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Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Official - 3 more Morganville Vampire books are in the works! Next up is Black Dawn in May! Check out the cover

With everyone waiting for tomorrow's release of Last Breath with bated breath (haha...get it), us Morganville Vampire fans will be happy to know that Rachel Caine has penned a deal with Penguin books for 3 more book for the series - yay!! According to her website, the next books of the series will be:
MORE GOOD NEWS: We've completed a deal with Penguin US for three more Morganville books, which will bring the total Morganville adventure to 15 novels!
  • Black Dawn (12) - May 2012
  • Book 13 - November 2012
  • Book 14 - May 2013
  • Book 15 - November 2013

Who else is doing the happy dance with this news?! I am addicted to this series.

Happy Halloween! Must-Read Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance novel, Great Hexpectations by HP Mallory is on sale now!

Great Hexpectations, book 3 of the DulcieO'Neil series, has been released today!! This has truly made my Halloween! If you are a fan of this blog, you probably already know that I am a huge HP Mallory fan and I absolutely love this series. If not, read my review of the series here I have read Great Hexpectations and let me tell you: take everything you loved about Dulcie O'Neil series and multiple that by 100.  Yes, it is that good! Just when you think this series couldn't get any awesomer (is that a word? If not it should be..lol), it does. Both this series and the Jolie Wilkinson series are two of my all-time favorite PNR and UF books of all time! If you love mystery, romance, action, fun and a bad-ass heroine who can run with the guys, then this book is a must-read.

Have you read this series? Who is your favorite character? I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours....I've always wanted to say that..lol

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review of Paranormal Romance Novel Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf

Title: Kiss Me Deadly
Series: Silhouette Nocturne, book 1
Author: Michele Hauf

Official Synopsis
Death cocktail is what the vampires call a witch's blood. It's poisonous a drop will destroy a vampire within minutes. Nikolaus Drake is the rare vampire who has survived his first taste. Now he's on the hunt for the witch who almost brought him to his demise -- Ravin Crosse.
A witch who spends her nights hunting vampire tribes, Ravin has three obligations to fulfill to set her soul free. One of those obligations crafting a love spell twists her world upside down when Nikolaus draws the spell from her veins. Natural enemies rarely make the best bedfellows but is it possible their intentions are really, truly the same? Can Nikolaus's tribal loyalty survive if he surrenders to desires far darker than his own?

My Review
What happens when a witch vampire killer who stalks and kills her prey, and a Phoenix Vampire who survived her attack, are the victims of a love potion? I'll tell you - A fun, action-packed, sexually-charged thrill ride of a book!

Ravin is a witch on a mission to get rid of every vampire in existence, even at the cost of her soul. Lending her soul to Himself, aka the devil, has helped heighten her powers so that she has the chance at accomplishing her goal. All she has to do is do three favors for Himself and her soul will be hers once more. To Ravin, that is a small price to pay. Her life is centered around killing vampire, that is, until she falls in love with one.

Nicholas Drake was once a respectable doctor and now he's a respectable leader of a vampire tribe. That all changes when Ravin attempts to murder him and his fellow members. He is nearly on death's door, but manages to survive contact with the witches blood which should mean instant death to a vampire. This makes him stronger, faster..it makes him a Phoenix. His mission now is to make the witch that did this to him pay. What he doesn't expect is to be the victim of a love spell. After spilling the witches potion, he falls instantly in love with Ravin.

Now the two must choose to battle their desires or throw caution to the wind and embrace this new found love. Problem is, what happens when the spell wears off? Will Nicholas still be in love with Ravin or will she lose the man she has grown to love? What will happen when his tribe members find out? Will their love mean the end of them both?

This book is full of action, danger, and romance. It started off a little slow but mid-way through, it truly came together and I could not peel myself away until the very end! I cannot wait to read part two: The Devil To Pay!

This book is rated 4 Fangs:

Have you read this series? This is my first book by Michele Hauf, but not my last. What book have you read that was released eons ago and you are just discovering it for the first time?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Review of Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy novel, Rock 'n' Roll is Undead by Rose Pressey, and What is your rockabilly style?

Title:  Rock 'n' Roll is Undead
Series: Veronica Mason Series, Book 1
Author: Rose Pressey

Official Synopsis
Veronica Mason—lead singer of the rockabilly band The Voodoo Zombies—discovers her vampire bass player staked through the heart. A vision of the murder flashes in Veronica’s mind and she wonders if she’s going bonkers. Up until now her supernatural skills consisted of a few botched love spells.

