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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Walking Dead is my new favorite show

I know - I am a late comer to The Walking Dead bandwagon, but better late than never. After hearing so many great things about TWD, I decided to check it out and I am now hooked. I still have 3 episodes left to watch but unfortunately I have to work today - hey, how else am I going to pay for the cable/internet to watch more episodes :-)

So here is what I have learned from The Walking Dead so far:

  • I Love Daryl! Yes, definitely Team Daryl all the way and this officially solidifies my love for bad boys/underdogs that I am constantly talking about. He is bad, he is a tortured soul, and yet he has a soft side that I want to bring out of him. Plus he is amazing with a crossbow and who doesn't find that sexy! I feel a blog dedicated to his awesomeness coming in the very near future
  • I can be a mean b*tch. When a certain little someone died in season 2, I didn't care. I know - I am the worse. I actually didn't mind cause all that kept going through my head is that the women on the show suck at pretty much everything. Lori and Carol as both a wife and mother. Andrea sucks at life. The saving grace came in the form of Maggie and Michone. Now I know the ladies have fans so...sorry, but for me, they sucked. What does that have to do with the kids? Well, maybe losing one would help get their asses into shape. Too bad it just didn't happen, but the addition of Maggie and Michone has helped revive my support of the female population. Carol on the other hand still bores me to tears. Hopefully a better love interest will come along for my Daryl. I am free to play the part AMC :-)
  • Carl needs some kid time before he turns into a psycho. This poor kid hasn't cracked a smile in 2 seasons!
  • Zombies are disgusting. yeah, that sums it up

Everyone was right about The Walking Dead. It is so addicting and I cannot wait to finish Season 3 tonight. I'm just sad that I will have to wait until Fall for Season 4.

Who is your favorite AMC The Walking Dead Character?


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