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Monday, July 25, 2011

True Blood Season 4, Episode 5: "I Hate You, I Love You"

True Blood Episode 5,Eric,Sookie,Eric and Sookie Kissing

I have missed the recaps of the last two episodes, but I'll be posting them this week for those who are left behind. So I am doing a bit fast forwarding with the recap of True Blood Season 4, Episode 5: "I Hate You, I Love You" This has been one of my faves so far, maybe because of the Sookie and Eric Kissing scene. Want to find out more? Then keep reading. Here we go!

Arlene, Terry and the Baby from Hell

The baby gave whole knew meaning to the phrase “writing on the wall.” Terry must admit that something funky is going on after the words “he is not yours” was written in red by the baby…creepy. They decide to call for reinforcements and the Reverend and Tara’s mommy (his new wife) come to the…rescuew? They chant, thy dance the attempt to smoke out the house, and in the end that helped diddly squat. As Arlene and Terry talk about the new sense of peace after cleansing the house the matched on their bedside table mysteriously goes off.

Jason and the relationships of Jessica and Hoyt...and Jason and Hoyt?
True Blood Episode 5,Jason

Jason is rescue by Hoyt and Jessica – well more by Jessica and that vamp juice of hers. They take him home where Hoyt stys with him after getting into a mini argument with Jessica. He knows she is keeping something from him, and she is not telling.Later, they go to Merlotte’s here Jason says sex brings him pain. Every bad thing has been from sex: his v-addiction, his spot as man-whore to the panthers, the murder case that was brought against him. Hoyt agrees. Later, Jason starts having some wicked dream about Jessica (there goes that whole talk about sex is bad). The problem is that she keeps calling out Hoyt's name and when she finally gets it right, Hoyt shows up to spoil the fun. Jason tells Hoyt to leave and is getting in the groove when he looks up and it is Hoyt who is now straddling him, not Jessica...ewww. He was in Jessica's clothes too - not a pretty site..lol

Sam and Tommy
There is nothing like a good murder to bring siblings together. Tommy was being beaten down by his father with his mother just looking on. When his dad thinks that Tommy is unconscious, he releases the chain around his neck and goes to mama to tell her to chillax (not in those exact words). Tommy jumps up and strangles his Dad. When his mother attacks him he pushes her to her death. He turns to the only family he has left..Sam. They put the bodies in a van and take off when Andy stops them. Tommy goes to the back to hide with the bodies while Andy speaks to Sam. He makes Sam open the back of the van and he finds....a crocodile. Tommy finally used his head. Sam tells Andy he was returning it to the swap. Andy who is now on his ass after opening the door and finding a croc just nods him away. They head for the swamp and dump the bodies. Sam throws marshmallows into the water and the crocs eat the bodies. He tells Tommy, "Crocs love marshmallow." See, True Blood is both fun and educational ":-)


He makes a brief appearance when the Shreveport pack leader goes to his house and tries to intimidate Alcide. He's not having it, but it looks like trouble is brewing for Alcide and Debbie. Raise your hand if you think Debbie is going to make Alcide regret going back to her.....Me too!

Lafayette, Jesus and Tara
True Blood Episode 5,True Blood Episode 5,Lafayette,Jesus,Lafayette and Jesus

They are up sh*ts creek without a paddle when it comes to how deeply involved they are with the whole Vamps vs Crazy Witch battle that has been going on. First, Marnie (with their background help) turns Eric into the easy-going, childish, yet completely adorable man we see now - who has no clue who he is. Then, she turns Pam, who is quite concide, is left looking like Bride of Chucky when Marnie puts a sort of rotting spell on her - not pretty. Lafayette is pissed, along with the rest of the crew and they leave Marnie in the woods as they go home. See Lafayette's hilarious comments under Favorite Quotes below. Jesus decides that they should go to Mexico to seek the help of his brujo grandfather. He tells the story of how is granddad made him kill the goat and lick its blood and the power he felt with it. All I want to do is yell."Lafayette - stay away!!" But he doesn't listen to me and he leaves Tara to go with Jesus. They arrive and the scariest grandad ever takes them in...all I'm thinking is: no bueno. In the meantime, tara goes to Sookie for comfort after she calls her girlfriend, who did what most girlfriends do...snoop. She finds out that Toni is Tara. Tara tells Sookie all about it and is pouring her heart out when Eric comes out of his hidey hole. Tara lets all the bad things Eric has done roll off her tongue and runs out on them both.

