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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Poll Results So Far: Who do you hope will get the girl..The Hero, The Bad Boy or It Depends?

I posted a poll, that is still going strong, asking my fellow Paromantasy lovers who do you usually root for: The Hero, The Bad Boy or It depends on the book?... So far, It Depends, is the answer of the day with 73% of the votes. This is followed by 3% of you hoping the Bad Boy gets the girl and 2% hoping the Hero steals the show. I'm wondering...depends on what?

I wrote a blog rant post on My love of Bad Boys! I cannot help it - I may like the good guy, but I just love the unpredictable, manly sex appeal of the Bad Boy. There is something so tasty about the forbidden fruit, but what I love the most is the ability of the heroine to tame the "wild beast". I didn't even realize my obsession with bad boys until a friend pointed it out. I love Damon in Vampire Diaries and Eric in the Sookie Stackhouse series (True Blood). I was rooting for Adrian in Vampire Academy and Sinjin in the Jolie Wilkins Series. It is a sad love because we all know that nearly every author will end the series with the Hero/Good Guy getting the girl, but I always hold out hope that my Bad Boy will one day be the victor.

Who do you love - Bad Boys or Good Guys? Better yet, what does your love for a certain guy depend on? What makes you swoon or cheer on the sidelines? Who is your favorite hero/bad boy?

Can't wait to hear (or read) your thoughts :)

~ Evie the Paromantasy Addict!


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