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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review of Paranormal Romance Novel, Afterlife by Claudia Grey

Title: Afterlife
Series: Evernight Academy, book 4
Author: Claudia Grey

Official Synopsis
Bianca and Lucas have always believed they could endure anything to be together. When a twist of fate not only transforms Bianca into a ghostly wraith, but also turns Lucas into a vampire—the very creature he spent his life hunting—they are left reeling.

Haunted by his powerful need to kill, Lucas can turn to only one place for help... Evernight Academy. Bianca is determined to remain with him. But with the vampire leader of Evernight waging a war against wraiths, her former home has become the most dangerous place she could be, despite the new powers her transformation has given her.

A battle between wraiths and vampires looms, and Bianca and Lucas face a terrifying new reality. They’ve overcome every obstacle life has thrown at them, but is their love strong enough to survive the challenges after life?

My Review
I hate to say this, but Afterlife was a mediocre ending to an otherwise wonderful series. It was filled with so many elements that I have come to know and love about this series: love, murder, mystery, action, yet the lackluster ending left me wanting more.

She faced death and violence, but that is nothing compared to what she has to face now: her love and former vampire hunter Lucas has now turned into the thing he once hated - a vampire. Helping Lucas cope with his new vampire status is the least of her worries once they decide to go to Evernight for help. Mrs. Bethany is trapping wraiths and Bianca now faces danger at every corner.

With Lucas on the brink of insanity, Mrs. Bethany causing a war between vampires and wraiths, and Bianca having to come to terms with her powers, their world seems to be spiraling out of control.

As the war between wraiths and vampires grows, Bianca and Lucas try to remain strong, but can their love remain when everything else has changed or will their love die in their after life?

This book was a great read, up until he end. I couldn't put it down - my fingers facing through the pages and right when I got to the end I turned the page once more to find that was it - it was finished. The super ending that tied everything together and made me look back and sigh was not there. If only the ending was better, it would have been great. Being that this was a series ender made it even more disappointing.

This book is rated 3 1/2 fangs:

Did you like Afterlife or were you disappointed with the ending as well? Which was your favorite book of the series?

I have to say that my favorite book of the series is book 1, Evernight. I didn't see the twist with Bianca coming, and I loved Lucas! Now it's your turn.


carole said...

I was disappointed with this ending as well. I thought it was incredibly slow, but the series overall is one of my favorites. Book 1 is my favorite of the four as well.

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