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Monday, August 8, 2011

Review and Giveaway of Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance novel Unruly Magic by Camilla Chafer

Unruly Magic (#2 Stella Mayweather Paranormal Series)

Title: Unruly Magic
Series: Stella Mayweather Paranormal Series, book 2
Author: Camilla Chafer

Official Synopsis
A witch on the run.

A quiet little town where everything is far from normal.

A fractured witch council threatening to tear the supernatural world apart.

Life hasn't been easy for novice witch Stella but small town life seems to be agreeing with her. When a seemingly innocent girl begs for her protection, Stella is pulled into a dangerous game of unruly magic.

With bewitching friends and two super-sexy mysterious men by her side, Stella is plunged into a mystery where she must uncover dangerous secrets before she ends up paying the ultimate price.

My Review
Unruly Magic has amped up everything we loved from Illicit Magic. More action, more romance, more suspense, more danger, more supernaturals, and more fun as Stella once again finds herself in the middle of a supernatural war.

Unruly Magic picks up a few months after Illicit Magic. On the run, Stella finely settles in to life under the magical world radar. The tragedy, friends, and the love she left behind is always on her mind, but she must move forward. Her neighbors help her along and she soon has a few new friends and a new blooming romance with her neighbors brother. But when a young girl appears in her living room begging for help, Stella finds herself being pushed back into the Supernatural world. As if that wasn't enough, the people from her past comes back to greet her and they are not just visiting - they are on a mission and the young girl is on their agenda. What do you do when the people you thought you could trust keep secrets; a young girl you don't know asks for your help; the person you love comes back as you start a new relationship; and your own people, along with a group of witch hunters are trying to kill you, and you are in the middle of it all? Stella is about to find out as loyalties, love, and friendships are tested with her life and those around her hanging in the balance.

This book is an amazing installment to an incredible series that just keeps getting better. If you are an HP Mallory fan, then this book is definitely for you. It is dangerous, humorous, adventurous, suspenseful, and full of romance!

This book is rated 5 fangs:

Giveaway Time
We are giving away a copy of this 5-fang magical PNR/UF. Click here to enter.

Question of the day: If you could be any supernatural or mythical being - what would you be?
I think I would be a goddess. I would have the immortality of a vampire, the magic of a witch, and I would be powerful as heck. What's not to love?! What would you be?


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