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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mystery, Murder, Romance, Adventure and Magic! My review of Urban Fantasy Romance Novel, A Midnight;s Summer Scream (The Dulcie O'Neil Series) by HP Mallory

Title: A Midnight;s Summer Scream
Series: The Dulcie O'Neil Series, book 7
Author: HP Mallory
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Audience: Adult 

Official Synopsis
Fairy and law enforcement agent, Dulcie O'Neil, finds her life is pretty boring at the moment. Her hunky boyfriend and boss, Knight Vander, is busy setting up the new world order in the Netherworld and hasn’t been around much. Consequently, Dulcie is put in charge of Headquarters for the ANC (Association for Netherworld Creatures). Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have a whole lot to keep her occupied…

Well, that is, until Jax Rochefort storms into Headquarters and her life. Jax, who’s a member of one of the most infamous illegal potions rings, ups and turns himself in with little to no explanation. Dulcie takes it upon herself to solve the riddle of Jax Rochefort, all the while trying to dodge his obvious advances.

 Dulcie learns that the new Netherworld government is threatened by the potions cartels, who wish to see their own in power. Things heat up when Jax kidnaps Dulcie, all the while claiming to be following orders for his mysterious boss.

 After discovering that everyone she cares about is directly in the line of fire, Dulcie must do everything in her power to ensure their safety as well as the security of the new Netherworld government.

My Review
Dulcie and the gang are back with A Midsummer Night's Scream...and it's better than ever!

When Jax, a Lokie with good looks, a bad reputation and mysterious air, turns himself in - everyone wants to know one thing....why?! With Knight handling an uproar in the Otherworld, Dulcie makes it her mission to crack the mystery and the secrets of Jax.

Problem is...will she find out information that will save the day or will she end up his latest victim?! 

Get ready for mystery, murder, romance, adventure and magic as Dulcie takes you for the ride of your life!

Can I just say...HP Mallory never ceases to amaze me! Her books get better and better! We waited for another Dulcie book and she answered us with an amazing read filled with a new character that you will love to hate, a page-turning adventure and an ending I didn't see coming!!

It was like revisiting my magical family! Add , Jax, a bad boy Loki filled with mystery, sarcasm and swoon-worthy looks, and we have ourselves a winner! I love Knight and Dulcie, but the banter between Jax and Dulcie was absolutely entertaining!

I love when I cannot predict what is going to happen and HP Mallory managed to surprise me. The ending had a twist that never even crossed my mind! I guarantee it will leave you counting down the minutes until the release of the next installment! Absolutely a must-read!! I cannot wait to see what happens!!

5 fangs all the way!!


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