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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recap of the True Blood Season 4 Premiere: She's Not There

True Blood Season 4,Sookie,Eric,Alcide,Bill

The much anticipated premiere of True Blood Season 4 has come and gone, and I loved it! After an action packed season filled with questions, cliff-hangers, and a serious game of "WTF" last season, it may have seemed a little slow, but I think it is just setting the stage for what I hope to be the best season of True Blood yet!

True Blood Season 4,episode 1,Sookie
Last time we saw Sookie, she stepped into the light. Don't worry, she's not dead. She instead is in sort of a Fairy Land, along with other fae, both pure-blooded and half-humans like her. Everyone appears to be happy, beautiful and blissful, but Sookie is not buying it. When she bumps into her old pal Barry and a fairy offers them fruit - he dives in while she observes. Only the ha;f-humans are indulging and they seem almost possessed with eating it. When scanning through the crowd she sees a familiar face - her grandfather! To top things off, he hasn't aged a bit He's surprised when she tells him he's been gone for 20 years and the family is pretty much gone excepts for her and Jason. He swears he was in the fairy world for just a few hours and that's when she realizes that this place is not all its cracked up to be. She tries to warn her grandpa by communicating with her mind but she forgets - hello: they are fairies too and they hear her plan to escape. The supposed queen of the fairy comes forward and tries to make her eat the fruit when she zaps her and Sookie and her grandpa make a run for it. Luckily some fae are on her side and they direct her to a portal where she lands at the graveyard where she left. Her grandpa is goners in seconds since he ate the deadly fruit and she is once again alone with only her brother as family. She makes her way to her house where movers are moving her things and painters are painting the house. She runs inside and kicks everyone out. When Jason comes by happy and surprised to see her she learns that she has been missing for 1 year! Unfortunately Jason sold the house so she sets her target on finding the owners and getting it back. Of course that is not before her boys come and visit her. The moment her foot touched the earth, both Eric and Bill's eyes widened in their caskets. As soon as the sunset came, so did her vamps..and a pissed off Andy Bellefleur. Find out more below. After saying adios to them, she starts the next day with saying hello to her Merlotte friends. Arlene and Terry are happy to see her, She  learns from a relieved Lafayette that Tara no longer lives in Bon Temps, while Sam is pissed at her for making him worry. Of course no one really knows where she was, they just believe that she was on "vampire business"..ohhh, mysterious.  She later sits down with lawyer and Andy's sister Portia to try to get her house back. Portia goes on the hunt while Sookie goes home. As Sookie steps out of the shower and tosses the towel over her shoulder, she is surprised when she finds out she is not alone. There standing in her room while she is tries to cover herself with a small piece of lingerie is none other than..Eric. Find out what he has to say below!

True Blood Season 4,episode 1,Jason
Jason is a police officer and is sporting some pretty cute facial hair. He is happy to have Sookie back and is feeling bad about selling he house. He has been a pretty busy boy lately, taking care of Andy who is now addicted to V and is acting a complete fool, along with the freaks from Hot Shots. After peeling Andy off of his sister then Lafayette, Jason heads to Hot Shots to drop off some groceries. When one of the kids tells him the freezer is broken, he runs to fix it. As he is bent over the freezer someone pushes him in and lucks him up! What will they do to him...readers of  the Sookie books know. Catch my review of Episode 2 tomorrow to find out early!

Jessica and Hoyt
True Blood Season 4,episode 1,Jessica and Hoyt
Jessica and Hoyt are living together and they find that it is not as easy as they thought it would be. Case in point- the fight. Hoyt comes home to find Jessica on the coach and nothing for him to eat. Luckily for him they have a dozen eggs in that fridge along with Jessica's True Blood. He takes them out and says that she could cook once in a while, which she says is absolutely gross for a vamp to do. He reminds her that she eats from him and he has the fang marks to prove it. Pissed, she gets up and throws the eggs into the pan - shells and all - then slides them onto a plate saying she hopes he likes them runny. He eats it and they soon laugh at themselves. They decide to go out and head to Fangtasia where a cute guy with a juicy beating pulse/vein in his neck is calling to her, but she refuses and stays true to Hoyt...for now

True Bllod Season 4,episode 1,TaraTara is has a new life in New Orleans, a new job as a cage fighter and a new girlfriend! We see her first fighting and winning a cage match and later learn it's against her girlfriend. They head over to their place for some action when Tara receives a text from Lafayette saying that Sookie is back. She lies to her gf who thinks her name is Toni and tells her that her grandfather died. We'll see Tara in Bon Temps in episode 2.

