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Monday, August 18, 2014

Katie Salidas Takeover Continues! Giveaway and Excerpt of Dystopian Fantasy Novel: Revolution

Sorry for the delay. Who knew that traveling and staying in the mountains meant no internet? OK - probably everyone in the world except me!! I extended the giveaway so no worries!!

Let's continue with our Katie Salidas Takeover baby!! Here is an excerpt from the latest installment of the Chronicles of the Uprising series,  Revolution!
Revolution Chronicles of the Uprising Book 3 Sample Chapter. Copyright © 2014 by Katie Salidas Silvery moonlight bled through the sheer curtains above Mira’s head. Cradled in the warmth of the pillowy mattress, Mira could have stayed in bed for all eternity. She could hardly remember a time when she’d been so comfortable. Thirty years in a dirty cell had made her forget the simple comforts of a warm bed and soft clothes. The breeze drifted in, picking up the curtains and sending them lazily dancing. She reached up, letting them tickle her fingertips, and noticed something she’d ever seen before. Well, at least something she hadn’t seen in a very long time. Her hands were clean. Truly clean… and soft. No caked-on blood and grime, or gunk embedded into her nail beds. They even smelled of lemongrass and sandalwood, and were smoother than she’d ever known, thanks to the oils and lotions Stryker had provided her. This was how things were supposed to be. Life was not supposed to be dirty and ugly. Life was meant to be lived, and small comforts like this enjoyed, not ended by the swift stroke of her sword at the order of her masters. Though she missed the comfortable weight of her weapon, she’d gladly give it up if it meant never having to fight again.

She sighed contentedly and let the squishy mattress hug every inch of her body. This was heaven. If she could somehow stop time, make the moment last forever, she would. Not being a very devout vampire, Mira still silently prayed – begged really – to the gods for more of this blissful peace. Hope kept the dream alive, but Mira knew the truth. This was only a brief peaceful interlude, one she so desperately needed, but it would be short-lived.

Mira was a warrior. Fighting was her life, try as she might to deny it, and the looming dread of what was to come weighed heavily on her heart.

She should have been up and moving, sunset having long since passed, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the window. So many evenings lost. So many missed opportunities to take in the breathtaking majesty of the starlit sky. Thirty years of imprisonment deep underground had robbed her of everything she’d once taken for granted, and now that she was finally able to see and appreciate the twinkling stars, Mira wasn’t wasting one second of it. In less than forty-eight hours, she’d be back on the road to almost certain death.

She pulled a soft knit blanket up to her shoulders to ward off the slight chill in the air. Everything comes with a price. Caldera Grove. Beautiful, mystical, and earthy, it promised that longed-for freedom to Mira, and a life free of prejudice. But that did not extend to the humans who’d accompanied her. Lucian, Sarah, and Curtis’s fate depended on Mira. She’d already paid dearly in the struggle for her own freedom, but it had not been enough to ensure her friends’ safety. The price promised to cost her more than she would be able to pay… a trip back to New Haven, behind the Iron Gate.

Hardened warrior as she was, thinking of returning to that dreadful place made her cringe. Silver-coated bars. UV torches. The lightbox. Thirty years spent trying to escape from within those walls. Enduring unbearable tortures and being forced to kill for the entertainment of her masters.

Anger turned to bile in the back of her throat, threatening to sour the peaceful moment she’d been enjoying. It was best not to think of such things. Live in the moment. Enjoy the comfort. Savor the delectably squishy mattress at her back, and the chilly breeze blowing in. These luxuries deserved to be cherished.

“Mira, are you up?” Lucian’s voice, muffled slightly, penetrated the thick wooden door of the room she was using for sleep. “We’re scheduled to meet with the Council.”

The root of her latest set of problems. The Otherkin Council. Mira grumbled, “Bunch of pompous asses. Self-absorbed and out of touch...” Other choice descriptions came to mind, but name-calling wasn’t going to change the fact that she owed them a debt that had to be paid. And she had to at least make the effort to play nicely until she left the walls of Caldera Grove. She was just as much on their good side as they were hers. But, it was by their good graces she and the humans had been allowed within the boundaries of Caldera Grove, and she had to cooperate, much as it annoyed her to do so.

