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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Episode 8: "Spellbound" Recap


I have been falling behind on my True Blood recaps so I re-watched them all and am going to catch up this week, starting with True Blood Season 4 Episode 8: "Spellbound" !

Alcide and Debbie. True Blood Season 4. Episode 8
Alcide, Debbie and the Shreveport Wolf Pack

The Pack has decided to stay the hell out of vampire business and to Debbie, this includes Sookie business. She tells Alcide to stay away from her being that she is always knee deep in vampire business. We all know that she is uberly jealous of Sookie and she is using the pack master's orders as an excuse. Alcide agrees and I really start to believe that he was castrated the moment he got together with Debbie again, but he proves me worng when he sneaks off to warn Sookie of the danger surrounding the vampires. Little does he know that Debbie has followed him. What he finds when he finally finds Sookie is no bueno. Read Sookies summary and view the pic above. I think that pretty much sums up the bad news.

Lafayette,True Blood Season 4. Episode 8

Lafayette, Arlene, Terry, Psycho Baby and Weirdo Ghost - wow, what a group!
The strange singing ghost is hanging around the baby while Arlene and Terry talk about their babysitting problems. We see her leave and soon we see why. She (Mavis) heads for Lafayette's house where he dreams or actually has a vision of the ghost when she was alive. We learn that the babies father is a white dude who is trying to keep their affair a secret. She comes home (with the baby doll who wasn't so creepy when it was new) to find that he has murdered their baby. He tries to get her to leave but she wants to hold her baby one last time. He wakes to find Mavis looking at home right before she enters his body. He stands up, even more feminine then usual, and heads out the door. He goes to Arlene's house where everyone is sleeping. He walks in, takes the baby, steals a gun and leaves. This baby is just all around bad luck...but he is adorable :-)

Sam and Lola,True Blood Season 4. Episode 8

Sam, Lola and their whole broken family
Sam kicks Tommy out of his life and runs to Lola's house to tell her that. She let's him in and they are playing the "happy family" role when in walks her ex and baby daddy, who also happens to be the Shreveport Wolf Pack leader Marcus. He is none too happy about that. I smell problems....
Meanwhile, Tommy decides to play transform again, but this time into Maxine- I guess nearly dying doesn't phase him. He meets with the prospector to strike a deal and get some money by bargaining Maxine's land.

Jason and Jessica,True Blood Season 4. Episode 8

Jason and Jessica
I think this picture tells a thousand words. Jason saves Jessica as she opens the door and is about to walk in the sunlight while under Marntonia's spell (Marnie/Antonia).She's about to take a bite out of Jason when the spell breaks. Instead of blood shedding, there is some saliva sharing when they kiss. Sorry Hoyt, out with the old and in with the new, although I do like Hoyt and feel bad for him, but this couple is just too hot to pass up! Jessica soon finds herself dreaming of breaking up with Hoyt. In the dream he becomes a mess, begging her to stay and crying so she did what any sensible vampire would do...she bashes his head in. Of course, that was just a dream but she soon finds herself back at the home she shares with Hoyt and does go through with the whole break-up bit. When she tells him she realizes her dream couldn't be further from the truth. Hoyt is pissed and he throws her out, saying that he is too good for her and he deserves better that a vampire - ouch. Can't say she didn't deserve that one. She heads straight to Jason's house, sad, depressed and needing his support - she doesn't get it. Jason throws her out, revoking her invitation to her home. Double ouch!


Bill wants to put an end to the witch vs vampire feud so he arranges a meeting with Marntonia at the graveyard at midnight - how typical..lol. Both show up but each has their reinforcements. When Sookie can "hear" Marntonia casting a spell in her mind she warns Bill and all hell breaks lose. It's witch and witch lovers vs vamps. Pam catches Tara and is about to get her revenge when Bill orders her to stop - Why Bill?!! The fighting continues when someone is shot. Find out who below!

Sookie and Eric,True Blood Season 4. Episode 8

Eric and Sookie
Sookie releases the chains from Eric once the spell is lifted and he is weak. She offers her blood and he takes it. He then offers his blood and the bond is in place! They head for the shower for some more fun when they are transported into a wintry wonderland with a bed right in the middle. She tells Eric that he is a fighter, a past viking and he needs to step up to the plate. They need to fight against the witches. We see later that he agrees when they do to Bill and tell him that they are going to meet Marnonia with him. Bill doesn't like it but there is no stopping her. They go with Bill to the graveyard with a few others, including Pam. When she hears Marnie casting spells in her mind, she yells a warning to them. The crap hits the fan and all are fighting when a shot is fired and Sookie is shot. Eric runs to defeat Marnonia when she casts a spell on him. Alcide also hears the shot and finds Sookie on the ground. He lifts her up and runs away from the danger and to help Sookie not knowing that Debbie is watching him and all that is taking place.

The season is heating up! I am completely caught up on viewing the episodes, but not writing the recaps. If you have not seen the last two episodes, you don't know what you are missing. Luckily, I will be posting the recaps tomorrow!!

Do you think Alcide and Sookie have a chance? Who do you think is the best choice for Sookie?


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