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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review of Urban Fantasy an Paranormal Romance book To The Cliffside by B. Jane Lawson

Title: To The Cliffside
Series: A Morganna Cork Novel, book 1
Author: B. Jane Lawson

Official Synopsis
Morganna Cork has lived twenty-four uneventful years in Los Angeles under the thumb of her overbearing mother. The only thing barring her from a totally average existence is that she’s got a secret, magical ability to heal herself and others. An encounter with her mother results in exile to the small coastal town of Puesta del Sol. There, she will be a guest and employee at the Cliffside Inn, owned by her estranged cousin Maeve. Morganna resigns herself to a winter of work and boredom in this one-horse town. Everything changes when she accidentally pulls into the driveway of the devastatingly sexy Callupo Stone. Instantly she is attracted to the infuriating man who makes no bones about his lack of interest, even if he seems to be right behind her at every turn. The sparks fly as she does her best to thwart his every attempt to corral her. She soon discovers that she’s not the only one with gifts. There is an entire community of people known as Magicks, each unique and powerful in their own right. As Morganna undertakes a journey of self-discovery and determination, she befriends Anya, the spunky, sassy, sometimes employee of the Cliffside and bearer of town gossip. Together, they begin to unearth the mysteries surrounding the strange reappearance of a vindictive villain, on a quest for power, in which Morganna finds herself directly in the middle. Simultaneously, they witness the succession struggles of a secret society, in which Callupo and many of their close friends are members, whose existence and purpose eludes them. Morganna undergoes a radical transformation of self as she becomes an unsuspecting participant in a Magickal war that has been thirty years in the making.

My Review
This book in 5 words: Amazing, Unputdownable, A Must-Read!

With such an ambiguous title and cover, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started to read this book. What I found was one of the best books that I have read this year. Suspenseful, action-packed, riddled with mystery and through the roof sexual tension that will have you yelling, "Come on and do it already!"..lol. This recipe leads to a book that you simply cannot put down and characters that will stay with you long after you gobble the book up. I still dream about Callupo aka Cal *sigh*.

Morganna has always been an odd ball out. This is mostly because she has a magical ability to heal herself. Cuts and bruises have nothing on her. Problem is, her mother seems to resent her for it and having this power keeps her from truly getting close to anyone. When her mother sends her to help her cousin Maeve run The Cliffside Inn, little did she know that her life was going to be turned upside down. The minute she gets there she has a felling this place is different and soon she finds out why. The citizens are mostly made up of Magicks, each with very different powers. With the help of her new friends, and the sexy yet irritating Callupo, she begins to find a place in the world of Magicks. But when she finds a mysterious pendent, she soon finds herself in the middle of a Magickal war, one that could mean the end for the ones that she loves, the new family she has found and possibly the world as we know it. What happens when an evil witch threatens everyone you love and the only thing standing in her way is you and what she is after? Will you be able to save the ones you love or will evil prevail?

This book, I reiterate, is amazing! Not only is the heroine everything that I love: Smart, Spunky, Funny, A Fighter and Perfectly Flawed, but the hero is also both swoon and smack worthy. Oh Cal: you love him, you hate him, you want to kiss him, then punch him. He is so complicated that you can't help but want him and that is the case with Morganna. There is also an array of side characters that you can't help but love and you will soon find yourself feeling like you made some new friends. They are all so different and special. Ralph is the goofy, yet surprisingly strong boy next door type that every person wishes they could have in their life. Maeve is the caring older cousin who is always proper...until you make her mad. Anya is the best friend that we all can relate to: she's honest, outgoing, and sweet. That is just a handful of the many people you will meet and love.

In case you can't tell, I loved this book and will recommend it to every paranormal romance and urban fantasy fan out there! READ IT, you will not be disappointed!

This book is rated 5 Fangs!


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