Lucian must not have heard her grumbling. He knocked on the door and waited a moment before saying, “Mira? Can I come in?” She wanted to say no. His very presence reminded her of the duty she must perform, and all she wanted to do at that moment was forget her troubles. Heaving a heavy sigh, Mira reluctantly tossed aside her blanket and stood. “Yeah, get in here!” Lucian pushed the door open but did not step inside. “Making yourself at home, I see.” His mossy eyes spoke more than words about his discomfort and deep-rooted anger. “Shouldn’t I be as comfortable as possible while I can?” Damn his silent judgment of her. She deserved a little rest and recuperation after all she’d been through. “It’s not often I get to enjoy such luxury.” She could see the words forming, but Lucian did not speak them. Nothing about this place was luxurious to him, nor was he happy with their situation.

“Have you been mistreated?” she asked, wondering if she’d missed something beyond their hosts’ prejudice. “Quite the contrary.” Lucian folded his arms and leaned against the doorframe. His posture might have looked relaxed, but she saw past the ruse to the Elite within him, rising to the surface. The pampered prince throwing a temper tantrum, but desperately trying to hide it. “Stryker’s pack has been quite congenial. But we’re quarantined here. Only allowed to leave with your escort. I’d have loved to explore the city.” “You will in time.” Mira tried to hold back the smirk. Thirty years she’d been imprisoned in a tiny cell, and he was daring to complain to her about having to stay inside the wolf-pack’s large den all day? In some ways, though she dare not admit it out loud, she felt a little vindication seeing Lucian’s discomfort. After all, he had enjoyed his Elite status and all that entailed while she’d spent all those years as a gladiator.

“Yes, of course. I’ll be able to explore after the suicide mission.” Sarcasm made him sound petulant, but she decided best not to call him out on it yet. “Assuming, that is, I make it back in one piece. Speaking of that, we should head to our meeting about our impending death. The Council is waiting.”

“Don’t sound so positive, Lucian. People will think we’ve swapped bodies.”

His eyes narrowed slightly, forming tiny creases at the corners. “Are you not bothered by the fact we are going to die?”

Mira shook her head. Death threats had been her way of life for so long they’d become white noise. Of course she was not ready to die, but there was no point in acknowledging those fears. “Everyone dies eventually. Enjoy the ride and make the trip worthwhile.”

OMG - I love this book and series! If you haven't read it - here is your chance!! Enter the giveaway!!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review of Paranormal Dystopian Fantasy book: Dissension (Chronicles of the Uprising) by Katie Salidas and Giveaway!!

Title: Complication
Series: Chronicles of the Uprising, book 2
Author: Katie (K.A) Salidas
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy
Warning: Some strong language, gore and sexual content

Official Synopsis:
Narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Magistrate, Mira travels west, toward the coast. With three weakened human fugitives accompanying her, she searches for the mythical land of Sanctuary.

After encountering a pack of wolf shifters, headed by the charismatic—and brazen—Stryker, Mira learns that Sanctuary is real after all. Caldera Grove: home of the Otherkin. Hidden in the mouth of a dormant volcano, it has protected its residents from humans since the early days following the great cataclysm. For Mira— a vampire— Caldera Grove is a land of peace; an escape from the relentless persecution of the humans who once enslaved her, and an end to the daily struggle and bloodshed of being a gladiator.

For the humans accompanying her, Caldera Grove means death. Humans, greedy and untrustworthy creatures, are destroyed before they can penetrate its borders.

To plead her case for entry into Caldera, Mira must abandon her companions, albeit temporarily, and follow Stryker into the heart of the city. What she finds within Caldera Grove presents her with an unenviable decision between her own desires for freedom and peace, or honor and the human companions who risked it all for her.

My Review
This book is an unputdownable read that is filled with action, mystery, wonder and tons of action. Book 1 was amazing, but this one takes everything one step further!

Barely escaping death, Mira and her human friends are still not safe. With the Magistrate's soldiers hot on their tail. nothing to there name, and no where to run - things are looking pretty bleak.

Mira, being the soldier that she is, refuses to just give up. She vows to travel until they find some sort of sanctuary. What they find is more amazing than anyone could have imagined...Sanctuary. But, this is not just a warm house they could hide in...this is a whole city filled with other magical creatures/Otherkin that is completely hidden from the real monsters...the humans.

Stryker, leader of the wolves helps Mira reach the city, the problem is - humans are not allowed!

With the Majistrate sending soldiers to hunt down Mira and her friends, finding sanctuary only to be turned away because she is with humans, and trying to keep her companions alive...Mira is left with the world on her shoulders.

When the world is against you, will you give up or fight harder?

