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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review of Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance Novel, Enchanted by Rachel Wells

Title: Enchanted
Series: Forever Charmed, book 1
Author: Rachel Wells

Official Synopsis
Mandy is a quiet teenager who just wants to blend in with the crowd rather than stand out as anything or anybody. Mandy's pretty successful at this until her parents decide it's time to move from Boston to the quiet seaside town of York Beach, Maine, to "be closer to Nana". Although Mandy has been vacationing in York every summer since she was a child, she has no desire to live there and is worried about fitting in and finding friends during her senior year of high school.

Nana owns a flower shop in town and while working alongside her, Mandy makes a few friends and observes the oddities of the little town and its inhabitants. When she finds some old correspondance hidden inside an antique trunk handed down from her Nana, the "oddities" turn into full fledged mysteries. As she unravels the forgotten and hidden history of the town, she simultaneously unravels her own family's past and current secrets while writing her future. With bits of romance and paranormal along the way, she is able to figure out the puzzle of the correspondance, the magic she never realized was surrounding her, and visions of the past and future. Will she walk away from her personal history and her future or will she realize it's ok to be somebody, even if that somebody is nothing like everybody else?

My Review
If you like fun, mystery, action and romance, then you will love Enchanted! Get ready to go through an emotional roller coaster as we take this magical ride with Mandy as the pilot. You will laugh, cry, and cheer for Mandy as you race through the pages.

Mandy is an average girl who just wants to blend in. When her parents move her from Boston to Maine, she feel like life will end in this boring town. What she soon discovers is that nothing is as it seems in this little town, including her family. She soon realizes that she is anything but normal..she is a witch and her Nana is ready to teach her to use her hidden powers for good. Problem is, nothing stays hidden for long and soon her abilities are the talk of the town and someone wants that power for themselves. With everyone she loves in danger, it is up to Mandy to use her powers to stop the madman or it all...including her life.

This book is tons of fun, action, mystery, and laughs. It had me from the first page and had me waiting with bated breath for part 2, Hexed. Enchanted is a must read for all YA UF and Paranormal Romance fans!

This book is rated 5 fangs!

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