Using her sexy voice and pin-up style has paid off, she’s about to land a record deal. But suspicion soon turns to her when another vampire turns up as nothing more than a pile of ashes a vacuum would have a hard time sucking up. Veronica has another vision, and she has to hone her paranormal powers or lose her deal—and possibly her life.

When an utterly delicious mystery man steps in as the new bass player, Veronica can’t figure out if he’s there to help or cause more problems. What she does know is she can’t resist his good looks and sex appeal. She wonders if they’d make rockin’ music together. But helping the undead could stop her from finding out and leave Veronica dead—permanently.

My Review
Rock, Tattoos, 50's glam, witches and vampires, what more can a reader ask for. This book is a fun, unputdownable read filled with mystery, romance, magic and tons of rockabilly action!
Veronica is the lead singer of a rockabilly band called The Voodoo Zombies, funny enough, there are no zombies in the band. It's just normal people, like a few vampires and Veronica the witch. Their big break is coming and a record deal is in the works when a band member is staked and Veronica is the one to find him. With her witch skills solely consisting of conjuring up different cosmetics, she begins to worry when she begins seeing visions. More murders pop up and Veronica seems to be at every scene. Now she is on the suspects list, and on the killers. If that wasn't enough to deal with, her new guitar player is getting under her skin in every way possible. He is handsome and just her style, but behind his rockabilly exterior is a huge mystery that she plans to figure out. With evidence piling up against her, a new man in her life that she knows nothing about, and a killer after her, will she be able to help solve the mystery of the murders and salvage her dream before its too late, or will she be the next victim on the killer's hit list?
This book is fun-filled action from beginning to end. I cannot wait to read more of the series and continue the rockabilly fun!
This book is rated 4 fangs:

What is your rockabilly style? Tell or show me your favorite rockabilly band or look? Not a rockabilly fan, what is your favorite 50's inspired person, band, fashion, etc...?

My favorite rockabilly look is:


Don't these women look awesome, strong aandn sexy?

Now it's your turn! Let's see your rockabilly style!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday! It's Follow Friday and Blog Hop Time!

Happy Friday All!

For those of you who have no idea what this is, where have you been?! It's where us bloggers get together and check out each others sites, and follow, follow, follow! Please remember to leave a comment below, along with your link so that I can check out your site, and return the favor ;-)

Want to join in the fun? To join the fun and make new friends, stop by; Parajunkee  and Crazy for Books to enter!

Q. What superhero is your alter-ego?

 Ok, I have two answers, as always..lol. Right now, I would say Storm from Xmen. She is strong, sexy and c'mon - she controls the weather. That would make for an awesome tan for me and freezing bitter rain for my haters :-) If you would have asked 11 year old me, I would have said the Pink Ranger (Kimberly) from the original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Ok - I still kind of love her. She was just so girly, but could still kick-ass.Go-go Power Rangers!!

Book Blogger Hop

“What is your favorite type of candy?”This one is super easy for me: anything chocolate. I'm talking about real chocolate, not white chocolate..lol. Kit-Kat's, Sno-caps, Hershey's with Almonds, Kisses, Rasinets and one of my absolute faves...Chunky. If you love chocolate and haven't tried one of these - you are right now, as you read this - not truly alive until you have one..lol


Book Blogs That Make You Smile: Hmm, this one is hard - I visit so many.

Pick 5 book blogs you visit often & think others should, too.

Parajunkee - She is like the blogging guru. She does everything from contests and book reviews, to hosting Q&A sessions and helping fellow bloggers with their various web design, blogging, and book lovin needs!

Smexy Books -  I think the name alone sells itself..lol. Who doesn't love smexy books :-)
Sizzling Hot Book Reviews - Again, the name says it all. I love to read the reviews!
Reading with Tequila - This site has everything I love. Books, Interviews, Giveaways and Tequila!
Ninja Girl Reads - She is funny, honest and her articles and reviews simply rock!
Confessions of a Bookaholic - This site is filled with cool articles, reviews, interviews and more...

I'm realizing that I am a pretty dirty girl who loves sex, booze and book addictions according to the blogs I picked..lol But what keeps me reading is there amazing reviews, giveaways and cool author interviews

That's it for now! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Felicity Heaton Her Guardian Angel Swag and Shalini Boland, Hidden Marwood Vampires Giveaway Winners are...

The giveaway winner of Felicity Heaton's signed Guardian Angel swag is:

The winner of the unputdownable YA PNR/UF novel Hidden by Shalini Boland  is:

Congrats! I will send you an email confirmation!

