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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recap of True Blood Season 4 Episode 2: "You Smell Like Dinner"

This one is a bit late since I was on vacation, but better late than never. Here is a recap of this season's secong episode of True Blood.


To Sookie's despair and every Eric fan's delight, we find out that he is the one that owns her - er, his- house. He tells her he knew she would be back and that with buying the house, she would also be his. Sorry Eric, you thought wrong cause she is not going for it and she tells him as much. He lists all the reasons why she should be his and she shuts each one down - Eric, I'll be yours! After he leaves she makes a few discoveries that really piss her off. First, there is only True Blood in the refridge, then she finds his own personal cubby/hidey hole that he had installed. May I just say that her face was priceless. She decides to go to Bill for help, then Pam. She learns that Bill is now the King, but he can't be of much use. Pam was on Eric's side and pretty much gave her the go piss off look. She heads to the bathroom where she hears Jessica in the other stall getting her blood fix from someone who is not Hoyt. She calls to her and starts to give her advice when Jessica joins the "go piss off train" and tells Sookie to mind her busines, before going back into the stall to finish her dinner. She leaves Fangasia and passes the protesters to get to her car, telling them to find a new chant. On her way home she finds Eric wandering around aimlessly (and shirtless!) and...keep reading for more..lol


Jason is trapped and tied to a bed by the woman he loved and who he thought loved him. Her plan, along with her ex Felton, is to use Jason to make a  baby werepanther. The problem is that they must first make Jason one and that is exactly what they plan to do. Jason tries to get through to Crystal, but she is dopped up and completely wacked out that all she does is kiss him then her and Felton shift to their panther forms. Soon they are both upon him, biting him, and leaving him screaming in pain. Poor Jason!

Arlene, the baby and Terry

Sookie sees the baby for the first time and calls him an old soul. Arlene goes temporarily insane and proceeds to tell sookie that he is not old, that he is good and that she loves her baby before storming off. Later we see for ourselves that the baby is evil and if you didn't believe it before than believe it now cause he looks at his mother and causes a sty to form in her eye. She screams that he is evil and stomps off while Terry comforts the baby. Can you say Devil Child. Oohh, but he is so cute.

Lafayette, Tara Jesus and the rest of the witch crew

Lafayette is convinced that Marnie is practicing black magic due to the while bird fiasco. Jesus convinces him otherwise and Lafayette, along with a visiting Tara, go back to Marnie's. They are all convening when a very angry Eric comes through the door. He wants them to stop meeting or else. He sees (a very scared) Lafayette and questions him about his witch status before focusing on their leader Marnie. Marnie dared question him and be defiant so he is on her faster than you can say Fangbang. The coven hold hands but Lafayette wants no part of it - that is until Tara tries to take on Eric and is about to be his dinner. Lafayette joins hands with the others to banish Eric when power sizzles and Marnie is taken over by some other spirit. Eric stops dead in his tracks with a bewildered look before he turns around and storms off. Everyone is left in shock and Marnie comes out of her trance to as what happened.

Jessica and Hoyt

Jessica and Hoyt have been a bit stressed so they go to Fangtasia on a date. The problem is that while Hoyt's away the veins will play and one guy's vein is looking particularly good to her. She resisted him and soon she is leaving Fangtasia with Hoyt when they encounter a bunch of protesters who are pissed because Steve Newlin is missing. They shout nastiness at them and Hoyt gives them a piece of his mind. Soon the words turns to blows and Jessica is helpless because Pam is at her side and vamps cannot afford to be filmed beating a bunch of human ass. At home, Jessica wants to give Hoyt her blood to heal him and he refuses by saying he doesn't need that crap. She takes offense and storms off and heads straight to Fangtasia. She finds juicy vein guy and gets her blood on in the bathroom stall. Sookie hears her and tries to talk reason but Jessica pretty much tells her to go to hell and finishes her dinner.


Sam is having a sort of group therapy session in the woods where he learns his new gal had once shifted into her mothers form which is sorta sick. She then tells them about the legends of the skinwalkers who kill a member of their family to be able to transform into anyone on earth when they smell something. Sam tracks down the source - Tommy. They make a kinda sorta agreement to try to be better with each other when Tommy leaves before the other get there.

Bill is getting it on with Katrina, the witch trader, when Sookie shows up. He tells her he cannot stop Eric from owning her house but he does have a few tricks up his sleeve - he is the King after all. With that we see flashbacks of Bill back in the 80's. We get to see Bill in a whole other light this episode, not that I lie him any better..lol. We learn a few things. First - that he was a punk rocker in the 80's and that when he fed on a bartender back then. he left him alive, healed and with advice of taking vitamins. Nan was watching him and we see that he has been working with her the entire time and is part of the authority. We later see that he summoned Eric and asks him to give up Sookie's house to which he declines. Before he could go Bill tells him that he must personally go to the coven and stop them because of they have a necromancer who brought a bird back to life. If they can control the dead then they can control the vamps. Eric agrees to go.


Eric wants Sookie to be his but she keeps refusing. One thing going for his is that he still has the house. He leaves Sookie after telling her all the benefits of being his. We see him later when Bill summons him. He learns that there is a necromancer in the coven and he goes to put an end to this threat. He slams the doors and finds the witches convening. He looks at them and is surprised to find Lafayette among them. He orders them to stop meeting and when they try to negotiate he asks Lafayette if he is the type to negotiate. Lafayette, having been his prisoner before, tells them no and to just stop meeting. Marnie is not having it so he zooms to her and bites down. Tara tries to stop him so he throws Marnie on the ground and heads straight to her. The witches chant and hold hands and Marnie is before him with her face going in and out between her real face and the face of another woman. Eric blinks then zooms out the same door he came. He is wandering around shirtless, lost and aimless when Sookie drives down the road. She asks him what he is doing but Eric looks at her as though she were a stranger and asks her who she is. Sookie questions him again when he sniffs the air. He leans into the car window and asks, "Why do you smell so good?"

This episode was pretty good, not great. I figure they are just getting the story together before the real action begins. What did you think of it? Also, what do you think about the whole skin walkers story told by Luna? This whole skin walkers has me considering 2 things. Either Tommy is going to try to kill Sam (or vice-versa - but that would be an accident) or that is what the witch that takes over Marnie is...what do you think?


Luv said...

I think you might be right . Tommy will likely try to kill Sam, so that he can become a skinwalker. I think Tommy might have known about skinwalker prior to hearing Luna and Sam's conversation . The first time Tommy met Sam,and discover that he was his brother ,Tommy tried to kill Sam. At that time Tommy didn't even know Sam,and had no reason to dislike him, yet he tried to kill Sam. Why? I think Tommy knew that if you kill a relative who is a shifter , you can become a skinwalker...and that is why Tommy tried to kill Sam upon their first time meeting one another. I also do not trust Luna. I do not believe her story that her mother died giving birth to her. I believe she might have killed her mother/or another relative in order to become a skinwalker. I also do not believe that is her true form.

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