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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

True Blood Season 7, Episdoe 7 "Cold Grey Light of Dawn"


This episode was one of my faves of the season. "Why?" you ask. Well, because we see Eric and Sookie getting it on, we see the start of a war between the witches and humans vs the vamps, and did I mention we see Eric getting it on?? - oh, what a wonderful view..lol. Let's break down the episode in this week's recap.

Sam, Tommy and Luna
True Blood Episode 6,Tommy as Sam

Sam takes Tommy to the hospital where the docs say he suffered from food poisoning - yeah right. They let him go and Sam takes him home. Sam later calls Luna and tries to kick his usual game to her, but she tells him to eff off and hangs up. He is baffled and decides to go to her job for a surprise rendezvous. The surprise is actually on him cause she wants nothing to do with him. He asks her what he did and she asks him if he is drunk. He tells her he has no clue what her attitudes about and she asks him if he remembers having sex with her than kicking her out of his bed. He is in shock and tells her he was at the apartments helping out after the fire. The only one in his apartment was his brother Tommy. She asks if he is his twin to which he says no, and Ding Dong...the bell goes off in his head. He asks Luna about the time she Skin Walked and Tommy suffered the exact same symptoms she did after she skin walked. They both sit down in shock. He goes home to kick Tommy out of his apartment. Tommy apologized, but Sam is having none of it. Hey, Sam!! Stop taking him back in and shoot him already. He can ruin your life with his ability - I'm just saying...

Lafayette, Arlene, Evil Baby, and Spirit Lady
True Blood Episode 6,Jesus and Lafayette

Jesus's grandpa reveal that the whole snake biting Jesus action was just to prove to Lafayette that he is a medium which is how Jesus's uncle was able to enter him. I agree with Lafayette when he asks him why he couldn't just tell him that instead of scaring the living daylights out of everyone. Jesus tells him about the good man his uncle was and Lafayette is just concerned with the fact that he took over his body. Jesus tells him that he is the answer no matter how much Lafayette wants to deny it and pretend it's not happening. When they return home and Lafayette is back at work he sees Arlene and the baby. He notices the baby staring off into space and when he turns around he sees the spirit waving to the baby. He is startled and tells her to go away. The spirit seems surprised that he can see her, tells him to shh and proceeds to sing to the baby in french. He yells and bangs the pan and the spirit disappears and he scares the crap out of Arlene. If only she knew what he saw, the noise would be the least of her problems.

Alcide and Debbie
Alcide and Debbie,True Blood Season 4,episode 7,Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Alcide and Debbie are now part of the Shreveport pack. Alcide is too worries about Sookie to join the pack party so Debbie suggests they go make sure she is safe since she was scouring the woods for Jason the last time he saw her. They go and find her and Eric having their own little party. Alcide looks completely jealous and so does Debbie for entirely different reasons. Later when Debbie and Alcide are having their sex party she starts to cry because she feels that he is in love with Sookie. He denies it and says that he is hers forever. We shall see about that!

Andy and Holly
Andy,date with holly,True Blood Season 4,episode 7,Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Andy has a thing for Holly and shows up at the bar in a suit and holding flowers. Arlene gives Holly the heads-up that he is there and Holly quickly straightens up trying to look prettier since she totally forgot they were suppose to have their mini-date today. When she goes to sit with him, he is all over the place. He hadn't had V all day and it shows. He keeps having to cover up his speeches, looks nervous, then decides to take off telling her that the date was a mistake. Before he heads out he takes his flowers back and leaves in a hurry.

Pam is back...almost
Pam,Pam healing,True Blood Season 4,episode 7,Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Pam has Tara up in the air by the throat and is about to go in for the kill when a bunch of humans with cameras turn up to see/video/photograph the "zombie" about to kill a human. Knowing that killing Tara and having it witnessed by humans would mean the true death so she let's her go, but not before promising that she will gets what is coming. She heads off and we later see her with the little doctor who helped Sookie with her Maenad claw injuries. She covered Pam in some type of wax and proceeds to rip her skin off (see funny quote below) She peels all her skin away but she tells Pam that she is not a witch and this is not a cure. All it is going to do is make her look pretty - or whatever you call what she looked like before - again...lol..the doc made a funny. She instructs her to injects herself in each limb and temple four times a day for the rest of her life. She's a vamp so that's a pretty long time. We later see a still grotesque, but slowly recovering Pam in her casket as her human helper injects her then places a blanket of silver over her (you will see why later)

Pam attacks Tara,Pam,Tara,True Blood Season 4,episode 7,Cold Grey Light of Dawn

After almost being vamp food, Tara forces herself to part ways with her girlfriend and proceeds to walk home (i think, who knows and cares where she is going). As she is walking Marnonia (Marnie/Antonia) steps out of the woods and tells her that together they can take down the Vamps. She places Tara's hand on her chest and Tara see's all that Antonia has suffered at the hands of vampires. She has also been raped and brutalized by vamps so she says that she is in. Tara begins to gather the witches, including Holly, then tells them to bring others in order to make the circle strong therefore making them safe from vampires forever. They later convene with Marnie. See what happens below...