Thanks to all who participated in this giveaway! Don't sweat it if you didn't win, there are tons more giveaways where that came from!
Take care and remember....there is always time to live your Paromantasy!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review of Erotic Paranormal Romance Shadowed Soul by Stacey Kennedy

Title: Shadowed Soul
Series: 1NS (A 1 Night Stand Story)
Author: Stacey Kennedy

Official Synopsis
Four months have passed since Ellie’s heart was broken by her cheating boyfriend, Gerrid. Sick of mourning, she sets out in search of a man to make her forget. Madame Eve of 1Night Stand arranges for Ellie to meet just the man at Nocturnal Nightclub in Miami. Bryce is not only sexy as sin but full of mystery. He does things no man should be capable of. Ellie might question his fast speed, cold hands, and even the way he bites at her skin―if he wasn’t so determined to awaken the part of her that’s been buried by lies.

Days have passed since Bryce’s last feeding and his vampire hungers demand to be sated. But feeding is not his only intention. Ellie seeks to be a different woman, to gain power for herself, and Bryce plans to push her to discover it. To show her she can do things she never thought possible and force her to see the strength she yearns for already lives inside of her.

Ellie will have to choose, expose all of herself, or remain hidden in the dark shadows. But Bryce will have to make a choice of his own—let her go or keep Ellie forever?

My Review
I thought Stacey Kennedy's other books have been hot, well this one is off the charts steamy. I needed the fan for Somewhere In Between. This time I turned up the air conditioner as I turned the pages of this erotic paranormal romance that will keep you glued to the pages and in need of a cold shower by the end!

Ellie'e heart is broken and her fairy tale dreams of happily ever after have been flushed down the toilet. Deciding to feed her unhappiness with some erotic no-strings-attached pleasure, she seeks the help of a matchmaker to set her up with 1 night stand fantasy man of her dreams. What she doesn't expect is to find the man of her dreams. Will she be able to let down her guard and let Bryce in? If so, what will happen when she finds out that the man of her dreams is a creature of nightmares...a vampire?

Bryce has tried his hand at love, but in the end - revealing his vampire nature leaves him alone and his love running away screaming. Deciding to give up on love, he now focuses on mending broken hearts and this time it is Ellie he wants to help. A night of passion suddenly shifts to a night of love and he doesn't want to give her up. Will he be able to heal her heart and find the love he thought was lost to him forever or will she run screaming like the rest?

This book is filled with intense passion, unexpected love, and healing as they deal with broken hearts, blossoming love and the choice of giving into the shadows they lived in or embracing the light of the new love that is developing. This book is short, deliciously erotic, and is completely unputdownable.

Stacey has done it again with another 5 fanger!

Question of the day:

What is the hottest and most erotic book/series you have ever read? I bet Shadowed Soul will give it a run for the money!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have a Fangtastic Halloween with an awesome Paranormal Romance Book Sale!

Happy Halloween. There's not tricks here, just treats...a basket full of them!

PARANORMAL ROMANCE E-BOOKS FOR JUST $3.99 FROM OCTOBER 11TH TILL NOVEMBER 1ST! Click here for a full list of books! Some authors include Kresley Cole, Gene Showhalter, and more!

This basket has everything us Paromantasy lovers would want: WEREWOLVES, HIGHLANDERS, SHAPESHIFTERS, VAMPIRES, OH MY!!!

I'm off to buy some goodies, see you all there!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Paranormal Romance Novel, Child of War: A God is Born by Lisa Beth Darling

Title: Child of War: A God is Born (Volume 1)
Series: Of War Series, Book #2
Author: Lisa Beth Darling

Official Synopsis
Do you know 'Damien'? Raven makes that kid look like an angel. The "Of War"-series picks up in part I of this II-part sequel when Ares and Alena try to settle down on Olympus and await the birth of their son, Raven. Haunted by prophetic visions along with a body and mind that are starting to betray her, Alena struggles to enjoy what should be a happy and blessed occasion. The relentless hostility from the other Olympians make her yearn to be back on their cozy island home, far away from all the bickering and backstabbing that makes up Life on mighty Mount Olympus. Knowing of Zeus' unabashed hatred for Alena and the Celts, Ares becomes convinced Zeus is causing these visions and the breakdown of Alena's mind. To appease his Father, the God of Gods, Ares enters into a wicked blood pact ensuring the safety of his wife and unborn son. A pact that could cost the God of War everything he holds dear. However, once the boy arrives, it quickly becomes clear Raven may be the most powerful and cunning Olympian ever born. Outwardly despised by Zeus for his Fey blood and his filthy Celtic mother the seeds of rage and doubt are planted in the Raven's mind by a very willing Apollo. As Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite plot against the new family, bit by bit the true pasts of the Olympians and Celts comes to light, the battle begins for Raven’s mind and soul and for the ultimate control of Olympus.

