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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review of Paranormal Dystopian Fantasy book: Dissension (Chronicles of the Uprising) by Katie Salidas and Giveaway!!

Title: Complication
Series: Chronicles of the Uprising, book 2
Author: Katie (K.A) Salidas
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy
Warning: Some strong language, gore and sexual content

Official Synopsis:
Narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Magistrate, Mira travels west, toward the coast. With three weakened human fugitives accompanying her, she searches for the mythical land of Sanctuary.

After encountering a pack of wolf shifters, headed by the charismatic—and brazen—Stryker, Mira learns that Sanctuary is real after all. Caldera Grove: home of the Otherkin. Hidden in the mouth of a dormant volcano, it has protected its residents from humans since the early days following the great cataclysm. For Mira— a vampire— Caldera Grove is a land of peace; an escape from the relentless persecution of the humans who once enslaved her, and an end to the daily struggle and bloodshed of being a gladiator.

For the humans accompanying her, Caldera Grove means death. Humans, greedy and untrustworthy creatures, are destroyed before they can penetrate its borders.

To plead her case for entry into Caldera, Mira must abandon her companions, albeit temporarily, and follow Stryker into the heart of the city. What she finds within Caldera Grove presents her with an unenviable decision between her own desires for freedom and peace, or honor and the human companions who risked it all for her.

My Review
This book is an unputdownable read that is filled with action, mystery, wonder and tons of action. Book 1 was amazing, but this one takes everything one step further!

Barely escaping death, Mira and her human friends are still not safe. With the Magistrate's soldiers hot on their tail. nothing to there name, and no where to run - things are looking pretty bleak.

Mira, being the soldier that she is, refuses to just give up. She vows to travel until they find some sort of sanctuary. What they find is more amazing than anyone could have imagined...Sanctuary. But, this is not just a warm house they could hide in...this is a whole city filled with other magical creatures/Otherkin that is completely hidden from the real monsters...the humans.

Stryker, leader of the wolves helps Mira reach the city, the problem is - humans are not allowed!

With the Majistrate sending soldiers to hunt down Mira and her friends, finding sanctuary only to be turned away because she is with humans, and trying to keep her companions alive...Mira is left with the world on her shoulders.

When the world is against you, will you give up or fight harder?

This book is in one word - Amazing! The world-building was impeccable, all the different creatures made my heart leap with joy, the budding love triangle kept me racing through the pages and the action had me at the edge of my seat!!

Mira and the gang are phenomenal! Her companions are getting stronger, Mira is learning what it means to have friends and together - they are unstoppable....especially when Stryker joins the mix.

Stryker is the leader of the wolves: tough, gorgeous and all things male. Mira has finally met her match. He is able to stand toe-to-toe with her and this leads to explosive chemistry and sexual tension between the two. I cannot wait to see what happens with them! Of course there is one person who wants to put an end to this chemistry..Lucien. He risked his life to save Mira, but is that enough.

With two men vying for her attention, trying to survive and finding herself in the middle of an inter-species war, Mira truly has the world on her shoulders.

As the battle of the species starts to become inevitable - Mira must choose a side, and the wrong decision could mean the end for her freedom, her friends...her life!

This book is rated 5 Fangs:


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