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Monday, August 8, 2011

True Blood Season 4, Episode 6 "I Wish I Was The Moon" Recap


I know this is late, but better late than never - right? Well, before we get into episode 7, let go through my run down of episode 6, which contains the thing that most of have been waiting for..the Eric and Sookie Sex Scene - woo-hoo!!

Jason and Jessica with a side of Hoyt
True Blood Episode 6,Jessica and Jason

Jason is freaked out, the full moon is approaching and he doesn't know what the hell to expect. When Sookie goes to him, he has chained himself to the bed. Thinking it is one of Jason's sex spectaculars, he admits about the whole "were-panther" scenario. She pokes a hole in his whole, "chain thy self" theory by pointing out that if he shifts, he will no longer have human hands, thus making the handcuffs insignificant.
Sookie decides she is going to watch over him and that they will go through this together. He wants her to kill him if he goes crazy and of course she refuses. They sit by the fire when he asks her for a beer. He takes off while she is in the house determined not to make Sookie wolfie-chow. He is nervous and feels alone when Jessica appears after feeling his emotions in her blood. She remembers just how scary her first day as a vamp was and decides to stay with him. The chemistry between the two is through the roof. Do I smell a hot new relationship and the end of a strong friendship under way??

Sam and Tommy, or should I say Tommy as Sam?
True Blood Episode 6,Tommy as Sam

Tommy is sick at what he has done and Sam, being Sam, feel sorry for him. He lets Tommy stay with him, but while alone Tommy is distressing in the mirror when he suddenly skin walks and is transformed into Sam. He cannot believe it and of course uses this new power to completely make Sam look like an ass. He yells at his employees, fires Sookie, and later has sex with Sam's new girlfriend Luna. Then he takes it upon himself to treat Luna like a whore, kick her out of his bed before getting sick and passing out in his own vomit. Sam was busy at the fire site of Arlene and Terry's and pops home to find Tommy passed out. Could he be dead - we can only hope.

Arlene Terry, the kids, a possessed baby and... a spirit?
True Blood Episode 6,Spirit following Arlene's baby

There was a fire and they were unable to get the baby in time. Lucky for them, the baby made it out all by his lonesome. The craziness grows when we see that the smiling baby is staring at a smiling spirit that others cannot see. Who is she? I guess we'll have to wait and see. My guess is that she is linked to the doll and is a witch who may actually not be evil. Maybe she is saving the baby from Renee. With all the twists and turns of this season, anything is possible.

Lafayette, Jesus, and his crazy grandfather
True Blood Episode 6,Jesus and Lafayette

Jesus and Lafayette turn to his crazy warlock grandfather for help in fighting against the vampires. The grandfather forces them to eat a delicious breakfast of tongue before sending them on a mission - present him with a sacrifice. A sacrifice finally makes itself known, which is how it has to be, and Jesus grabs the snake and brings it to good ole grandad. Grandad takes it and lets the snake bite Jesus, then walks away. Lafayette is going nuts trying to help Jesus when a spirit - Jesus's uncle - comes and takes over Lafayette. Lafayette/Tio comforts Jesus then as quickly as he appeared, he leaves and Lafayette is left baffled. Hookah - I think you've has got you some powers!

Pam aganist the world...actually against Tara for now...

Pam is not only rotting, but she ratted out her Master. She in not doing well. When Eric is taken into custody and is put in a cell with Pam, she refuses to show herself to him until he demands it as her Maker.  She shows him her rotting face and he is left in shock. His softy attitude towards Bill and the other vamps leaves Pam upset. She reminds Eric of the mean, sadistic person he use to be, but he doesn't want to hear it. When he is taken away to meet his final death he requests her freedom, which Bill grants. Her first order of business is revenge and she starts with Tara. She spots Tara with her girlfriend coming out of Merlotte's. She attacks them both before finally getting her hands around Tara's neck.

Marnie is no more..say hello to
Marnie has been held prisoner and swears her innocent, but it is Marnie they have in custody no longer. Antonia is now completely possessing Marnie. She had been raped and killed by vamps and she wants revenge. A Sheriff is watching Marnie via a video camera when he decides to take things into his own hands. He goes to her cell where they have a show down. Antonia lets herself be known, and he tells her that she made a mistake killing his master all those years ago. He goes to attack her when she uses magic to stop him and puts him on his knees at her feet. She smiles - how easy was that?!

Alcide and Debbie
True Blood Episode 6,Debbie and Alcide

Debbie is acting a fool once again. Alcide goes home to find the Shreveport pack leader in his home, the same one he had a show down with at his door just days before. Debbie has decided to join his pack and she begs Alcide to do the same. The pack leader leave them and Debbie says she needs a pack to help her face her past addictions. Alcide agrees to go with her and possible join - what a mush! They are on their way to the meet-up with the pack in the woods when they come across Sookie traveling with a rifle by herself with a full moon. Alcide warns her of the trouble, but she tells him not to worry about her. He is about to add something when Debbie demands they go to the pack meeting so they are not late. He reluctantly follows...good dog, as always.

Bill and the kingdom.
True Blood Season 4,Episode 6,Bill and Eric,Bill about to stake Eric

Bill races over to Sookies house to find them making out on the sofa. He is pissed and Eric attacks when Sookie tells him that Bill is his King. Eric apologizes and bows to show respect. Bill is clearly surprised, but it doesn't stop him from seeking revenge. He puts Eric under arrest and Sookie follows him to the house, begging him to show Eric mercy. He kicks her behind out and has his guards make sure she stays out. Penalty can be a bullet in the rear if she refuses. Bill then asks the Council to let him kill Eric since he says Eric is a "threat". They grant him permission and is about to administer the final death when he asks Eric if he has anything to say. Eric apologizes for the way he had behaved, says that old Eric is a stranger to him, wants him to tell Sookie that he now knows what love is because of her (swoon) and that he hopes Bill will be with Sookie when he is gone cause she deserves to be happy (swoon again!). He is lifts the stake and aims...

Sookie and Eric
Sookie and Eric are hot and heavy on the coach when Bill storms in and takes Eric to prison. She follows Bill to his home to beg for mercy but he kicks her out and threatens her. She sees he means business and she leaves. Later, she goes to "Sam" to ask for time off when "Sam" fires her and throws her out of the bar. To keep with horrible Sookie day, she goes to Jason's house and he doesn't want her there either. She's not hearing it and storms in to find Jason handcuffed to the bed. After learning of the werepanther thing she stays with him, but he tricks her and gets away. She is running in the woods looking for him when she bumps into Alcide. She asks him if someone can turn into a werepather after being bitten and he says they must be born and cannot be turned. They leave and she continues looking for him to tell him the good news. A twig cracks next to her and she finds...Eric. After his speech to Bill, Bill decided to let him go. They are so overwhelmed with emotion they decide that the walk to Sookie's house is too long to wait and they get it on right there in the woods. Woo - Hoo

This Episodes Awards:
The Show Stealer Award goes to Eric and Sookie: We have waited for so long to see these two get together and it has finally happened. They defiantly stole the show.

The Sexual Tension Award goes to Jason and Jessica. They were talking but we can see the desire in their eyes and the nearly smell the lust in the air - oh my!

The Please Die Award goes to Tara.  I just really want her annoying character to die. Why? Do you really need an explanation. I'm sick of her crying, whining, running and ...well, I;m just sick of her.

What did you think of the episode? Check back tomorrow for my review of True Blood Episode 7 "Cold Grey Light of Dawn."


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