Sam shot Tommy and now he is going to "anger management", which consistsof shapeshifters getting drunk and shifting for a run. He is snippy these days and we see that when Sookie returns. He is rightfully pissed that she made him worry, but he does give her a p/t job.We later see that Tommy is alive but limping with Hoyt's mom taking care of him. I guess she found a Hoyt replacement.

Lafayette, Jesus and the Witches
Lafayette is sporting a new Mohawk, but still has Jesus by his side. He's happy to see Sook and he hasn't had any more visions, so things are going good for him. But now Jesus wants him to join his coven. He is reluctant but checks it out. The head witch, Marnie, is in the middle of a chant when she looks up and points to him. She then says the name Eddie and speaks of his time with the dead vamp as though possessed. He storms out and Marnie collapses not remembering a thing. Jesus gets him to go back, and this time he joins hands while the witches cast a spell that brings a bird back the moment Lafayette joins them.
 The bird flies then falls dead. Lafayette apologizes for the dead bird but Marnie sees it as a victory. Lafayette begins to wonder about the witch and what his involvement should be.
True Blood Season 4,episode 1,Witches
True Blood Season 4,episode 1,Marnie

Arlene and Terry
True Bllod Season 4,episode 1,Terry and Arlene
Arlene had the baby and she is convinced that he is a mini-psycho killer. Terry thinks the baby is innocent and Arlene is just stressed out. Perhaps the fact that the baby rips the heads off barbie dolls is not such a great sign? Terry, I'm with Arlene on this one - there is definitely something wrong with that baby, even if he is a cutie!

True Blood Season 4,episode 1,Bill
Bill is relieved when Sookie returns, but he knows things are not the same between them. He now is dealing with no longer being an ordinary vamp, he is now the King of Louisiana - with guards and henchmen at his beck and call! Along with his new position, he is also trying to salvage the vampire name with humans after the whole Russell killing the anchorman debacle. He tries to remind humans that not all vamps are bad...hmmm - we shall see.

True Blood Season 4,episode 1,Eric
Bill is not the only one who is happy Sookie has returned, Eric is also happy and he tells Sookie that he was the one person who never gave up on her -awwww that is so cute. Anyway, he leaves and much like Bill, does his duty to convince people that not all vamps are bad, like not all humans are bad via a TV announcement. Catch one of my favorite lines at the end of the article! We see him again later when he shows up at Sookie's house while she is just getting out of the shower. Oh wait, correction - it is now Eric's house. He bought it in hopes that she would come with the package. He tells her that she is his and that's the end of the show. Find out what happens early when I review episode 2 tomorrow!

Here are my favorite lines

This one is to her to her fairy godmother Claudine
“If your job is to look after me, can I just say you suck.”


He had me cracking up when he found out Sookie was safe and was never kidnapped. This line was the best! “For 13 straight months I’ve had that open case on my books. If it weren’t for you, this year’s Louisiana Safe Streets plaque would be on my wall and not f***ing Webster Parrish. You owe me a plaque!”


She was punchy as ever and when she referred to Hoyt as a tree, I couldn't stop the giggles. He does look like a tree :-): "That tree with the plaid shirt, it has a name?”

Oh, my vampire boyfriend had a few lines that I loved and here they are:
When making a video message to the American people, he welcomed all to Fangtasia, Eric style:“We’re always more than happy to serve humans here at Fangtasia. And I don’t mean for dinner.”

When Eric felt Sookie's presence and saw her for the first time in a year, this speech made me cheer for Team Eric all the way.
“Everyone who claims to love you, your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you. I Never Did.” Wow! Just take me Eric, I'll give myself to you - no questions asked..lol

Another Eric to Sookie moment is the last line of the episode and needs no explanation:
“I always knew you were alive, and if I owned the house, well, then I would own you. Sookie, you are mine.”

I cannot wait for the craziness that is True Blood Season 4 to continue with next week's episode. Eric and Sookie are one step closer to pushing Bill out of the picture, Pam is sure to provide more laughs, Lafayette and the coven are sure to cause some major waves, will Jessica and Hoyt be able to stay together, will Bill and Tara continue to suck! I can't wait to find out! What did you think of the season premiere?


Kate said...

I loved Eric in this episode too! He was perfect, and sexy, and, well, Eric. :)

Not too happy with the whole Bill the King storyline, especially if that means he's in charge of Eric. That's just crap, but it shows that Alan Ball is Team Bill, but he needs to get on board with Team Eric!

Paromantasy said...

Exactly my thoughts Kate! Eric needs to take center stage. Alan Ball, I hope you are reading this!!

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