This book is in one word - Amazing! The world-building was impeccable, all the different creatures made my heart leap with joy, the budding love triangle kept me racing through the pages and the action had me at the edge of my seat!!

Mira and the gang are phenomenal! Her companions are getting stronger, Mira is learning what it means to have friends and together - they are unstoppable....especially when Stryker joins the mix.

Stryker is the leader of the wolves: tough, gorgeous and all things male. Mira has finally met her match. He is able to stand toe-to-toe with her and this leads to explosive chemistry and sexual tension between the two. I cannot wait to see what happens with them! Of course there is one person who wants to put an end to this chemistry..Lucien. He risked his life to save Mira, but is that enough.

With two men vying for her attention, trying to survive and finding herself in the middle of an inter-species war, Mira truly has the world on her shoulders.

As the battle of the species starts to become inevitable - Mira must choose a side, and the wrong decision could mean the end for her freedom, her friends...her life!

This book is rated 5 Fangs:


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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review of Paranormal Dystopian Fantasy book: Dissension (Chronicles of the Uprising) by Katie Salidas

Katie Salidas Takeover continues with my review of Dissension! Remember to enter the giveaway for your chance to win one of her amazing books!!

K.A Salidas - Dissension photo KaieSalidas_Dissension_zps7ea5c33b.jpg

Title: Dissension
Series: Chronicles of the Uprising, book 1
Author: Katie (K.A) Salidas
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy
Warning: Some strong language, gore and sexual content

Official Synopsis:
The great cataclysm wiped almost all life from the face of planet Earth, but tiny pockets of survivors crawled from the ashes, with only one thought: survival, at any cost. But not all survivors were human.

In the dark, militant society that has risen in the aftermath, vampires, once thought to be mythical, have been assimilated and enslaved. Used for blood sport their lives are allowed to continue only for the entertainment of the masses. Reviled as savages, they are destined to serve out their immortal lives in the arena, as gladiators. And there is no greater gladiator than Mira: undefeated, uncompromising...and seemingly unbreakable. When an escape attempt leads Mira into the path of Lucian Stavros, the city’s Regent, her destiny is changed forever.

Lucian, raised in a culture which both reviles and celebrates the savagery and inhumanity of vampires, finds Mira as intriguing as she is brash. An impulsive decision - to become Mira’s patron – changes more than just Lucian’s perception about vampire kind. The course of his life is altered in ways he could never have predicted – a life that is suddenly as expendable as hers.

Can Mira prove to Lucian that all is not as it seems? Can Lucian escape centuries of lies, bloodshed, and propaganda to see the truth? Or will the supreme power of the human overlords destroy them both?

My Review
When the world as we know it ends, the real monsters of this world are revealed and it's sure not the vampires.

This book is a page-turner filled with action, mystery, and violence, as we follow Mira on her quest for survival. With each page brings renewed hope, new horrors and non-stop twists and turns that explodes with an ending you never saw coming. Katie Salidas, you have earned yourself a new fan.

Dissension is in one word...Un-put-downable! I read this book in one sitting and have started the second book of the series.

Mira is a vampire imprisoned and used as a warrior by the humans. Each week she must fight and kill her own kind to feed the blood-thirty humans need for violence as she performs in the gladiator ring. Funny, weren't her kind the supposed blood thirsty ones? She performs and is the undefeated champion, meaning she has killed countless of her fellow vampires. Her only other alternative is death and death is not an option. Mira is a survivor. A survivor hoping to flee the prison and be free. She knows first hand the real monsters are not the vampires, but the humans. Savages that torture her kind, and makes her kill her own kind for sport. She continues to fight hoping that one day she could escape and be free once again. She never thought a human just might be her saving grace.

Lucien is an Elite taught that vampires are killing machines that threaten humanity. When he spots a vampire showing mercy to a human, when that human only wanted her death, he realizes that the humans were terribly wrong. He decides to become her patron to learn more about her and her kind. What he didn't realize was how much she was going to turn his world upside down.

Together they learn that what they thought they knew about each other, and their species, was wrong... but is that enough? Can Mira really trust Lucien or is he just using her for a purpose far more sinister then she could ever imagine? Is he her saving grace or the one man who will end her kind once and for all?

If you were in the room with me right now, you would hear me squealing. This book is amazing. Katie Salidas world and character building are impeccable. I was emotionally connected to the characters. I could see the horrors through their eyes and I literally had to stop reading a few times, scared at what I might find on the next page. It is an edge of your seat thrill ride from the very first page until the last.

