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Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Recap and Sookie Stackhouse EPUB Giveaway: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Waiting sucked, but it was so worth it after last night's episode. The bad news: there is no romantic Sookie/Eric, Sookie/Bill, Sookie/Alcide, Sookie/Sam scenes...wow, Sookie does get around..lol. Now the good news is that it is filled with action, humor, adventure and there is tons of crazy scenarios going on that I can't wait to see develop and we get a great view of Eric's backside, which is always a plus :-)
Now for the in-depth recap of True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 recap!

Alcide, Sam and Layla: The Wolves are Back In Town
Sam, True Blood Season 5, Sam, True Blood Season 5 As we all know, Alcide killed the old pack leader after he attacked Sam, killed Sam's brother and slept with his old squeeze Debbie. The problem is the pack has been looking for him and he was last seen with Sam. They come to him and threaten Layla and her daughter's life if he doesn't give himself up. Being the sweet Sam Merlotte that we all know and love, he goes with them where they torture him and he eventually leads them to the place where they buried Marcus. They are about to kill Sam when Alcide shows up with Layla and tells them he killed Marcus. Some wolves bow, some are confused and the other (including Marcus' mother) shift into were form to eat Marcus's carcass...ewwww. I'm guessing we have a new pack leader in town? What do you think?

Alcide, True Blood Season 5, Alcide, True Blood Season 5 Speaking of pack leader, Alcide goes to Sookie' to tell her Russell Edginton is alive. She is surprised since she thought he was dead....vamps and their lies *sigh*. He wants her to stay with him for protection, but she says she can't because of what she has done. She is about to tell him about Debbie when Lafayette stops her and kicks Alcide out. Is he going to be a big bad wolf when he finds out? We shall see....
Jessica, Jason and Steve Newlin: One crazy threesome
Jason and Steve Newlin, True Blood Season 5, Jason and Steve Newlin, True Blood Season 5 Last season ended with a fang-bearing Steve Newlin at Jason's door.Well, the surprises only starts there. He claims to have been turned by a vamp as punishment and that he was not taught how to glamour anyone or do anything vampy. Jason, who was avoiding eye-contact" finally looks at him, obviously feeling bad for the guy. Was anyone else yelling: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid?! Of course, Newlin was lying and glamours him int opening the door where he tapes his mouth shut. He tells him to forget this whole little prisoner bit and tells Jason to listen to him with an open mind. He then confesses that he is a proud gay vampire american who is in love with Jason! He also says that he was jealous his wife had sex with him and he hasn't..holy cheese and crackers!! Well, Jason is flattered, but he says he doesn't bark up that tree. Newlin demands that Jason "love" him and is about to have him a Jason Slurpee when Jessica comes to the rescue. She threatens him with true death and Jason revokes his invitation, which has Newlin flying out the door, but not before he screams "I Love You!"..hilarious.

Jason and Jessica, True Blood Season 5, Jason and Jessica, True Blood Season 5 Jessica and Jason go at it again. Later, after a crazy confrontation with Hoyt where Hoyt tells Jason to pretty much go f*ck himself, he goes to visit Jessica. She is having a party and we get an awesome rock band scene that had me laughing. We see that Jason is getting jealous of her kissing on another guy. He responds by leaving with a girl, only to drive her home *gasp - Jason passing up sex* I'm thinking he is falling hard for Jessica, but she is not ready for another commitment..this is no bueno.

Arlene and Terry: A Seriel FireStarter
Arlene, Alcide, True Blood Season 5, Arlene, Alcide, True Blood Season 5 Patrick, Terry's old way buddy, is in town and we all want to know the crazy-Terry stories, but try to get any information and Terry snaps. Arlene learned this the hard way.Hmmm, his past must be pretty colorful. We learns that Patrick is not there for a friendly visit. A number of people in their old squad has been murdered after someone set their house on fire. He thought it was Terry until learning that he also suffered a house fire but survived. He wants Terry's help to catch the enemy before it is too late, but he doesn't want to get involved. Is it because Terry is the fire starter? Or maybe it's Patrick? Or maybe....I don't know, but I can't wait to find out!
Eric, Bill and Nora: Mission Impossible, Vampire Style
Eric and Bill, True Blood Season 5, Eric and Bill, True Blood Season 5When we last saw Eric and Bill, they killed Nan and her "star ship troopers" and they reminded her that they are not "puppy dogs." Well, now they have to clean up the mess and try to break out before the Authority comes after them. That is exactly what they are doing when they "feel" Sookie's distress. Eric simply says "F*ck Sookie" but Bill has to go and help. He races out the door when..Bam! The authority trap him with silver. Eric tries to go after him and...Bam again. Damn silver... They are on their way to meet the authority, in the truck and tied with silver chains, when they devise a plan and another..bam! They use an umbrella to punch a hole in the gasoline tank and make their getaway...Rhianna would be so proud...get it? Umbrella...the song..haha.

