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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paromantasy's Top 25 Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Books of 2011

2011 was a great year for us Paromantasy fans. Indie authors really came out swinging, making better books then some of the traditionally published fan favorites. Indie veterans such as HP MalloryToni LoTempio, Felicity Heaton,  and Stacey Kennedy had books that were blow-your-mind-away amazing. Stacey Kennedy released an astounding 10 books from various series and each one I reviewed received a 5 fang review. Is that because I am uber-nice and hate to give bad reviews? No way. It is because her books make are like addicting candy - they are addicting, bad for you, and leaves you yearning for more, as is the case with the other authors on the list. The books are the kind that leave you thinking about them long after you put down their novels.

Newcomers to the Paromantasy world also stepped up the competition with truly amazing series. This includes B Jane Lawson with her action-packed book To the Cliffside, and Traci Slatton with her dystopian romance Fallen. There was also PA Lupton and Camilla Chafer that captured readers hearts with their action packed, romance filled series. The list goes on.

With so many great books, one thing that I noticed was that some of my favorite authors and series fell flat this year. Richelle Meade's highly anticipated release of Succubus Revealed was lackluster. Claudia Gray's Afterlife fell a bit flat compared to its predecessors. Patricia Briggs River Marked was another less than stellar release from an otherwise great series.

One famed author who continues to get it right is Rachel Caine. Her 11th installment of the Morganville Vampire Series, Last Breath, is even better that the first. Her ability to still leave readers shocked after 11 books is nothing short of amazing.

As you can see, us Paromantasy fans were in for a real treat in 2011. Here is to more paranormal romance and urban fantasy books that will fill our lives with action, our hearts with love, and send our imagines soaring!

Now let's give it up for Paromantasy's Top 25 Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy book of 2011.


Stacey said...

Thank you!! I'm really touched to be on this list!! ;-)

Shelley Workinger said...

Thank you! I'm thrilled to see SETTLING on your list. :)

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