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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review and Trailer of Paranormal Romance Novel Heart of Darkness by Felicity Heaton

Title: Heart of Darkness
Author: Felicity Heaton

Official Synopsis
A vampire prince on a four hundred year old mission to avenge his murdered sister...

Aleksandr Nemov won’t stop until the last of the vampire hunter’s progeny is wiped from the Earth. Each kill has stolen a piece of his humanity, pushing him towards the black abyss all vampires hold within their hearts. Now he is teetering on the edge, close to devolving into a beast, and time is running out as he tracks the last hunter to Prague. There he finds a beautiful woman who could be his one chance for salvation, but is it already too late for him?

A vampire guard who will do whatever it takes to protect those she loves...

Elise is dedicated to her duty. It’s the only thing she has left. All that changes when she meets Aleksandr in Prague and her master grants him permission to stay at her bloodline’s mansion. She knows all about Aleksandr but none of it prepares her for how she feels when the legendary prince’s hunt becomes one for her heart. Elise battles him with all of her strength but can she stop herself from falling for the handsome hunter? When he reveals the depth of the corruption in his soul, will she have the strength to face the pain in her past and do whatever it takes to save him?

My Review
Heart of Darkness is a must-read, action-packed, romance-filled book that will have your heart melting, your adrenaline pumping and have you both laughing and crying throughout the book. I am a huge FE Heaton fan and I mus say that this is her best book on the market! It is haunting, captivating and will have your inner romantic swooning and your inner action lover fist pumping.

After the death of his sister, Alexsandr vows to take revenge on the vampire hunters responsible. He risks his life to avenge his sister and keep his kind safe, even at the risk of his humanity. When it seems that he will be lost to his beast, he meets Elise and his whole reason for living changes.

Elise life is her duty to her people. Unlike other females, she lives the life of a soldier: fighting, obeying orders and living to the code of her people. She has no one and her duty fills hat void. When she meets Alexsandr, she immediately goes on the defensive. She knows  his kind: a rich womanizer who always gets what he wants. Problem is, she can't help her attraction for him. As she gets to know him she realizes he is not what he seems. He is as much alone as she is and he is on the brink of losing himself as well.

As they grow closer and the love they feel reaches new heights Alexsandr must decide whether to keep his vow to avenge his sister or fight for his humanity and be with Elise.

Elise know his struggles and tries to save Alexsandr from himself. Will she be able to save him or will she lose it all trying?

This book is amazing! The anguish that both Alexsandr and Elise go through in their lives and when they come to precipse where they must choose each other or the lives they worked so hard building will leave you in tears. Alexsandr's pursuit of Elise and her attempt at resisting him will have you laughing to the point of tears. The danger and action they face as they fight the vampire hunters will have your heart pounding. What I am trying to say is: get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride that you will want to take over and over again!

This is a must-read! Heart of Darkness is rated 5 fangs!


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