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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To Read or Not to Read: Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill..what do you think?

Have you ever had a million things on your TBR list and find that there are a few you really want to read but just never get to it? That's my scenario with a few books/series. One in particular is Chicagoland Vampires. I've heard great and not-so-great things about it, but I thougt I would ask my fellow paromantasy addicts your opinion. Should I move it on up the list and get to it already, or is it one of those "read it when you have time" kind of books? Help a sista out..lol


Jen at Red Hot Books said...

Read! I really like this series... book 3 has been my favorite. There is a tough pill to swallow in one of the later books, but I definitely think the series is still worth reading.

StephanieD said...

Hi! I have no advice to give since I am hopelessly procrastinating on my TBR pile as it is. If it's something that you are truly hankering for, then go for it! Life's too short to read boring books :)

New follower~

Stephanie ~Misfit Salon~

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