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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review of Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy book, Sinjin by HP Mallory

The wait is over! The fans of HP Mallory's Jolie Wilkins series are rejoicing right now because Sinjin's story is finally being told! I am so happy I can jump for joy! { insert crazy blogger's happy dance:) }  Ok, I'm back from jumping and dancing and am ready to review the much anticipated urban fantasy / paranormal romance book, Sinjin!

PS - If you haven't read The Jolie Wilkins Series, you are seriously missing out. Click here for my reviews and here to purchase a copy.

Sinjin By HP Mallory photo HPMallorySinjin_zpse92a4256.jpg

Title: Sinjin
Series: The Bryn and Sinjin Series (book 1)
Author: HP Mallory
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Adult Content

Official Synopsis
Abandoned on the battlefield by the people she calls her tribe, Bryn must face the fact that she is now playing prisoner to the Queen of the Underworld, who also happens to be her fraternal twin sister. As the days and months go by with no word from the Supreme Elder of her tribe, Bryn thinks her life couldn’t get much worse.

While Bryn bemoans her imprisonment, her sister, Jolie, is doing everything in her power to ensure that blood ties are thicker than they appear. Jolie wants nothing more than to befriend Bryn and teach her not to hate the Underworld, but to embrace it.

But Bryn fights the very idea of becoming one with her enemies, although she can’t help her attraction to a certain six-hundred-year-old English vampire, Sinjin Sinclair. Once Bryn is placed in Sinjin’s care, she’ll find herself battling the undeniable magnetism of the vampire, the one creature she abhors above all others.
Sinjin’s quick wit, his indisputable sex appeal, and the mystery that surrounds him all point to the fact that if Bryn falls for him, she’ll be in over her head.

But, as a warrior through and through, Bryn isn’t the type to fall for anything, especially a handsome face. If anyone should be able to withstand the lure of the vampire, Bryn appears to be the likeliest candidate.

Of course, looks can be deceiving…

My Review
If you read my blog, then you know I am a HUGE fan of HP Mallory and have coined myself the Team Sinjin Ambassador. Yes, I love his character that much, don't judge me! This book has been on my mind since HP first announced her plan for a spin-off series focused around my favorite vampire of all-time.

Now that that the book is finally here, I am excited to say...the wait was so incredibly worth it! This book is a delicious mix of emotional turmoil, danger, action, humor, with a huge dollop of sexual tension and a cliffhanger ending that will leave you screaming for more!

This is definitely a must-read series for all paranormal romance and urban fantasy lovers.
 Kick-ass heroine - check
Swoon-worthy hero - check
An ending that will leave you begging for more - check, check, check!

Bryn is everything Jolie is not. She is a warrior who is set in her ways and her mission: to destroy her enemies...even if it means she has to take down her own sister. The problem is, with each passing day in her sisters company (aka her prisoner), she can't help being drawn to her, her growing family and, even if she doesn't want to admit it, her super sexy, yet incredibly annoying "guard" Sinjin.

Sinjin is pompous, annoying, complicated and most of all...sexy! Bryn can't help being drawn to him, but she must fight her attraction since he is the enemy and she knows one day she will have to end him. No matter how drawn to each other they are, they are equally sure that they both have secrets that will not only tear apart their world, but the lives of the people around them.

When the world that you know is turned upside down and your enemy is your own sister; the man you are attracted to is your biggest threat, and the one you are loyal to leaves you abandoned and alone - who will you side with when the real war begins? A war is brewing and Bryn is right in the middle. Will she abandon her people and side with Sinjin, or will she give it all up to keep her vow as warrior to her people?  In the end, there can only be one winner and the deciding factor is Bryn.

Wowza! This book had me at the edge of my seat until the very end where we receive the mother of all cliffhangers! What I love about this read is that there are two central dynamics: The growing attraction of Brynjin (Bryn and Sinjin) and the relationship that is developing between Brylie (Bryn and Jolie), my two favorite sisters! This series is as much about Brinjin as it is about Brylie and I love the dynamics of both relationships.  I also love that I can satisfy my catchy moniker addiction with two awesome team names..lol

Bryn is such a different character than Jolie. She is a fighter, a true warrior who has never been in touch with her emotions. For us Jolie fans, we know she is the complete opposite. Strong, but in a completely different way. She acts on emotion and instincts, and truly sees the good in everyone. Together, they bring out the best in each other. The problem is, will Jolie's trust in Bryn be unfounded? Bryn has the power to bring Jolie down. The question now is...will she?

Of course, if Bryn wanted to get to Joile - she would have to first get passed Sinjin. Oh Sinjin, he is as deviously sexy as ever. Bryn has never been so attracted to a man, and who can blame her. It is Sinjin! His snarky comments, smooth arrogance, pristine fashion sense and take-charge attitude will bring any woman to her knees. The more Bryn tries to fight her emotions, the more she finds herself attracted to him and that's a problem. She knows one day she will have to put a final end to him, but will her heart allow her to? Either way, the budding romance between her and Sinjin is just glorious. The constant banter and sexual tension will keep you racing through the pages.
The ongoing battle within Bryn takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. She is unchartered waters without a life raft and the only one who can save her is herself. The problem is, no matter which side she chooses, someone she loves is going to get hurt.

Again, I am already so invested in this series and cannot wait for the next installment.

Jolie fans will especially love this as we get to see our favorite characters and the same world that we have come to love in the original series. Rand and the council are all in attendance. Odran fans - you will get some one on one time with the Fae King.

All in all, this is an amazing read. HP Mallory is so talented and she never ceases to amaze me. This is another 5 star book for an author that is capable of nothing less!


Question of the day: Who is your all-time favorite male character in a book?


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