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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review of A Classic Romance Story with a Paranormal Twist, Into The Darkness by VC Andrews

Title: Into The Darkness
Author: VC Andrews

Official Synopsis
Bestselling author V.C. Andrews portrays her most romantic couple since Troy and Heaven in the Casteel series…in this twisting tale of desire and obsession, reality and dreams.

As lovely as one of the precious gems at her parents’ jewelry store, Amber Taylor is shy and introspective—qualities misread by others as being stuck-up and superior. Facing a long, lonely summer working at the family shop, Amber’s world lights up when the Matthews family suddenly moves into the house next door, a property that has stood neglected for the longest time. And when she meets Brayden Matthews, an only child just like her, Amber soon becomes infatuated with this handsome, quirky young man who seems to know her innermost feelings almost before she does, who takes her places she never knew existed in her small town. Their connection is electrifying, unlike anything Amber’s felt before. But as quickly as he appears, Brayden vanishes into the darkness. And finding out the truth about him will push Amber Taylor to the edge of madness….

An atmospheric journey of passion and suspense that builds to a jolting, unforgettable finale, Into the Darkness showcases V.C. Andrews at her best.

My Review
This book in 3 words: Mysterious, Romantic, Different

Into The Darkness is a well-written unconventional love story riddled with mystery, touched by a bittersweet romance and has an ending that will leave you floored.

Amber is a teenage girl who is wise beyond her years. With that sense of maturity comes isolation. Her "friends" and the rest of the school finds her weird and a prude leaving her seeking solace in a world of her own making. She is beautiful with strong ideas on what is right, who to love and how to act. She sees this beauty and her unwillingness to act reckless as must teenagers do as a bit of a weakness on her end. If only she were a little more forthcoming she would be able to have the close friends she dreams of, a boyfriend and less alone time. Her whole life changes when neighbors move in and she meets Braydon.

Braydon is anything but normal. He hardly leaves his house, quotes, Therou, sneaks around the town trying to go unnoticed and seemingly spies on her. When she confronts him she can't help but be pulled to his unualness, his wisdom that is beyond his years, and his ability to just get her. But when she finds that he is unwilling to meet anyone, walks around mostly at night, and disappears at awkward moments, she learn that he is not what he seems. There is a dark secret that she is desperate to uncover, but will finding out the truth bring them closer together or tear her apart?
When the person you love is the one thing that can drive you to madness, could you walk away or be willing to step into the darkness?

This book is a fast read. It is not an action-packed adventure that I am used to. Instead it is an ode to past romances with the tale centering around self-discovery, mind-boggling mystery and forbidden love with a paranormal twist. I loved the characters and the way we peeled back a layer to find the true person within with each page turned. I empathised with both Amber and Brayden, and cheered for them to have the happily ever after ending that they deserved.

The surprise ending left me rereading the pages to make sure I didn't misread the words. The mysteries were there and the twist in the end places the puzzle pieces together in the most astounding way. I truly was in shock and after that I was able to think back to all the clues that pointed to this twist. I loved it!

It is different from the romances of today, but this twist on the classic love stories of yesterday left me eagerly anticipating the release of the next VC Andrews book. I must admit that this is my first "VC Andrews" book so I cannot say if it is better than the others, but I enjoyed it.

This book is rated 5 fangs

Have you read a VC Andrews book before? Which is your favorite?


Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

I was a huge fan of early VC Andrews books when I was a kid, loved Heaven and Troy together. The books after Andrews death have been disappointing, but I'd be willing to give this a chance based on this review. ;)

Shauni said...

I read VC Andrews right after High School, as a matter of fact four of us were in Hawaii on our Graduation trip, while in a bookstore we each bought some books.. VC Andrews was one of them.. we all read and discussed it. I still get shivers about that storyline. Sadly, I was never able to really read her after that. I always think of those poor kids locked in the attic

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