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Monday, May 16, 2011

Review of Once Bitten, Forever Burned by Stacey Kennedy and Eve Langlais

Once Bitten, Forever Burned

Title: Once Bitten, Forever Burned
Anthology: A mini anthology containing:
Cruz’s Salvation by Stacey Kennedy
Devon’s Redemption by Eve Langlais
Authors: Eve Langlais and Stacey Kennedy

Official Synopsis
Bethany lost her one and only love to a war overseas. As if that weren’t bad enough, a brutal attack and claiming by a Lycan makes her life a living hell. She lives only for revenge until the day love comes back into her life and promises to rescue her from her misery. However, the mate who forced her isn’t about to let her go.
Devon died on the battlefield only to be reborn as a creature of the night. He fights to stay away from his one true love, but when he caves to his desire and sees her again, he discovers redemption is possible even for one who walks in darkness.
Warning: Contains scenes of violence toward the heroine and mentions of rape that might be offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.
CRUZ’S SALVATION by Stacey Kennedy
Cruz understands torment. A mortal turned vampire in the war, he has suffered untold loneliness and despair. That is until he meets Kiara—a werewolf he’s forbidden to love.
Though Kiara needs Cruz, and wants him forever, werewolves and vampires are bitter enemies. To make matters worse, her Alpha, also her father, suspects that Kiara pines for a mate. Mistaking her sadness for the longing she feels for Cruz, he sets out to give her all the happiness he can provide.
Together, Kiara and Cruz will have to fight against the rules placed upon them to hold onto their love. But an unwanted visitor creates a complication neither of them planned for. Milo, Kiara’s chosen mate, has come to stake his claim. Now, not only are lives at risk, but hearts are threatened and dreams hang in the balance.

My Review
Two talented authors that bring all new meaning to sizzling-hot, action-packed, suspenseful page-turning paranormal romance books. The stories are both brilliantly written with a storyline that blends from one work to the other so that you feel that you are reading part one and two of an amazing series!

DEVON’S REDEMPTION by Eve Langlais completely captivated me from the first page. This is the first Eve Langlais work I have read and I cannot wait to read more from her. This is the story of Devon and Bethanny. They were in love and destined to be together until Devon is killed in a war. The problem is that he wakes up a vampire. He loves Bethanny so much, he vows to never see her again so that she may have a chance at a normal life. Bethanny hasn't been the same since she lost Devon. She was heartbroken, but things get even worse when a werewolf turns her and forces her to be his mate. Every day is a living hell, with only thoughts of revenge to keep her going. Their worlds change when Devon restraint wavers and he realizes he has to see Bethanny. When they see each other again, sparks fly and the love they had lives on, but who they are have changed dramatically. Not only are they on opposing sides of the supernatural world, but she is the mate of an Alpha that will not give up easily. Soon they have to make a decision: stay apart to keep the peace or risk it all to be together: including their lives! This is a truly action-packed, romance-filled, tear-jerker of a read that will take you into their world and keep you there until you read "The End"

CRUZ’S SALVATION by Stacey Kennedy takes place in the same world as Devon's Redemption. As everyone who reads this blog knows, I am a huge Stacey Kennedy fan and she did not disappoint. This is a steamy, action-packed thriller that takes you through a rollercoaster of emotion, danger, and sizzling romance. This is the story of Cruz and Kiara. Cruz is a vampire in love with Kiara, an alpha's daughter. They keep their love a secret because of the war between Vamps and Weres, but that doesn't stop how they feel about each other. Unable to see each other often, Kiara gets depressed and her loving alpha father believes it's because she wants a mate and that is when everything goes from bad to worse. When her father chooses a mate for Kiara, she is forced to make the biggest decision of her life: Accept her appointed mate that her father has chosen, or leave everything behind, including her pack and her adoring father, and the wolf inside to be with Devon forever. This is a captivating, sensual, tear-jerker, heart-racing thriller of a read that will leave you begging for more!

This book is rated 5 fangs!

Have you read Once Bitten, Forever Burned or any other books from these authors? If not, are you going to? Let's hear your thoughts



This is on my TBR shelf, can't wait to read it. Great review!

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Fab reviews! Thanks for the introduction.

Paromantasy said...

Readfreek (love the name) and Alexis, I'm glad you like my review :-) This book is a definite must read!!

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