Eric and Sookie
True Blood Episode 5,Eric. Sookie,Eric Biting Sookie

Eric creeps up to Sookie's room when Godrick appears. The ghost demands that he drain Sookie because vamps are incapable of love. He is just about to do just that when he wakes up - it was a dream. He gets up and makes his way to her room, opens the door fangs out, and inches to her bed. Sookie wakes up screaming when he tells her he had a bad dream and wants to stay with her until sunrise. She strokes his hair unable to believe that in her lap lays the notorious Eric Northam. He says the sweetest thing (Favorite Quotes> and goes to bed. Sookie is on a mission to help Eric and she starts with Holly. Since they are both working the same shift, she pretends she has an interest in witchcraft. When she starts to question her on the whole Vampire memory issue - Holly tells her she doesn't want to talk about it because she has kids and doesn't want to get mixed up in vamp business (a little late for that). That doesn't stop Sookie from reading her mind, which pretty much says that she is staying clear of nut-bags Marnie and will not go back to the Moon Goddess witch shop.With that piece of info, Sookie then goes to that very shop and meets Marnie, who is reluctant to give Sookie a reading, Sookie blabs about how she is interested in witch craft and readings...blah, blah, blah. Marnie finally agrees to give her one, probably just to shut her up. She asks for a personal item and Sookie gives her the necklace she is wearing. Marnie hears and sees the ghost of Sookie's grandma. With Sookie's ability to hear minds she can hear her grandma's voice telling her not to fall in love, that it is only temporary and most importantly...RUN...Marnie is dangerous. Marnie responds by denying that she is a danger, but Sookie grabs her necklace and says "If my gran tells me to run, I run" and takes off. We later see her with Tara when Eric comes out and all the secrets of his not so nice guy ways. When Tara storms off, Eric is left feeling guilty. He asks her is all that Tara says is true and Sookie confirms it. She tells him that he was not all bad, but he is stricken with guilt. He walks out of the door to leave when she runs after him. He walk backs to her and BAM..the kiss we have been waiting for. Sookie is one lucky fairy, if you discount the danger, killed family members and lack of privacy...I think it's even if you get to kiss Eric - What do you think?

True Blood Episode 5,Eric,Sookie,Eric and Sookie Kissing

Pam and Bill


Portia is after Bill and she isn't going to let a little thing like being related stop her from getting her man. Bill, on the other hand, is not into the whole incest thing (see that Morgan Freedman - great grand kids are a no-no). She starts rambling on about how incest is legal in a few states and the only reason it is illegal in some is because of the risk of birth defects in children. Vamps and humans can't have kids so she says it is not a problem. Realizing that his great-great-great-great granddaughter is completely insane, he glamors her into thinking that she is terrified of him and has zero romantic interest in him. She "awakens" screaming and running out of the room - that is one problem down, but don't settle down so soon Bill. Pam shows up and she is one pissed off vamp and I mean more so than usual. We all know she is pretty self-confident and she is not taking too kindly to being turned into a rotting monster (see pic above - yucky!). She turns to Bill for help. She wants revenge but the council does not want human blood shed which puts him in a pickle and Pam in a bad mood. They decide that they are not going to sit around letting Marnie pick off each vamp. They have a plan. Katerina (the witch working for Bill) shows up at Marnie's shop and pretends to be buddy-buddy with Marnie when she calls in Bill's soldiers to take Marnie down. They take her to a cell with a nice camera set up where Bill and Pam can question her from afar. They ask her what she did to Eric when he "disappeared" and Pam and how to reverse it. She says she doesn't know. Bill decides to man up and put her to the test, even with Pam trying to warn him. He goes down to her cell and glamors her where he finds out she really does not know - only that stupid spirit does, but he doesn't know that yet. He calls a meeting with the Louisiana sheriff to discuss the gravity of the situation when Pam breaks and tells them that theses witches are no joke as evident by her face and Eric's memory..oops - Bill wasn't suppose to know that she had contact with Eric. He catches on quick and demands to know where Eric is when she whispers "Sookies". Bill is in shock that Sookie lied to him and flies out of the door while Pam looks stricken and apologizes to her maker for her stupid mistake.

The sight of Eric and Sookie kissing is going to really piss off Eric and I cannot wait!!

Now for my Favorite Quotes!!
Best One Liner Award goes to: Lafayette
Lafayette to Marnie after she turned Pam into a rotting corpse:
“Hooker, you pissed off another vampire, then you took a goddamn nap,”....“Oh, Witchiepoo, you have royally screwed us.” love it!! He is never short of hilarious one liners!

Most Romantic Quote Award goes to: Eric!!
When he goes to sleep next to Sookie after having a nightmare, he says:
“I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you,”  *swoon*

The Freaky Funny Award goes to: Jessica
“You just saved my best friend’s life,” Hoyt tells her. “It’s all in the wrist,” she whispers after saving Jason with her blood
Dumbest Comment Award goes to: Jason
A recovered Jason is telling Hoyt about his traumatic stay in Hot Shots. He says that everything bad that has happened to him was because of sex. He goes through his greatest hits: Jealous boyfriends, drug addiction, murder accusations. Perhaps God is punishing him for sleeping with too many women. “I’m thinking maybe you ain’t the only one being punished,” Hoyt says. Jason gasps. “Jessica raped you?”
He is so naive it is adorable...sometimes and because he is a cutie :-)

How did you like the episode? Were you doing the happy dance when Eric and Sookie kissed? Let me hear your thoughts!!


Kelli McCracken said...

For the first 3 seasons, I was Team Bill. Now I'm liking Eric, so I guess I'm jumping on the Team Eric bandwagon. :-)

I adore this show. Actually, I can't get enough of it. Lafayette is one of my favorite characters because of some of the things he says. Alcide is hotness wrapped up in a sweet little Sunday package for me.

This was a great episode. They keep getting better each week. Can't wait for next week, when Bill finds Sookie and Eric together. Wowzers! Great blog BTW

Paromantasy said...

Hi Kelli! I am an Eric fan and am super happy that you have jumped on the bandwagon! Lafayette is awesome. He is just soo funny and Alcide is adorable.

Wowzers is right!! The anticipation is killing me!!

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