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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paromantasy's Take on: My love of bad boys and underdogs in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. Eric, Damon, Jacob – I heart you.


Hey, it's Evie the Paromantasy addict here and I’m starting a new feature every Thursdays where I will share with you my views on various Paromantasy topics. This week it’s on my love (obsession is more like it) of bad boys and underdogs

I’ve realized I have a serious addiction to bad boys and underdogs. I always root for the other guy, the one that most people love to hate. The one who everyone knows will never end up with heroine, no matter how much I hope for that surprise ending. I love the other choice that never actually gets chosen. I rooted for Adrian in Vampire Academy, Jacob in Twilight, Eric in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Damon in the Vampire Diaries, Roman in Georgina Kincaid, Sinjin in the Jolie Wilkinson stories, and the list goes on. It’s not a conscious decision on my part, I just can’t help myself – they are just the antithesis of everything the supposed “good” hero - the safe bet of a guy is in the story, yet they seem to have more going for them. They are more passionate, stronger, funnier, and sexier. Now they may be a bit insane and rough around the edges (ahem – Eric Northman), but that just adds even more depth, sexiness and allure to their characters since they only seem to show their vulnerable side to the one that they love, and how heart-warming is that. Problem is, badboyunderdogitis, as I like to call it, comes with some serious side effects: disappointment, a broken heart, and I wish to step into the pages and claim him for yourself. There is never a happy ending for my guy, or for me. I go into the story already knowing my guy will come out the loser, but I just can’t help rooting for him anyway. If I were to write a story one day, which I am, I just may have to change this equation that always subtracts my odd bad boy out in order to leave everyone with a nice even number. I like my bad boys, I like my underdogs, and hopefully one day the quote “every dog has his day” will ring true for my unsafe bet: bad boys and underdogs! I'll reveal the results next week when we will be talking about the heroines of Paromantasy.


Ninja Girl said...

YES!!!! Evie, I am so with you. This is something I've noticed about myself. Bad boys and underdogs? Yes, please! I can't stand it when the girl chooses the dry as toast "good guy." Unless that guy's Peeta from The Hunger Games, of course, who was in fact NOT dry as toast, and both the underdog and the clear winner in my view ;) Collins pulled a rabbit out the hat w/that one b/c I was never sure that Katniss would choose him (or anyone at all actually). Peeta's one of the best characters I think I've read in a while (and I don't know how this comment suddenly became about Peeta as he's not even mentioned in your post, but I'm going with it LOL!). Anyway, I am totally with you. I would love, just LOVE, it if for once the girl went with the obviously charismatic, probably a tad morally corrupt, yet so much more interesting bad guy/underdog!!!!
Great post, I loved it!
Ninja Girl

Paromantasy said...

Ninja Girl - We are sisters from another mister..lol. I also loved Peeta, he was an exception to my rule. To me Peeta outshined Gale in every way. I honestly thought that she wouldn't have picked anyone. Go Collins for that. She really went against the grain there and I loved it! Thanks for bringing that up! As always, you rock!

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