Marnie and the Witches,Marnie,True Blood Season 4,episode 7,Cold Grey Light of Dawn
After placing Luis under her spell, Antonia/Marnie )or Marnonia as I like to call her) tricks Katerina into going into her cell where Luis kills her, without taking blood as instructed by Marnonia. Marnonia tells Luis to send a message to Bill - Antonia is back. Marnie heads for Tara and convinces her to recruit people for the circle. Tara, the witches and some of their friends gather at Marnie's store where Marnonia warns them that if they are not totally in with her plan, then they should leave. A bunch of people take off, but the main witches and a few other stay behind. They begin to chant with Marnonia in the middle. As they chant, Marnonia levitates from the floor with a smile. Everywhere, vampires begin screaming for the sun and begin walking into their fiery deaths at the hands of the sun. They are all her puppets - well accept for the ones that followed Bill's advice (see below)...

Bill,True Blood Season 4,episode 7,Cold Grey Light of Dawn

We see Luis enter Bill's office where he tells Bill that Antonia is back and then shoots him. Bill is able to grab a stake and kill Luis before more damage is done, but now Bill realizes that he is up against a huge enemy. He knows that Antonia plans to make vampires walk in the sun so he devises a plan that angers the vamps - wrap themselves in silver during the daylight. He gives the sheriffs silver and tells them to instruct the rest of the vamps to get out of town. Jessica meets up with Bill in his house where he tells her all about Antonia and what she plans to do, before going to Sookie's house. There he tells Sookie the low down of what is happening and hands her loads of silver to bound Eric with during daylight since Eric does not want to leave with Bill. He leaves and returns home where he is sad to have to bound Jessica in silver. She cries out and he doesn't put any more silver than needed since it is burning her so bad. He instructs his guard to put twice as much on him. See what happens below

Eric and Sookie
Sookie and Eric in bed,Sookie,Eric,True Blood Season 4,episode 7,Cold Grey Light of Dawn

The sex marathon continues everywhere. In the woods, up her house stairs, in her living room, and finally on her bed. When finally taking a breather, Eric speaks of what is going to happen if and when he gets his memory back - will she still love him? She answers honestly saying she doesn't know. She hopes she will, but the old Eric is completely different from the new Eric - that is the understatement of the century!! Later, Bill shows up at Sookie's house and asks if their reunion was pleasant, Eric is quick to answer with an enthusiastic yes, leaving Sookis asking him to be quiet and her being embarrassed. She thanks Bill for letting him go. Bill tells Sookie that Eric must be bound with silver and hands her loads of it. They later go to his cubbie hole and places the silver on him - tons of it since he is a powerful vamp. She apologizes and agrees to stay with him. When it reaches noon he asks her to remove it but she refuses fearful that the spell will eventually come. She distracts him by telling him about the time he saved her from the Fellowship and had them bound him in silver in order to save her and Godrick. He wonders how she could not love him, but she explains they had a crazy past. Jason shows up and she goes upstairs to speak with him when the wind starts blowing around the house - the spell has come. Eric starts shouting for the sun and she tells Jason that she must protect Eric and that all vamps are in danger. Eric is fighting to get his silver off and screams for the sun...

Jason and Jessica
Jessica,Jessica walks into the sun,True Blood Season 4,episode 7,Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Jason is doing hand stand push-ups with Jessica's blood running through his veins and lust for her in his thoughts. Hoyt shows up to check on him and speaks of his problems with Jessica, Jason diverts the conversation. Later, Jason goes to Sookie's where he learns of the curse and runs to help save Jessica. Meanwhile Jessica has just finished talking to Bill while being strapped with silver to the bed. She thanks Bill for making her, saying that she has learned more from him then she would've ever learned from her parents. She promises to eat the witch if they make it through the spell. When the spell finally comes, her and Bill scream for the sun and Jessica is able to free herself of the silver chains. She gets up and tries to leave her cell, but the cell is made of silver. She screams for the guard and tricks him to going close to the bars then takes him out and grabs the keys. She lets herself out, leaving Bill still screaming for the sun and drags herself up the stairs. She is reaching the cell as Jason is reaching Bill's door. Just before Jason gets to the door, A guard tackles him. Jessica is mere steps from the door when a gun shot goes off in the background. She screams 'The Sun" as she pulls open the door and steps into the sunlight.

My Predictions
I think Lafayette is definitely the answer to stopping Marnie, Jessica and Jason are going to break poor Hoyt's heart, Eric is going to get his memory back and Sookie is going to leave him, and Tara is going to get caught between wanting to stop the vamps and feeling bad that they are murdering all of them - what do you think?

This week's award winners:
Fast Food Funny Award goes to Lafayette: He screams to Jesus's grandpa: "Let us out or I will burn this taco stand to the ground."

Best Accessory Award goes to Pam and her unique hand warmer: She tells the Doc after she rips the first layer of Pam's skin off, ""I'm going to shove my fist up your ass and use you as a hand warmer." Gotta love it!

The Mouth Watering Award goes to Jessica:  Jessica is talking to Bill about what will happen when they survive the spell. Jessica says: "You have done good. You've made me, and when we survive this day, I am going to eat that effing witch, starting with her face." Mmm, a Marnonia sandwich sounds yummy..lol

Dumbest Chants award goes to Every Vampire On True Blood: "The Sun, The Sun" that's it. That's the chant. How about, "I need a tan" or "let me burn baby burn". Oh the possibilities. But the whole chant about the sun started to get on my nerves. Anyone with me on that?

What did you think of this episode of True Blood? Are you pro Jessica and Jason or are you for Hoyt and Jessica?


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