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Friday, August 19, 2011

Review of The Darkest Secret by Gene Showalter

The Darkest Secret (Hqn)

Title: The Darkest Secret
Series: Lords of the Underworld, book 7
Author: Gene Showalter

Official Synopsis
Keeper of the demon of Secrets, Amun can manipulate the darkest thoughts of anyone nearby. But when new demons possess him, the immortal warrior must be chained and isolated to protect those he loves. Death is his only hope of release—until he meets Haidee, a fellow prisoner whose beauty and hidden vulnerability draw him into a reckless test of his loyalty…

Haidee is an infamous demon assassin, raised to despise Amun’s kind. Yet how can she hate the man whose touch sets her aflame? But to save him, she must give herself body and soul…and face the wrath of a powerful adversary sworn to destroy her.
My Review
I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Underworld series and The Darkest Secret did not disappoint. Gene Showhaler proved once again what a fantastic and talented an author she is by providing another spine-tingling, blood-boiling, action-packed sexual thriller of a read. Many (long) series fall flat after awhile -  this is not the case with this series that just continues to get better with each installment.
Amun is the keeper of the demon Secrets. He steals the secrets of those around him and is forced to witness and feel the scenes and emotions that each one brings. After saving a friend from hell, more demons possess him and he suddenly finds himself with murderous, treacherous thoughts. He is losing more of himself each day to the whims of the demons and all hope seems to be lost until Haidee walks into his life.
Haidee is a demon killer and The Lords of the Underworld are her biggest enemy. After being captured by Strider, keeper of the demon Defeat, she awakens to find herself in the house of the Lords. Hearing pleas of help coming from the next room, she manages to find a way to break in to help the poor soul who is begging for mercy. She expects to find a prisoner being tortured, instead she finds a gorgeous man in pain. She goes to help him and finds that he responds to her touch. They soon realize that she is the key to restoring him to his former glory.
With demons threatening to take over his mind, he must turn to Haidee, a demon hunter, for help. Can he trust her to help him or will her promise to make the demons pay win over her desire to be with him?
With her demon hunting past looming over them, will Amun be able to look past her demon-hunting ways and see the love that she has for him?
On a journey to save Amun, they must face their past, their fears and most of all, the love that has grown between them. But with everyone standing against them, including their friends, will love conquer all or will it tear apart the lives that they have built?
This is an amazing book with non-stop action, romance, danger and thrill that will keep you glued to the page.
This book is rated 5 fangs!

Question of the day: If you had a choice between a best friend and someone who you feel is the love of your life - Who would you choose?
My answer - This is a particularly hard question - damn, I don't really know how to answer my own question...lol. I think it depends on the circumstance. I know - that is a completely half-ass answer, but hear me out. If it is just the fact that they don't like each other, than they will both have to get over it. Now, if my boyfriend was a demon-hunter and my friends are all demons, then I would have to choose my Friends. I mean - they are the ones that are there for you always and you never know when he may get the itch to go demon-hunting again. So there is my sorta answer. What would you do?


Twimom227 said...

Thank for the review. I am also a huge LotU fan, but I was really disappointed in this book. As for what would I do... I really don't know. I am with you - it depends on the circumstance. I mean, in your case, the friends and love don't get along, but what if there were other reasons. Gah... I hope I never have to choose!

Paromantasy said...

Hi Twimom!

Oh, I'm sad you didn't like the book to much. I must admit that I did have a sweet spot for Amun :-) I cannot wait to see what they do the the Keeper of Disease!

I'm lucky my hubby is my best friends cousin. They'll have to put up with each other whether I was in the picture or not..lol

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