Eric and Nora, True Blood Season 5, Eric and Nora, True Blood Season 5Anyway, they get a shocker when the drivers of the car live and are about to shoot them when someone kills him from behind. It is Nora, Eric's Sister/Authority Member/ Sex Partner...yuck. She had a plan to break them out, but the guys already took it upon themselves to try to escape so she devises another plan to get them out of town.

Eric and Bill, Nora, True Blood Season 5, Eric and Bill, Nora, True Blood Season 5 All is going well, we get a hot sex scene from Eric and Nora, then they are off to meet some of the others who are going against the Authority. They head to a pier where they get new identities, but they have been spotted and now the Authority is there ready to rain hell on all of them...yikes!

Lafayette, Sookie, Pam and Tara: Tracksuits, ghosts and baby vamps
Sookie and Tara, True Blood Season 5, Sookie and Tara, True Blood Season 5 Last time we saw Sookie, she was holding a lifeless Tara in her hands, while pieces of Tara's brain mingled with pieces of Debbie's and Lafayette was in emotional pieces after having killed Jesus. Yes, everyone was in pieces in one way or another :-) Well, Lafayette runs downstairs and cannot believe that he has lost someone else. They are crying when Pam storms in looking for Eric.

Pam, True Blood Season 5, Pam, True Blood Season 5Sookie at first wants her gone, but Lafayette comes up with a master plan...Pam can make Tara a vampire. Of course plan points out that half her brain is missing and Tara can turn out “Utterly f*cktarded.”
She does change her mind when Sookie promises to owe her one, not including using her  “Super Snatch” to fix things between her and Eric first...ooh Pam - I love your witty lines!Pam puts some of her blood in Tara's mouth, changes into a *gasp* walmart sweat suit and has Lafayette and Sookie bury her and Tara. Then it's all about the waiting game.
Lafayette, True Blood Season 5, Lafayette, True Blood Season 5

While waiting, Lafayette helps Sookie bury Debbie's body. Later, Lafayette tells Alcide off and demands he leaves Sookie's house just as she is about to spill the beans about Debbie and once Alcide leaves, he demands that Sookie keep her trap shut...ohh, Did I mention he is now bald? yep, he cut all of his hair off.

 They then go to retrieve Jesus' body from his house. The problem there is that...it is missing?? What is going on there? More voodoo magic or something? We shall see. They return to the house, and it is almost evening time. Once Pam comes up, Sookie waits for Tara but she never gets out of the whole. She is crying when Lafayette walks in and realizes Tara is really dead. They are all in tears when...another Bam! Tara jumps out of the grave and heads straight to Sookie's neck. Oh my gosh..I think she is Fucktarded!!

Famous Quotes of the night:
  • Eric had a few good one liners like: "Fuck Sookie" after he "feels" her fear during the whole Debbs shoots Tara then Sookie shoots Debbie scenario. All I kept thinking was go Eric and damn, that kitchen is bad luck...lol
  • Eric brags to Bill about Nora: "We fight like siblings, but we f*ck like champions."
  • Pam shows Sookie and  Lafayette that she is a : "I am wearing a Walmart sweatshirt for ya'll. If that's not a demonstration of team spirit, I don't know what is."
  • Pam checks out Tara's dead body: "What's to say she won't rise up from the ground tomorrow night completely and utterly f***tarded?"
  • Steve Newlin comes out of the vampire closet: "I'm a gay vampire American!"
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