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Monday, September 17, 2012

Review of Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy book Over The Cliff's Edge ( A Morganna Cork Novel) by B Jane Lawson

Title: Over the Cliff's Edge
Series: A Morganna Cork Novel, book #2
Author: B Jane Lawson
Genre: Adult Paranoral Romance/Urban Fantasy

Official Synopsis
Morganna Cork has survived her first month in Puesta Del Sol. A month in which she discovers she’s part of the Magick community filled with shifters, psychics, werewolves and individuals with myriad other powers.

Her estranged aunt, Aiofe, has returned to take control of the Magick
Council, the Cliffside Inn, and the sacred stones that her cousin Maeve and she hold in their possession.

With the help of a mysterious magical historian, Morganna learns that she is at the center of this Magick battle and that Aiofe will stop at nothing to get her hands on an ancient family heirloom, a secret journal, and Morganna.

The romantic tension between Morganna Stone and werewolf pack leader, Callupo Stone, reaches its breaking point as the Cliffside Inn is under siege and they navigate their way through the betrayals and dangers of this war.

As they battle for control of the Inn, loyalties are tested and lives are lost. Morganna’s survival hinges on finding out the dark family secret before Aiofe can.
My Review
In one sentence: This a hold-on-to-your-seat emotional thrill ride filled with laughter, tears, romance and non-stop action as Morganna and the gang race against time to uncover the family secret that can save their lives, while battling their hearts as they face love, loss and betrayal.
This book is amazing, with a capital A! I loved it and has done the impossible by being even better than it's five-fang predecessor - To The Cliffside. It takes everything we love from the first book - the characters, the action, the romance, the suspense, the mystery - and magnifies it to the umpth degree. I cannot explain in words just how much this series has completely entertained me and continues to race through my mind as I try to guess where the characters are headed next.
Morganna Cork has grown since the last time we've seen her. Being thrust into this magical community, she is learning to cope with her magical abilities. With her crazed aunt Aiofe after her and her cousin Maude, she must be prepared for anything. Situations only get more complicated when they learn that Morganna holds the key to Aiofe's fascination and in turn winning this war - the problem is that they don't know why. Conleth has many of the answers they seek, but he wants something in return - Morganna. If having a crazed lunatic after her, and one of the most pivotal people who can help them hell-bent on making her his wasn't enough, she also has to deal with the fact that Callupo Stone is now her werewolf appointed bodyguard. He is just as impossible as usual, and the fact that he is getting sexier by the minute isn't helping things along.

With the world stacking up against her, she must figure out the secret to a past long forgotten, try to save her heart from being irrevocably broken and come to terms with the fact that many of the people she trust may be the ones that want her dead. When all hell has broken loose, will you be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep the ones you love safe? That is just what Morganna has to figure out before it's too late...
I love every aspect about this book. Past details from To the Cliffside intertwine with this this novel as the storyline unfolds and we see what Aiofe wants and what she will do to get it. Their is no end to the major shockers in this book. You are guaranteed to laugh, cry , scream, and, in the end, beg B. Jane Lawson for more of this amazing series.
Callupo Stone may be my favorite non-hero hero of all. Kind of a weird statement, but it is true. He is such a complex character and his exchanges with Morganna are always a treat to read. They are both so passoniate in two totally different ways. He is strong, silent, brooding, kind of rude, and expects everyone to follow his orders. Morganna is spirited, funny, kind and free. She is happy doing the opposite of whatever Callupo orders and you just gotta love that. Together, they cause fireworks. The sexual tension between these two is through the roof and all I can say is...More Please!!
The side characters are just as unique and lovable. There is the usual crowd of Ralph - Cal's brother and Morganna's friend, who is equal part lovable and fearsome. Anya - the best friend - who is going through some growing up in this book as well. Niko - a potential opponent to Callupo - who is silent for most of this book, but whose brief appearances always make me smile. Ilana, who appears to be changing her spots from bitch of the year to just kind of bitchy. Mr. Henry, everyone's favorite old, charming and extremely powerful Majick. I was so happy that he plays a major role in this books.  The list goes on, but I just love this community of people and each time I pick up this series, I feel like I'm back, hanging out with a bunch of friends I haven't seen in a while....only true book lovers can truly understand what I mean.
There are some new additions as well: Conleth being the biggest. He is a peculiar thing filled with knowledge, sensual energy and this mystery surrounding him that is appealing. His exchanges with Morganna and the ever furious Cal was a great addition to this book. I cannot wait to find out what will happen in book 3.
If you haven't guessed by now - I Love This Series!! If you haven't read it yet, run out and buy it asap -you will not be disappointed. If you are a fan of the Charlaine Harris, HP Mallory, Jeaniene Frost, and Richelle Mead- then definitely check out the Morganna Cork Series!
This book is rated 5 Fangs!


Who is your all-time favorite hero and why?


Donna Hole said...

I almost consider Angel my fave but, then there's Lestat, and wow, I can't think past the latest TB fangs. Alcide can come over for breakfast any time :)

this series does sound exciting.


Evelyn Amaro said...

Hmmmm, Angel from which series?

Alcide can have me for breakfast...haha

This is definitly a great series Donna! A must-read - I am addicted and have already started cyber-stalking the author..lol

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