Series? Let's hear your thoughts!


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