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Friday, September 9, 2011

Q&A and Kindle E-Book Giveaway of Urban Fantasy YA: Fangs For Nothing


We are shining the spotlight on Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author Adrianne Ambrose. Fangs for Nothing is a refreshingly unique, fun-filled and action-packed book that follows Sherbie and his friends on their search for a real-life vampire. When they find one in their hometown, they soon learn that maybe finding a vampire isn't so smart after all. With a vampire using teenagers as snacks and brainwashing them into joining his clan, they must find away to put an end to his mind games or risk losing the friends they know and love. This book is so much fun with action mixed in with the everyday drama of teen life. You will fall in love with the characters and stay glued to the pages as the story takes you on a fun ride of danger, love, mystery, action and suspense. The mastermind behind Fangs for Nothing, Adrianne Ambrose, is here to talk about her life, her books, and her love of coconut ice cream!

Let's hear it for Adrianne!!

Tell us about yourself.
I’m a writer and author. I pay the rent by writing dialog for video games. I’ve had a few books published traditionally, but recently have decided to delve into the world of ebooks.

How did you start your career as a writer?
AA – I’ve always loved to write and tell stories. Even when I was a little kid I would dictate stories to my mom and she would type them out for me. They usually involved ice cream or giant cookies. Those are still great themes, but I’ve branched out since then.

I guess how I started being a professional writer was just to apply for writing gigs, send in samples, sometimes get hired, etc… After being weirdly persistent for a very long time, I’ve built up my résumé that it’s now my fulltime job.

Where did you get the idea for Fangs for Nothing?
AA - A friend and I were working on an idea for a CYOA video game (choose your own adventure). He dropped out for a big programming gig, but I still wanted to write a comedy with vampires so I decided to write a book. I wanted it to be about teenagers and I wanted it to be set in Cleveland, after that everything just fell into place.

I love the fact that the main character, Sherbie, is male and is not the picture-perfect hero you usually see in typical YA books. What made you go in that direction?
AA – Sherbie just popped into my head. I wanted to write in the first person and I wanted it to be from a male point of view, seeing that the last couple of projects I’ve worked on have been in the female voice. Once I started writing, the Sherbie voice just took over and did his own thing.

Which character is your favorite and why?
AA – I like Sherbie a lot and I like his grandmother. (I have a penchant for writing strong yet cranky matriarchs for some reason.) Sherbie is the kind of guy I’d have a total crush on in high school. We’d probably be friends but he wouldn’t like me “in that way”. Xander is more of the picture-perfect hero, but I find it more interesting to know what his best friend is up to.

Which character are you most like?
It’s hard to judge yourself, but I’m probably a cross between Rini and Lana.

You had such an interesting array of characters, both supernatural and mortal. Which character was your favorite to write?
AA – Thank you. I think I most enjoyed writing Short Vincent. He doesn’t have a huge role in the story, but I enjoyed trying to make him multi-faceted. (I could go on with this, but don’t want to spoil the story for new readers.)

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Jane Austen, Neil Shusterman, P.G. Wodehouse, John Steinbeck, the list could go on for days. I’m recently recommending Anita Loos. She’s hilarious.

What books are you reading now?
AA - I just got A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Eagan from the library. We’ll see how it goes, but I think it’s a fantastic title. I’m also reading a book on the history of spice. I like to always be in the middle of a fiction and a non-fiction book, although I usually finish the fiction first.

Are you working on any other projects we should watch out for?
In ebooks, I just put out Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice, which is a fantasy romp with sassy women and hunky barbarians. It was previously published by a small press that went out of business. Now that I have the rights back, I thought I might as well ebook it. There’s lots of magic, monsters and mayhem.

I also have a middle grade book out called What I Learned From Being a Cheerleader. It’s a comedy about a comic book loving geek who lands a spot on the cheerleading squad. It’s fun for eleven year olds or grownups that remember the dark waters of middle school.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
AA – Tying everything together at the end is always the hardest part for me. I always want a solid ending and I want the reader feeling satisfied, but I also want to leave them wanting a bit more. Not so I can ram through a sequel or anything like that, but so if they enjoyed the story they can daydream a bit about what happens next, etc... I guess that’s why fan fic has become so popular, people putting their daydreams about a book down on paper.

What do you do when you are not writing?
AA – I write a lot because I do it as my day job and my night job and my hobby. But when I’m not writing…

I love to travel and have been to a crazy number of countries. Recently I’ve been trying to learn how to sew because I am a giantess and tired of trying to find clothes that actually fit. I read a ton and spend a lot of time goofing around with my husband.

If you could be a supernatural being or possess any power, what would it be?
AA – I think about this a lot because I live in a densely populated city and it’s easy to get annoyed with people. But, I’m pretty sure if I had a supernatural power I would abuse it. So, when taking humanity into consideration, I’d like the ability to give someone a low grade headache. If a person is being rude or has their motorcycle tuned up really loud or won’t stop their dog from incessantly barking at 3am, I could just zap ‘em with the low grade headache. It’s not that sexy of an ability, but it probably wouldn’t be advisable for me to have any more power than that.

Totally random question: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Tell the readers what to expect when reading one of your books.
Usually I go for humor. Even if I’m writing something serious, I include gallows humor. I know as far as building a writing career, it’s smarter to pick a genre and then crank out a lot of titles in that genre, but that sounds a little monotonous to me. I’m all over the place in terms of topic, but humor is a common theme.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Both Fangs for Nothing and Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice are available for 99 cents on all ereaders. And thank you for checking out my interview. ;)

Thanks Evie!

Adrianne is uber-talented, is so creative and is able to stand out of the YA UF crowd! If you think she is as awesome as I do, then cyber-stalk her at:
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It's Giveaway Time!!
Giveaway Time
Now for the giveaway. Adrianne is giving away a 3 kindle copies of Fangs for Nothing  to 3 lucky readers! The winner will be chosen at random on September 23, 2011. Here’s how it works. Follow me and leave a comment below with your name and email address before midnight of September 18th.

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Good luck! I know you are going to love her book. Come back tomorrow for my review of Fangs for Nothing!


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