Read an excerpt on Lisa Darling's Guest Post here.

My Review
Child of War is a jaw-dropping series that left me peeling my mouth from the floor as the story took me on an ultimate thrill ride of unrelinquished, blood-boiling romance, revenge, lust, lies and betrayal. Hang on to your seats everyone, this book is going to take you on a very bumpy ride.

Have you ever read a book where you could not see what is coming? Multiple twists and turns that left your head spinning, your heart pounding, and your temperature rising? Me neither, until I read Child of War. Everything that you thought you knew from the first book, The Heart of War, is thrown out the window as lies come to light, love is tested, and trust is put on trial.Nothing is as it seems on Olympus.

Alena is about to give birth to her son with The God of War Ares. Problem is, everyone on Olympus is out for themselves and one thing most of the gods agree upon is that Alena, a Celtic Fae, is not welcome. Her main goal is to keep her son safe, but who will keep her safe? With mostly everyone against Alena and her half-breed baby, Ares makes a blood vow with his father Zeus to keep his family safe, instead it threatens to take the family he loves so much away. How can he fix his marriage before it all comes crumbling down?

Raven is the son of every mother's nightmare. Being a God, he inherits all of the memories of his father and his mother. Knowing that he is shunned by Zeus because of his half-breed status , he blames his mother and plots against her and all who stands in her way. With a vow to gain his rightful place on the throne, he decides to take down all threats to his plan, including his family.

What do you do when the people you love betray you, and the people you want to protect are the ones out for your blood? Who will survive the War of the Gods?

This book is an amazing ride with a shocking ending that will have you sending groveling emails to Lisa to write faster...ok, maybe that's just me. I haven't read such a shocking book filled with love, danger, and non-stop action.in a long time. What an amazing unputdownable journey this was!

This book is rated 5 fangs:

When was the last time a book totally shocked you?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Friday All! Before we get into the Friday fun, let me tell you about some of my current giveaway.

We also our Shalini Boland, Hidden Marwood Vampires Giveaway! Hidden is This book has been getting rave reviews and now I know why. This PNR YA is an unputdownable read that is filled with romance, mystery and a huge side of creepy. Click here for the giveaway and Q&A with Shalini! She is also giving readers the chance to become a Vampire Character in her next book Thicker than Blood, the sequel to Hidden. Click here for details on how to enter!

Now for our Follow Friday, Blog Hop and Tag Along Time! For those of you who have no idea what this is, where have you been?! It's where us bloggers get together and check out each others sites, and follow, follow, follow! Please remember to leave a comment below, along with your link so that I can check out your site, and return the favor ;-)

Want to join in the fun? To join the fun and make new friends, stop by; Parajunkee  and Crazy for Books to enter!

Q. If you could pick one character in a book, movie or television show to swap places with, who would it be?

Hmmm, just one! That can't due, so I'm picking one from each category..lol..Yes, I'm a cheater :-)

Book -  It would have to be Jolie from HP Mallory's Jolie Wilkins Series. She has two hot guys vying for her love, she has incredible powers, and her world is so entertaining.

TV - I would switch with Sookie from True Blood. Eric Northman...I think the name alone explains my reasoning behind that one.

Movie - Clary from The Mortal Instruments. I know it's not out yet, but I just feel that I would rock at playing her character and doing the book justice..lol

Book Blogger Hop

““It’s time to spread some love beyond the borders of the Book Blogger Hop! This week, we aren’t answering a question. We are spotlighting our fellow bloggers. Find your favorite(s) author interview(s), guest post(s), book review(s), or bookish article(s) that ANOTHER BOOK BLOGGER featured on their site recently and tell us why you love it/them! As an additional challenge, find your favorite one of EACH of the categories above and spotlight all 4 (interview, guest post, review, article).”Reviews: For reviews, I absolutely love pretty much all if Ninja Girl's reviews. She is honest, puts alot of thought into them and is super entertaining! Plus, her name is Ninja Girl - now how cool is that?!

Guest Post: This goes to Book Savvy Babe with Lisa Darling's Child of War guest post. I am a fan of Lisa Darling's, and this guest post revealed a super steamy scene in her latest books that will leave all of her fans with the mouths hanging wide and their temperature hitting an all-time high!

Best Article  - This goes to Parajunkee's Book Blogging 101 series. She rocks at giving blogging advice and instructional videos/

To-Be-Read's: How big is your pile? Which book keeps getting pushed down the stack, but you keep meaning to read it?

I have too many to count. One series that I have to read, that keeps taking a back seat is the Iron Fey series that I hear is amazing. i can never complain that I have nothing to do with my TBR pile so full..lol

That's it for now! Have a great weekend!
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