Mira is tough-as-nails with a soft spot that she conceals pretty well. Being an undefeated vampire warrior and prisoner to the humans does that to a girl. She knows showing weakness can get you killed, and if she is anything, she is a survivor. You can't help but root for her every step of the way as she struggles to stay alive, find a way out and help her kind once and for all. She also is a bad-ass with a sarcastic mouth, and who doesn't love that!

Lucien is a man of mystery. You want him to be as kind-hearted as he seems, especially since he is hot....that always helps :-) As he tries to prove himself to Mira, I was left as confused as she was. Is he really a good guy? The constant twists and turns will leave you racing through the pages to find the answer to that question and many more.

As you might have guessed, I love this book. Check back later in the week for my review of book 2 of the series, Complication!

This book is rated 5 Fangs:


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Monday, August 11, 2014

It's The Katie Salidas Takeover Week! Vampire Series: Chronicles of the Uprising Giveaway and guest post by Katie Salidas!

Happy Monday!! I want all of my Paromantasy lovers out there to give a warm welcome to one of my favorite authors, Katie Salidas. Chronicles of the Uprising, is an unputdownable series that will literally keep you up all night! Every single book of the series, I was glued to the page!

Now here is the amazing...Katie Salidas!

People often ask, “Why do you write vampires? They’re played out, right?” They’ve been sparkly, dark, brooding, sex symbols, and everything in between, right? Sure, they’ve been all over the place, but one thing I’d never seen them be, is slaves. That’s where the premise of the Chronicles came from. What happens when we take the top dog and make them the underdog?

Vampires have always been a favorite creature of mine, since the early days when I read Anne Rice. There was an element to them that I really connected with. Monsters, sure, but misunderstood. That spark has always stuck with me, and when I write about vampires I do so from that standpoint. I want to deliver a creature from a whole new perspective. Give them a spin that readers can connect with and understand but not lose the deadly element that makes them exciting.

Post-apocalyptic fiction was a great medium for this latest experiment. A change to the rules of society based on the destruction of all we know. Give supernatural and human a level playing field and see what happens. Humanity, of course, often being more evil than the things we fear, ends up on top. And my vampires… well, they get the short end of the stick.

Don’t worry, not all is lost. That is where Mira comes in. She’s a vampire, taken by the humans and forced into servitude. But she doesn’t let that stop her. The struggle for freedom against insurmountable odds puts all her vampire abilities and warrior skills to the test. It’s a struggle that, I think, readers will really appreciate. Of course, that is for each reader to decide themselves. You just have to read and see…

Chronicles of the Uprising! The great cataclysm wiped almost all life from the face of planet Earth, but some survived. Not all of those who survived were human. Forget what you know of humanity in this thrilling trilogy by author, Katie Salidas.

Join Mira, a vampire and gladiator, as she fights against the humans who oppress her and the Otherkin who would use her for her deadly talents.

Dissension: In the aftermath of the great cataclysm, vampires are enslaved by humans and used for blood sport as gladiators in the arena. Mira is undefeated, uncompromising, and unbreakable, but when an escape attempt leads her into the path of the city’s Regent, her destiny is changed forever.

Complication: Narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Magistrate, Mira travels west with three weakened human fugitives, searching for the mythical land of Sanctuary. When she does find Sanctuary, it presents her with an unenviable decision between her own desires for freedom and peace, or honor and the human companions who risked it all for her.

Revolution: Battle lines have been drawn between human and Otherkin, and a bloody war is on the horizon: one that will end in either a shift in the world’s balance of power...or ultimate destruction. Mira is caught between the old masters who used her as entertainment and the new ones who consider her as nothing more than a weapon.

All three books are available now. Get your copies today! Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/K.A.-Salidas/e/B00IBW1Q7U/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1 
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/K.A.-Salidas/e/B00IBW1Q7U/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1 
Barnes &Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/katie-salidas?keyword=katie+salidas&amp%3Bstore=allproducts 
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/KASalidas

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Horror/Thriller Novel and Netflix Series: Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy Excerpt

I'm sure by now my fellow Paromantasy fanataics have heard of Hemlock Grove. It is a gothic, dark, grotesque and pretty awesome read! Talk about bringing nightmares to life..this does just that! Even the director of Hostel, Eli Roth, stated that Hemlock Grove is: "A wonderfully creative and twisted reinvention of classic monster archetypes, wrapped up in a mysterious thriller. I loved it. Brian McGreevy is a welcome new voice in horror literature, but be warned: it's not for the faint of heart, or stomach." If the director of Hostel is saying that, you know it's hardcore!!

