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Friday, June 29, 2012

Review of Dystopian Romance book Cold Light (After Series) by Traci Slatton

Title: Cold Light
Series: After Trilogy, book 2
Author: Traci Slatton
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Review of ARC: 5 Fangs, a must read!

Official Synopsis
The end of the world brings chaos, madness, and psychic powers. For Emma and Arthur, separated by an ocean, it brings a love that demands everything. Emma's beloved daughter is kidnapped by vengeful raiders, and Emma embarks on a soul-crushing journey to rescue her. When Arthur finds Emma, can she trust him? Against impossible odds, Emma draws near the rogue camp, where she also confronts the deepest choice of her heart

My Review
This book in one sentence: A haunting, heartwrenching, action-packed emotional roller coaster of a read that will leave an impression on you long after your finish the book.
To say that I love this book or this series would be an understatement. Traci Slatton has done an immpecable job with what I thought would be an impossible hurrdle for her two main characters to overcome after the ending of Fallen. Not only did she do the impossible, but she made me love the characters and the new additions to the book even more.
Emma has seen, faced and survived the impossible. She has seen the world destroyed by mists that ravage everything in its path. She survived while caring for her child and several abandoned children. She offered her body to a man, Arthur, in exchange for his protection and shelter in his camp and  found unexpected love in a world filled with grief. She found out that her husband and other daughter survived in a safe-zone in Canada. She also discovered that Arthur is the cause for the mists and that her husband risked his life to come for her. She leaves with her husband to Canada, but her heart remains with Arthur and the people of the camp who became family.
Now, after a year away from Arthur and from being rescued by her husband, the impossible has happened again. Her daughter has been taken, and it is up to Emma to get her back. In order to do so she is confronted by her past and by the one man who both stole and broke her heart, Arthur.
Arthur caused the mists and it is up to him to stop them, but not before he gets what he feels is rightfully his, Emma. She has a husband, but this is a new world, a new day and what they feel for eachother is uncomparable. But will she be able to see past his mistakes and take him back, or will her attachment to her past life leave him without the one person he desires the most?

They must work together to bring back her daughter, while Emma must make one of the hardest decisions in her life, leave with Arthur - the man of her dreams, or stay commited to her husband, the one who has been there for her since their teenage years. With her daughter in danger, her heart on the line and two men vying for her effection, they make their way to perform a rescue mission only to raelize their worst nightmares are just now coming true and that the past never stays buried for long.

There is just so much to love about this book. I became fully invested in these characters. With each page I felt like I was reunited with family as Emma reunites with Arthur and the gang. Emma and Arthur are both perfectly flawed and I love and respect them for it.

Emma continues to be a perfectly flawed heroine stuggling to do what is right for her family. Arthur is both the hero and sinner, causing destruction by inventing the mists but doing everything in his power to make things right. His strength is remarkable, being able to survive and believe the world will be better with his inner demons always around him and the world on his shoulders. The love between Arthur & Emma is deep and special, yet Haywood is also a remarkable person. The husband we only briefly met in Fallen is fleshed out and he is wonderful. He is the conventional hero and your heart does go out to him, even if we (the readers) know Emma belongs with Arthur.
The world building and the characters created are so relatable, different and intriguing that readers can't help falling in love with them. I know I couldn't. Like Fallen, Cold Light will be sure to stay with me long after I finished the book.

Cold Light is rated 5 Fangs:

What is your favorite dystopian romance?


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