Season 2 premiered on  Netflix on July 11th ! BUT...did you know it is based on a book? That's right! Its based on Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy and I have an excerpt for you...For Adult Eyes Only!!

Nothing Weird About It 
Excerpted from Hemlock Grove: A Novel by Brian McGreevy 

And remember: the flesh is as sacred as it is profane.
 I forgot this.
The green-eyed boy sat alone in the food court and fingered the needle in his pocket. The syringe was empty and unused, he had no use for the syringe. He had use for the needle. The green-eyed boy -- he was called Roman, but what you will have seen first was the eyes -- wore a tailored Milanese blazer, one hand in pocket, and blue jeans. He was pale and lean and as handsome as a hatchet, and in egregious style and snobbery a hopeless contrast from the suburban mall food court where he sat and looked in the middle distance and fidgeted with the needle in his pocket. And then he saw the girl. The blond girl at the Twist in pumps and a mini- skirt, leaning in that skirt as though daring her not to, or some taunting mystic withholding revelation. Also, he saw, alone. Roman rose and buttoned the top button of his blazer and waited for her to continue on with a cone of strawberry, and when she did he followed. Maintaining a discreet distance, he followed her through the main concourse and stopped outside a women's apparel store as she entered, and he watched through the window as she browsed the lingerie and finished the cone. She looked around and stuffed a mesh chemise down her purse and exited the store. Her tongue darted to collect crumbs from her lips. He continued following her to the parking structure. She got into the elevator, and seeing there were no other passengers, he called Hold please, and jogged to the car. She asked him what level and he told her the top, and this must have been her floor as well because it was the only button she pressed. They rode up and he stood behind her smelling her trampy perfume and thinking of the underthing in her purse and silently tapping the syringe through the fabric.
"You ever close your eyes and try real hard and trick your brain you're actually going down?" said Roman. The girl didn't answer, and when the door opened she stepped out curtly, like he was some kind of creep when he was just trying to make friendly conversation. But so it goes. The game as it were afoot.
He took out the syringe and palmed it, stepping out of the elevator, and outpacing the clip of her heels he closed the distance between them. She was now aware beyond question of the pursuit though she neither turned back nor made any attempt to run as he came on her and jabbed in an upward thrust, the needle puncturing skirt and panty and the flesh of her ass, and just as quickly he withdrew as she gasped and he continued past her and down the row to his own car. He repocketed the syringe and entered the front seat, putting it back all the way. He unzipped his jeans, freeing his erection, and laced his hands behind his head. He waited. After a few moments the passenger-side door opened and the girl got in and he closed his eyes as she lowered her head to his lap. A few minutes later she opened the door and leaned over and spat. Roman's hands unlaced and his arms came down and as they did his hand fell naturally to her lower back, and just as naturally he rubbed. Nothing weird about it, or even a thing you think about, you rub a girl's back because it's there. But at the feel of his touch she recoiled abruptly and straightened. Roman was confused. "You don't like that?" he said. "Oh no, baby," she said. "I think it's totally hot." But she was lying, and lying, he realized, about the first thing, about the needle and sucking his dick, and not what he was asking about, about her hate of the barest human-to-human gesture at the end. He was depressed suddenly and terrifically by the defeated life of this lying whore and he wanted her to be gone now, and to get out of the fucking mall. "It'll take a hose to get the smell of prole out of my nostrils," he said.
"Poor baby," she said, neither knowing nor making any attempt to care what he meant. He reached into the blazer and took out the money in cash and handed it to her. It looked wrong and she counted it. It was $500 over the agreed amount. She looked at him. "You know my name?" he said. "Yeah," she said. It would have been pointless to say otherwise, everyone knew his name. He looked at her. "No you don't," he said. 

Excerpted from HEMLOCK GROVE: Or, The Wise Wolf by Brian McGreevy, published in March 2012 by FSG Originals, an imprint of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, LLC. Copyright © 2012 by Brian McGreevy. All rights reserved. Author Bio Brian McGreevy is the author of Hemlock Grove, as well as creator of the Netflix series of the same name. Born in the Pittsburgh area, he dropped out of high school in the ninth grade, citing "creative differences." A former James Michener Fellow at the University of Texas, he is a founding partner of the production company El Jefe. For more information, please visit his website http://www.brianmcgreevy.net/ and follow the book on Facebook and Twitter

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